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In this episode, Karen shares tips on using LinkedIn to market you coaching business and it all starts with your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is where your digital brand lives online. Listen and learn how to develop a strong LinkedIn headline, build your network, and more. Most importantly, learn how to turn your connections into clients in this episode. Tune in!



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About the Episode:

LinkedIn is one of THE best places to market your coaching business. On LinkedIn, people are actively searching for people just like you to get help with their own businesses, but how can you be one of those to rise to the top?


Let’s dive in!


SEO is the basis of getting noticed on LinkedIn.


Many people think SEO only refers to showing up on Google searches, but did you know that LinkedIn is the top indexed social platform on Google for businesses? This is why marketing your coaching business on LinkedIn is crucial for finding clients and generating revenue!


While many people believe they need things like Facebook ads to be found online, throwing money out on ad’s only target’s those who you may think will be interested in your coaching business. I’m going to give you these FREE tips that allow you to put your content in front of the people who are already searching for what you provide, for no money at all!


Here are three things you must focus on to market your coaching business on LinkedIn:



Your LinkedIn profile is where your digital brand lives online. In order to market your coaching business on LinkedIn to the right clients, you must have a strong personal brand. If you are struggling to define your personal brand on your LinkedIn profile, I go more in depth about it on this podcast here.

To market your coaching business on LinkedIn, you need to focus on these 3 things:



As you adjust your LinkedIn profile, think about the keywords that people are specifically searching for on LinkedIn. Keywords are going to be those set of words that people will use to find your specific coaching business.

For example, I consider myself more of a consultant than a coach, and since I help businesses leverage their brands through LinkedIn, my top keywords show up as “Business Strategist”, “Specialist”, “Business Owner”, “Small Business Owner“ and “Speaker”.

After narrowing down those keywords, you want to use them everywhere! You can use them in your headline, titles of your descriptions and your summary! Now, you still want your profile to sound organic however, so no need to go keyword stuffing!


Here are additional resources to improve your LinkedIn Profile



When people are looking to hire a coach, what are they looking for? They’re not so much interested in the specifics of what you offer, but more so the benefits! They want to know that hiring you will give them results, so this is what your profile should explain to them!

For example, you could write down something like “I help people with money blocks”. That’s good, however, you could also say “I help entrepreneurs get the money blocks out of their way for increased wealth.” Now THAT is a description!

With the simple shift of a sentence, you know have targeted your ideal client (entrepreneurs) identified a problem you can help them with (getting money blocks out of the way) to give them results (increased wealth).



LinkedIn culture has shifted from once randomly giving out endorsements, to placing a heavier focus on them as a way to increase credibility on your profile and appear in more searches for specific endorsements.

Right now, your profile is probably showing the Top 3 endorsements you have received by people, however you can edit this section to unpin those top 3 and re-order to show the top 3 you wish to be known for.

Use this section as a way to show your top skills to your ideal client, as well as implement those targeted keywords. And don’t forget to be generous in giving endorsements, in order to get them back!



The second thing to focus on when marketing your coaching business on LinkedIn is to of course, build your network.


Challenge: send out 20-50 connection requests every week.


While the above may sound a bit daunting, it’s really not! The key is consistency. Before you send out those 20-50 requests a week, you need to get specific on the people you are looking to target with. The key here is to connect with those you genuinely want to build a relationship with.


When looking to build your network, here are 3 different types of connections you should be looking for:


  • Potential clients
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Public Relations


When connecting with potential clients, these can be other entrepreneurs you know you can help, that you believe you actually can have a great relationship with. The key here is to not focus on who you can sell to but who you can genuinely connect with outside of the internet (more on this later)


You also want to focus on those coaches who may have a similar audience to you. If you know of a personal with a similar coaching business to you, connect with them and see how you can offer them something valuable. Once you are connected and chatting, you now have opportunity to benefit from their audience and email list, while also building a powerful connection for your business.


One area many people often forget about is PR. Connecting with journalists who are writing about what you offer is essential to growing your coaching business!




Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! After you’ve done the work to connect with your targeted list of potential clients, partners and journalists on LinkedIn and you’ve gotten to chatting, this is where you can start to take things off-line.


Every business owners goal is to have coaching calls! This is where you can truly leverage your business and make these connections more personal. Connecting with 20-50 new people a week will easily get you a minimum of 5 calls a week if you play your cards right and stay consistent with connecting.


If you’re connected and chatting over LinkedIn, you’ll already have a few conversation starters once you’re on the phone call and this is where you can nail down whether or not they’ll be a good client for you.


The majority of the work to market your coaching business on LinkedIn is simple and upfront. Connecting with 20-50 new people only takes a couple hours/week and will help you increase your business revenue almost instantly, while also building long-term client relationships.


Not sure if the work you’re putting in is paying off in your bank account? LinkedIn has an amazing feature called the Social Selling Index to help you track how much you are generating. So now is the time to get to work!


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