This week on Good Girls Get Rich, Karen talks about the importance of a thoughtful LinkedIn Summary.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • So many people skip over the summary; that’s what makes LinkedIn different than a resume (3:20)
  • Google indexes your summary (3:50)
  • Your summary is part of your digital brand online (4:35)
  • Karen’s secret tip to writing a summary: take your smartphone and talk into it for 2-3 minutes (in first person); What is your passion? Who do you love helping? What are your clients’ results? (5:46)
  • What are people searching for? Are those keywords in your summary? (8:32)
  • Infuse your keywords into your transcribed audio file (9:39)
  • Karen lists her specialties at the end, which are her keywords (10:00)
  • Make your summary about you, but talk to your ideal client (12:22)
  • Are your first few lines powerful? Do they make you want to click the “read more”? (14:24)
  • Do you have a call to action at the end?
  • Make sure your personality is still in your profile (16:10)
  • Use ALL 2,000 characters that are available (17:00)
  • Make it easy to read – make it look like a sales page (17:17)

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