This week on Good Girls Get Rich, Karen and guest, Kendrick Shope, talked about the importance of selling and how your business is broke without it. Karen and Kendrick both support women and their efforts to build their businesses and in this episode, they do enough of that. Kendrick Shope is the CEO & creator of the Authentic Selling® process, which has created millions of dollars in revenue for her clients.


Listen and learn all about selling, the exchange of money for a product or service, and how freebies can help you a lot especially for prospecting and engagement. You’ll also get the chance to take a sneak peek on the Authentic Selling® process – it’s journey and where is it now.



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About the Episode:


There’s no better source to speak about the importance of selling than the creator of Authentic Selling®, Kendrick Shope!


While this episode is full of amazing tips and how to go about the selling process, I wanted to put together a few of the most critical points from the conversation for you guys.


In order to start selling to make millions for your business, you need to understand a few things…


Surround yourself and your business with like-minded people


As an entrepreneur it’s crucial to surround yourself with people who want to help create your vision as much as you do. Kendrick mentioned a story on how she would tell her daughter every night that she could be whatever she wanted to be when she grew up. That made Kendrick at the time take a step back and look at if she was doing what she wanted. When she realized she wasn’t, she knew it was time to take action.


Make sure the people around you encourage you to be as creative as possible to make your vision come true and you won’t be led astray!


NEVER skip step 1 & step 2 of the selling process


Step 1: Prospecting


This is where you need to introduce yourself and find your new clients. This is exactly where LinkedIn comes to play. Through your daily LinkedIn routineyou will be building your solid base of connections to build real relationships with that can potentially be beneficial future clients.


Step 2: Engagement


After doing the work to build your connections and get on the phone with new clients, you need to engage with them! Relationship building is key when it comes to the selling process.


Kendrick mentioned that if you’re always going for the close, you’re pushing people away. Always going for the close is a key indication you’ve ignored steps 1 and 2 which means you don’t have actual relationships with the people you’re pitching.  


LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized tools and connection pieces in the online world” – Kendrick


So never stop utilizing LinkedIn for these steps!



Never forget the power of “free”


So many entrepreneurs are afraid of giving away their time or services for free because it feels like you’re “devaluing” your business, utilizing the power of “free” services is exactly how Kendrick built her business quicker than anyone else!


Remember, free is never really free. If you’re coaching someone for free, you get paid in experience, feedback and maybe money down the line.


The best way to build up your business is through making your free offers as irresistible as possible. How can you do your business differently? What can you offer someone that they can’t say no to, and give them the MOST amount of value possible?


From here, offering free services (ie. Coaching calls, blogs, podcasts, etc.) you’re building up a base of trust with your customer and will let other people see that you’re the expert in your field by offering all these resources up front. It makes someone think “wow they REALLY know their stuff, now I should hire her for more!”


This allows you to raise your prices for your paid programs and services, and really overdeliver to those paying for your time.  



Episode Spotlights:

  • Meet Kendrick Shope – CEO & creator of Authentic Selling®(2:31)
  • People often times skip the first two steps of selling which are very important parts of the process. (6:03)
  • LinkedIn is the bridge between the old-fashioned marketing and the digital marketing. (7:07)
  • Kendrick’s Journey from corporate sales to Authentic Selling® (8:55)
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. (11:19)
  • We have to look at what ‘FREE’ can do for you. It’s part of prospecting and engagement. (13:20)
  • The Disney Difference – Doing Business Differently (16:58)
  • How Sales School, the leading online sales training program was born (19:58)
  • Where is Sales School Now? Get notified when the doors to Sales School open for 2019 (21:51)
  • You + Authentic Selling® = The Key to Get Anything You Want (24:07)
  • Finding the perfect partners and connecting to journalists. (25:53)
  • Enter Kendrick’s signature process Authentic Selling®a non-negotiable for all women (28:43)


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