This week on Good Girls Get Rich Podcast, we are joined by Janet Zaretzky, otherwise known as THE BS-to-BRILLIANCE MASTER, as we talk about building confidence, visibility and impact. Janet Zaretsky is a master professional coach, author, and speaker that helps people unleash their brilliance, confidence and visibility in the world. She is a TEDX and Keynote Speaker, a corporate trainer and expert in communication and leadership, an International Coach Federation member, Enhanced Conversational Intelligence Coach, Certified in Behavioral Style Instruments, graduate of Coach U, former senior program leader for Landmark Worldwide.


In this episode, Karen and Janet share their insights on diversity and inclusion, gender gap, and how they help end this gap through their work.  Karen also shares a story that she has not shared anywhere else. Find out what that story is about. Also, Janet gives GGGR Podcast listeners a FREEBIE! To know more, head over to




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About the Episode:



Before we go into tips on how to boost your confidence, visibility and impact on LinkedIn, we first wanted to dive into reasons why women these days have such a struggle with the topic, and they related back to these three things:

Fear of Bragging

It’s no secret that us women were brought up and socialized to think that speaking about what we’re good at can come off as “bragging”. Mentioned in one of my previous podcast #58, there is a difference between being confident and bragging. Even though we’re getting better at teaching young girls to be confident in themselves, there is still the stigma that we have to humble our talents and accomplishments to avoid social backlash and most commonly, that can be reflected online,


Patriarchal Social System

Women only came strongly into the workforce in 1978, which was only 40 years ago! Unfortunately, when that happened, we found ourselves working in a somewhat patriarchal structure without even realizing it.

While finding roots in the workforce, women felt like they either had to be just like men with authority and strong willed opinions, or we felt like we had to “soften up” our exterior and the way we present our skills, which often led to us being passed over or not taken seriously in the workplace.

Neither of these worked in our favor.


Internal dialogue

As Janet mentions in the podcast, “When you’re dealing with a lack of self confidence, it’s across the board, 100% of the time, an internal conversation you’re having with yourself, that you believe.” While continuously only hearing the negative, we tend to accept these statements as our own reality.




Positive Self -Talk

This may be the biggest tip I can give you today! The first step in boosting your confidence, visibility and impact through your LinkedIn profile is to eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with the positive. Our thoughts become our reality, and we can never truly portray the most confident version of ourselves on LinkedIn if we let these negative thoughts live in our minds.

Here are 3 steps you need to take in order to turn this around.

  • Recognize the negative dialogue in your head
  • Accept these sayings as false
  • Craft a new reality

Each day, write down a list of reasons why you are great at what you do and recite them back to yourself. That way, when doubt and negative self-talk starts to creep back into your head or you start to downplay your skills to a client or through your business, you can recognize it and replace these negative thoughts with all the reasons why you are actually the confident woman you aspire to be.


Find What You Stand For

Even though it may be difficult at first, having a purpose behind what you do is an essential, driving force to confidence. Having a purpose will flow out to every region into your life and work and will make you more visible in the workplace when the topic arises, and this will allow you to truly make an impact. When crafting your LinkedIn strategy, everything should start with your purpose and the content will come from there.


Own it!

We simply need to brush off the fear that owning what we do can come off as bragging. The best way to market your business and create an impact is to know your stuff and letting other people know that you are an expert in that field. If you’re struggling to figure out how to truly own your brand online, definitely check out my previous podcast “Your LinkedIn Profile – Bragging or Owning?”



Now I wouldn’t want to leave this blog post without giving you a few tips from Janet on how to turn this new-found confidence in ourselves, into a sale for your business.


Don’t be afraid of the no

Many times, our lack of confidence can hold us back from going after the sale in the first place! Many people avoid because the “no” because of the fear of rejection, however, Janet mentions we should think about it like this:

“When someone tells you no, they are not telling YOU, no, they are saying no to the product or service. It’s not a reflection of you, it’s only a reflection of the service at that time.”

Janet explains to us that even though someone may tell you no, it doesn’t mean no forever. The person may just not be ready to have your service or product at that time.


No and Yes are equal answers

Now I found this extremely interesting and very helpful! No and yes are truly, equal answers, they just lead you down different paths.

While a yes may seem great for immediate business, there is opportunity in both yes and no. A yes allows you to explore a new client, while a no can free up space for more clients and growth in more areas of your business.

Episode Spotlights: 

  • Meet Janet Zaretzky. (4:53) 
  • Background of ‘From BS to Brilliance (6:28) 
  • Janet’s journey from being a registered nurse to a coach that empowers women. (8:00) 
  • Most of the time, lack of confidence holds back women. Find a way to show your confidence across your digital footprint (10:19) 
  • Janet’s Theory: We are socialized in a society that tells women ‘Don’t brag.’ (12:10) 
  • Diversity and inclusion in today’s society (14:45) 
  • Karen opens up and shares a story about diversity  (16:55) 
  • Janet’s experience as a two-time TEDx speaker and some tips (19:30) 
  • Women came into the workforce in large numbers in 1978(23:13) 
  • Building self-confidence is not about knowing all the answers. (26:50)  
  • Here’s a simple exercise on building confidence(28:30) 
  • Janet’s thoughts about ‘Asking for the Sale’ (30:57) 
  • ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ are just equal answers. (33:13) 
  • Janet loves to train people. Check out her services and see how she can help you. (36:14) 


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