Keywords, Key Phrases, Let’s Talk!

  You’ve poured your heart and business knowledge into a blog post so now what? Well, you have done the hard part my friend, and the rest is fairly simple but very very important to making sure you will get eyes on your prize piece. Quite simply, you now need to make sure your beautiful [...]

  Endorsements… those fun little squares, so nicely filled with people’s faces. Those mind boggling emails you get telling you that someone you barely know endorsed you for something you KNOW they have no idea you have any talent in. Maybe you have done that too, I understand! It’s so easy to click, click, click, [...]

Hashtags And Instagram

  Oh pretty Instagram, so simple and easy, just post a photo and go… Not so fast. Visual Instagram is easy on the eyes, fun at the fingertips, but it doesn’t stop there.   This powerful platform can offer: an impact on your SEO mighty web reach new followers for your business brand fun (and [...]

What is SEO?

  Last week we discussed SMO, Social Media Optimization, and touched on the need for SEO in your business as well. Missed the SMO blog post? No worries – click here! To make and keep your business visible, SEO is the other half of the “feed the Google Beast” pie! Let’s dive in! What exactly [...]

What is Social Media Optimization?

We all know we need to play nice with Google to have the favor returned in the online world. There are two ways you can work to do that as you build your business on the web: SMO and SEO. Today we’re going to tackle the basics of SMO, how it can help you and what [...]