Guest post by Simone Craig

I have to admit, I love Social Media. I’ve connected with some wonderful colleagues, influencers and ideal clients there. Thanks to Karen Y’s tutelage with LinkedIn, I enjoyed almost immediate results by getting a new client within a week of updating my profile. And of course, the awesome Twitter. It’s incredible how one succinct message in less than 140 characters can serve to inspire, connect with like-minded people, and share our business’ unique message with the world. And, last but not least, my beloved Periscope. I love the direct interaction with people. It’s helped me to decrease the time it takes to build the know, like and trust factor with potential clients. Every time I scope my email list increases and I’ve generated sales for my digital products and private coaching as well.

Why is social media so good to me? The answer’s revealed in the first sentence of this article… I love it. It’s the mindset I have in my approach to it that has set the foundation for my results with it.

Here’s the thing…

We can receive the best social media strategies in the world but unless we have the right mindset, we won’t enjoy the results we want from the time we invest in Social Media. The Must-Have Mindset for Social Media is to engage with a positive Emotion-set.

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Emotion-set is a term I coined that speaks to how you predominantly feel. It’s said that one of the key ingredients to success is having a positive mindset. And there’s some truth to that, of course. But it’s not the complete truth.

What I’ve found to be more powerful and effective towards success than a positive mindset, is a positive Emotion-set. What emotion or set of emotions are you set to? Feeling positive emotion during your time on Social Media is vital to having success with it. The powerful Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like — like energy attracts like energy. So if you want Social Media to bring you sales, but you mostly feel frustrated by it, and your thoughts about Social Media are that you don’t like it, you don’t want to be doing it and you don’t care what other people are saying in just 140 characters, then things won’t likely go well for you.

Your time is yours and your business is yours. It’s 100% your choice what you do with it. What if it were possible to enjoy interacting on Social Media AND makes money in your business? Sound good? Here are 3 ways how:

  1. Set an intention for how you want to feel after spending time on SM.
  1. Bring heart, passion and excitement to every interaction Social Media.
  1. Only post something that excites and delights you. Every time you ReTweet something or Reply to someone, infuse it with joy, excitement and kindness.

When you make this emotional shift in your approach to Social Media, people will FEEL that and take notice. They’ll want to hear more from you. They’ll want to stay connected with you in some way. They’ll share your message with others. And, it can increase the chances of them wanting to buy from you.

In the comments, tell me one mindset shift you will make related to your time on social media. Then share how it feels!

Good luck!


simoneSimone Craig shifted her mindset in 2007 to deliberately create over $7,000 a month in her first business, after only 15 months, by leveraging the Law of Attraction. She helps entrepreneurs manifest quick money wins with her Free 3-page PDF report: How to Manifest a Money Win in less than 24 Hours. Click here to download her Free Report.