Can I ask you something?

When you sit down to write your social media posts how do you feel?

  • Are you just going through the motions?
  • Are you just trying to “get it done”?
  • Are your posts just boring and informative? (Yes informative can be good at times, but not ALL the time)


Do your followers FEEL your passion in your posts?

If you want people to be excited to pay you money (YOU DO!) then they need to know you’re excited too. You’ve got to shine the love for what you’re doing and make that come through in your posting.

[Tweet “You’ve got to shine the love for what you’re doing and make that come through in your posting.”]

There are a few really easy ways to make this happen and bring some color, vibrancy and passion to your posts. Let’s get started!

How to make your love for what you do shine through in your posts.

First: Watch this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy.
She is a scientist who studies body language. Our body language, even how we sit and stand, affects our brains positively and negatively. I know social media posting can be scary. It’s scary because we are opening ourselves up to the world. So before you sit down to do the “chore” of social media. Follow some of her suggestions and get in a more confident, positive state of mind. It will come through – science has proven it!

Second: Make a conscious decision to open up.
Reminisce about the past. Talk to yourself, into a recorder, or just start typing and type notes about how you got started in your business.

Talk about:

  • The epic struggle prior to the epiphany “this is what I must do” (every entrepreneur I have talked to has this story).
  • The epiphany and what that was like.
  • The epic struggle after the epiphany to finally move to doing what you really loved to do.

This information is your business “Why” and this is content that you can come back to again, and again, and again to light the fire for yourself and those who need what you have to sell.

Third: Use prompts!
It never hurts to have help to come up with an imaginative topic to talk about, a prompt that will spark an idea worth posting, a topic to get you started on opening up. Prompt books and prompt web sites are everywhere. Find one that is focused on your niche or one that is generic to all business and use it! For an excellent prompt book that is a quick digital download that I recommend to my clients click here.

Fourth: Start to collect a list of quotes that inspire you.
When in doubt post one of these quotes, use an image with the quote, or tell your fans why it hits home for you so well. Quotes have one of the highest response and engagement rates of all of social media (along with lists and memes and anything about puppies or babies really). Use these to get in the mood to post passionately or use them to create their own type of passionate post, either way just use them!

Fifth: Listen to music!
Get your blood pumping! Run around your office or kitchen or living room. Have a dance party and dance with the dog. Get to laughing and be happy and ready to rock the most passionate, authentic social media post ever created. Helloooo Viral.

Ok so it’s not a perfect system, but it WILL work. If you have the right attitude anything is possible. Which you already know, because truly that is how you got into business in the first place isn’t it?

Do you have questions on how to get started, or just want someone to read your post to make sure it is “passionate” enough? Join my LinkedIn group! There you will have access to me and all my group members’ authentic opinions to get you going and keep you going collecting profits in your business niche.