This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Liz Scully.

Emmy award winning Liz Scully runs Mastermind teams that are ridiculously fun and highly effective. She runs Masterminds for herself, other well known coaches and trains others how to run effective Masterminds. Bringing skills from film, she helps brilliant minds achieve more together than they would alone. She’s Irish, location independent and as confused as everyone else why she sounds English


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Episode Spotlights:

  • What is a Mastermind group? (4:35)
  • What is it about accountability and masterminds? (4:26)
  • Why is a mastermind more like a team than a group? (8:29)
  • The mistakes Karen made in running masterminds in the past (11:11)
  • The key to running masterminds (11:24)
  • What should you look for if you’re looking to join a mastermind? (13:45)
  • What kind of results can you get from a mastermind? (17:03)
  • Do you need a paid mastermind? Or can you run your own? (21:23)
  • Bad dinner parties? (24:05)
  • What’s a Hotel California policy? (25:25)
  • What are the investments and why? (27:57)
  • What’s next in the mastermind world? What changes? (29:40)
  • What we all want is high touch, really personal experiences (30:10)
  • Masterminding vs Coaching (32:55)
  • Who doesn’t need a tribe? (35:42)



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