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Business Lessons from Hanging with Hoda

  This past Friday I spent the morning hanging out with Hoda Kotb, of Today Show fame. I wanted to share this story with you and talk about how this all came about and what it’s doing for my business! By now most of you know Christina Daves, my Co-Host in my Get Seen Be [...]

  What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “Social Media”? Do you think… “It’s only for twenty-somethings ‘selfies’.” “Facebook is the only way I keep up with my grandkids!” “Instagram…Insta-what?” “Tweet, twits, it’s just too much at once!” Actually internet users over the age of 55 are driving the [...]

What is Social Media Optimization?

We all know we need to play nice with Google to have the favor returned in the online world. There are two ways you can work to do that as you build your business on the web: SMO and SEO. Today we’re going to tackle the basics of SMO, how it can help you and what [...]