If you are reading this you are most likely a business owner and using social media for marketing that business. At least I sure hope you are!

As a business owner myself I know how hectic, harried and overwhelmed your days can be, because mine can be too. But I always make time for social media marketing because of the power it has to bring me customers, partnerships, and a lot of revenue.

In order to make social media marketing successful it needs to be streamlined and efficient. It can get overwhelming thinking of all the posts, comments, tweets, likes etc etc that need to be taken into consideration as you step forward into becoming successful in this realm.

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In order to be successful you need a routine.

Just like everything else in your business you need a system.

Your successful social media system must contain four essential parts:

1. The ability to create valuable content for your people.
2. Consistent posting and tracking of those posts.
3. Engagement with fans who comment, like, and tweet. Don’t let their comments hit a brick wall of silence!
4. Growth. A system to steadily grow your followers, these followers who turn into prospects who turn into paying clients down the road.

What’s your routine to address all four of these pieces?

DO you have a routine?

Let’s start creating one now.

First: Write it out. Open up a document on your computer and call it “SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) For my Social Media Plan”. Just brain dump all the little pieces of the puzzle you currently handle, or hope to handle. What platforms are you one, how many posts to each platform, what topics do you want to cover, when where how do you engage. Slowly you will see some patterns forming and start to organize it into a system.

The beauty of getting this out of your head and down “on paper” is now (if you already have a VA) or in the future when you can afford one, this paper will be worth its weight in gold. You will have the structure ready to hand over to someone to let them take over the lion’s share of social media marketing already written out, less confusion, quicker training, less money and hassle for YOU.

Second: Take a look at what you have written down, do you have a recognizable system for each of the 4 main parts I mentioned above?
Part 1. Do you know where and how you find and create content to post on a consistent basis?

Go here for my blogpost to read a step-by-step process on how to curate content ahead of time so you aren’t faced with staring at a blank “status box” wondering what the heck to post today.

Part 2. Do you have a system in place that shows you when, where, and what to post? That would be an editorial calendar and having one makes all the difference from confusion to concrete. Plus you can also share this with your team.

Go here for my blog post on editorial calendars, get a step-by-step tutorial with examples you can copy and create your own today.

Part 3. Do you have a system that allows you TIME to engage and respond, retweet, repost and comment on other social media in your niche? As well as respond to those who engage with YOU? I hope so. You can’t grow your circle without engagement. You can’t build your brand without engaging those who are similar. You can’t entice your followers to fall in love with you without communication. So set aside time in your editorial calendar, in your overall system calendar, or just in your daily to-do list. Make engagement a habit and see your efforts returned!

Part 4. Do you have a system for building followers and growing your list? This can be done in a variety of ways. Consistent posting, engagement, and valuable content all three mentioned here today are top ways of building your fan base.

Do you have a system that allows prospects to opt-in? Do you have a system that leads them exactly where you want them to go over and over again?

Go here  to learn more about creating a squeeze page and how to market it effectively across all platforms to steadily grow your list, increase your followers, and build momentum for your social media campaign.

Third: Feeling overwhelmed and need some help? Look for a local social media workshop! I’m in New Jersey and I regularly help local business owners with this very strategy.

My upcoming workshops and events can be found by clicking HERE.

In the New Jersey area on November 20th? CLICK HERE for details on my next Profitable Social Media Workshop. Get a social media plan for 2015 to bring you results!

Not near New Jersey? Find these sorts of workshops in YOUR town!

Some Ideas:

• Check LinkedIn for local groups that might know about local events.
• Check with your city classes, Chamber of Commerce, and small business events online and in the local paper.
• Search Facebook for local business groups and see if they hold events.
• Google Meetup.com and use their search feature to join a few local business groups that sound interesting and are in your niche.

Bottom line, get some help!

When you have a plan the process becomes simple and doesn’t take up much of your time.

Plan for success – I’m here to help!

Join my LinkedIn group to ask questions of me and the group – others in your exact same situation – learning and making their way through this wild world of social media marketing.