What does it take to have a blog that actually makes an impact for your business? It all starts with content writing strategy.

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features guest Lacy Boggs, a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook, “Make a Killing With Content,” and the director of The Content Direction Agency. She helps personality-driven brands create and implement content marketing strategies tailor-made to support their customers and reach their goals.


In this episode, Karen and Lacy talked about the importance of having a good copy and implementing a good and effective content marketing strategy. Content drives everything right now. It builds relationships and trust which can then turn into sales and profits. Listen and learn about tips about stepping up your content marketing strategy.  Also, Lacy is so generous that she is offering Good Girls Get Rich podcast listeners a FREE editorial calendar to help you with your strategy. To learn more, go to lacyboggs.com/goodgirls.



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About the Episode:


In this podcast, I admit that if I were to have a skill right now that I could add to my set, is to be a content writing rockstar! When I’m looking to grow my online business for my LinkedIn group programs and one-on-one LinkedIn services that I offer, I focus a ton on connecting and getting the message of my brand out to my target audience. For this, my content on LinkedIn must be perfect!

This has been one of my favorite episodes so far and I wanted to break down different parts of how to be a content writing rockstar with Lacy Boggs.





Every piece of content you put out into the universe must be in service of your greater strategy! I talk to my clients frequently though my LinkedIn services and in my free Facebook group. Many of them mention to me that they just post whenever they feel like it. There’s no strategy behind the content!


If you’re not posting with purpose, then what are you posting for?? Strategy is the core of content marketing and it’s important to take advantage of all these free tools like blogging and social media to intrigue and hook your audience with your words!




As I mentioned in the podcast, there’s nothing worse to a potential customer who hears one thing online but sounds completely different when you start working with them. No one wants to feel like they’re not getting the real version of you, so it’s important to either write in your own voice, or outsource your copywriting to someone who can.


TIP: If you’re worried about outsourcing your copywriting and blogs, don’t! Lacy mentions she’s only ever came across maybe one or two clients who she felt she could not speak with their true voice. The longer you work with someone you click with, the better they’ll be come at replicating your brand voice.




What’s the point in having content if it’s going to go to waste?? You spend many hours planning out your content marketing strategy, and writing your content, so we might as well make it be seen! In the podcast I ask Lacy about ways to use my blog as a way to get the word out about my Good Girls Get Rich podcast. She made an amazing point in the fact that my podcasts can easily be turned into

  • Blog posts
  • Graphics with quotes
  • Social posts
  • Conversation topics in my facebook group


Not only that, but repurposing your content on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Medium, Huffington Post, other social networks etc. can help push your content out to a wide variety of audiences.


Feel free to reference the podcast I have about marketing your coaching business on LinkedIn for a few SEO tips and how to boost your LinkedIn Profile!  






Of course you need to start with a strategy, but get real when it comes to what you want out of every piece of content you post! Whether that be a pitch for your coaching services, growing your LinkedIn connections, or just simply positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, a purpose needs to be in everything you post.




Once you’re clear with your goal, you need to be able to test if it’s working! Place trackable URL’s to see if people are clicking on your coaching service or your LinkedIn company page you placed in the blog. The only true way to know if content is working is to test it.




Lacy was so kind to offer listeners of this podcast a free download to her editorial calendar template. Download this and start planning out your content! Having an editorial calendar will ensure you stay on topic, on trend and can plan ahead for the content to come.


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