As Karen previously stated, LinkedIn is the best place to be in 2019. This also applies to podcasts!


If you are a podcaster, or you want to be a podcaster, this week’s Good Girls Get Rich episode is definitely for you! On this episode, Karen gave strategic tips on achieving your podcast goals. And of course, as you may already know, Karen’s expertise is LinkedIn so expect this episode to dive deep on specifically converting your LinkedIn connections to your podcast’s success.


Karen recently became a guest speaker of Podfest Multimedia Expo and some of the things she talked about on this episode are rounded up from her talk on the said event. Listen and learn about the best practices for your LinkedIn profile that can get you more strategic visibility which will then lead to doubling your podcast goals – more downloads more guests and greater success!



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About the Episode:


If you’re reading or listening to this podcast right now, let me tell you… you’re in the right place to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your show! I tell this to everyone I meet… LinkedIn is my money tree! It’s where the profits in my business start because I can target my business to the exact right people, every time.


So to start growing your show using LinkedIn, I need to get this out of the way first…


Spend a few hours on LinkedIn each week


I have an amazing show you can listen to hear about my daily LinkedIn routine if you want to hear what I do on LinkedIn everyday, but this is important to get more strategic visibility.


I always preach you don’t have to spend all day every day on LinkedIn to build your business or podcast, however LinkedIn is essential for getting your podcast in front of people who you KNOW are going to be interested in your podcast topics and to get more downloads and visibility on your brand


So where do you start?


If you have a podcast, you need a strong personal brand!


Importance of Your Personal Brand for Your Podcast


You are telling the world, what you want them to know about you! It’s important that you be YOU. Your podcast is most successful when you’re you, so your LinkedIn profile needs to reflect that as well. 


Best Practices for Your LinkedIn Profile to Grow Your Show


I could go on for DAYS about this, but I want to simplify it for you in this process in order to be strategic in growing your personal brand, your LinkedIn profile and overall, your podcast.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you have a header image?
    • Does it reflect who you are as a person? Does it show you’re a podcast host? 
  • What’s in your headline?
    • It will default to your most current experience. Customize it based on the audience you want to attract! How can you help your audience, what are you an expert at that makes people want to hear more from you?
    • I need what she delivers! 
  • Are you using your best keywords in your about section?
    • Have you filled up ALL 2000 characters you’re allowed?
  • Do you have an experience section listed that you are a podcast host?
    • Tell people about your show, what you talk about, and why they need to listen!
    • Do you have media in your profile to hear a recent podcast or podcast commercial?
    • Do you also like being a podcast guest? Do you have that you’re a speaker in this episode? 


Using Your LinkedIn Network to Grow Your Show


Building your network is essential in order to get new listeners to your show. I’ve seen so many people being reactive to growing their network. I want you to be proactive in building your network to grow your podcast.


Think about these few things:


  • Who would you want to be guests on your shows?
    • Be a fan to those people and connect with them
    • Stay visible and top of mind with then
    • Develop a true relationship with these people
  • Who might be a great sponsor for your podcast?
    • Connect with those people! Building that powerful network will be essential to align your brands and build your audience
  • Are you connecting with your local media?
    • Who’s writing about the types of topics you cover in your podcast?
  • Who are the kinds of people that might want to listen to your podcast?


Now let’s sum this all up and take action!


How to Turn your Connections into Dedicated Listeners for your Show


Pre Show Tips:


1. Do the research on the guests of your show

Don’t have guests? No worries… but guests can skyrocket your listens because you’ll be tapping into their audiences too! Make sure you have everything you need from your guest before the show so they know you are prepared and have great speaking points with them.

Same goes for post show. Send them your marketing graphics, email them the link to the podcast, let them know you’re sharing heavy on LinkedIn and want them to do the same. Promotion from both sides is key to expanding your audience. 


2. Create Shareable Content for Your Content

Think about what people are searching for on LinkedIn and tailor your podcast topics and titles to those searchable items. SEO can be that one extra boost to get your more downloads and subscribers. 


Post Show Tips:

1. Audio is Key When Promoting Your Podcast

As a podcast, people want to hear what you have to offer! Take a few key snippets from your podcast episode and use that for promotion. 

Go ahead and do a recap of your episode as well to promote! LinkedIn and all social profiles love promoting video more than anything. Use this to interact with your audience and make them feel like they really need to listen to the full episode.

2. Create a LinkedIn Long-Form Post for Your Show

Drop your show art in the post and embed your recap video to your post. Add your show notes as well to give them another reason to listen and this long form post will be shared to your greater LinkedIn audience whom you’ve already targeted to be beneficial for your show

3. Hashtags

People follow hashtags on LinkedIn! If you’re using hashtags in your post and someone follows that hashtag, your post will show up in their feed, even if they’re not following you! Hashtags are one of the greatest ways to expand your reach to a wider audience on LinkedIn.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Karen’s LinkedIn inbox is more valuable than her email inbox right now. (3:15)
  • Spend few hours a week on LinkedIn to double your podcast goals. Get strategic visibility. (4:04)
  • Learn how LinkedIn became the money tree for monetizing Good Girls Get Rich Podcast (5:08)
  • Realizing the importance of your personal brand as the podcast host. (7:15)
  • BE YOU. Your podcast is most successful when you are you on your podcast. Same is true with LinkedIn. (8:19)
  • Think about your LinkedIn profile strategically. Take advantages of the best practices for your LinkedIn profile (9:10)
  • The power of keywords: When do you want your profile to come up? Use those words in your LinkedIn headline and summary. (10:26)
  • Utilizing LinkedIn’s ‘My Dashboard’ section strategically. (13:04)
  • Make your LinkedIn experience section stand out. (16:30)
  • Use LinkedIn to get in front of the EXACT RIGHT people. (18:10)
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive to Building your LinkedIn network (19:52)
  • Are you connecting with your local media? (23:04)
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new feature on building network on your next event (25:39)
  • 6 Tips Converting Your LinkedIn Connections to Podcast Success (28:30)
  • For podcasts, audio is KING. (30:38)
  • LinkedIn also loves video. They’ve recently come out native video and will release Live video soon. (32:45)
  • Creating LinkedIn long form post for your show (34:40)
  • LinkedIn has become very hashtag centric. Create a hashtag for your show. (36:00)
  • At the end of the day, this is about building powerful relationships, not just about building a network (37:55)
  • Learn about the 8 step system Karen is using on LinkedIn (39:40)

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