What should I post on LinkedIn?? That’s the question we’re answering in this week’s podcast!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media and CEO and founder, Karen Yankovich discusses her proven strategies on how to keep your business top of mind on LinkedIn and answers the question on what should I post on LinkedIn. This podcast includes many tips that Uplevel Media provides to improve your strategy to grow businesses on LinkedIn and increase your businesses sales.




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About the Episode:


Let’s face it… our lives get busy and our businesses go through many ebbs and flows, mine included! However, when it comes to my business, LinkedIn is the one thing I can attribute my consistent stream of sales to.


A few weeks ago I did a podcast with Rebecca Vertucci on how to leverage your LinkedIn company page, however this week I wanted to focus on what you should post on your personal LinkedIn page for those who might need more help. Let’s dive in!


The Content Strategy and Breakdown

Everyone’s heard of the 80-20 rule where 80% of your content should be about your personal intrestes and 20% can be promotion of your business. I agree in some cases, however for business owners I want to break down this rule a bit further:


10% Promotional Content

This can be content promoting your business and services directly to let followers know about your company and what you offer.


20% Business Related Content


This bucket includes anything related to that business, whether it be behding the scenes, favorite business tools, events, what you’re working on etc. this content is important because it brings your audience into your business and can help you build that know, like and trust factor to help turn your audience into potential customers.


30% Promotion to Your Free Content


If you don’t have any free content to offer, I suggest making some! For me, it can be this podcast. These are things you can offer your audience at no cost to get them acquainted with your business and leave them wanting more.


40% Industry Related Content


The last piece of this puzzle leaves industry related topics. This can include things like trending topics, great books you’re reading, an amazing podcast you’re listening to (like this one!) and maybe even expanding on inspiration and quotes you found helpful to you.


Things To Include in Everything You Post On LinkedIn




Linkedin is becoming increasingly more hashtag centric. People can follow hashtags now and using in your posts will keep you top of mind. Not only that, people who might not be a part of your network can find you through these hashtags they follow as well. Great for growth!


Tagging People in Your Posts


Obviously if you are talking about someone in your post, you want to tag them! However, start conversations with people! If something you’re posting reminds you of someone else, tag them to start a conversation! Don’t tag people who aren’t relevant though because that can be annoying!

Share, Like and Comment


This is extremely important to include in what to post on LinkedIn! Even though LinkedIn is a business network, it’s still a social network! Sharing, liking and commented on other people’s posts only helps to expand your network and build those stronger relationships with other business owners and potential clients.


The most important part of your LinkedIn content strategy: Consistency


I cannot stress this one enough! In the podcast I compare this part of your business to brushing your teeth. No matter how busy your day might get, no matter how chaotic your life may be, you still have to brush your teeth!


If I slack off on my daily LinkedIn work, I can see an immediate impact in my business. I’m not growing at the rate that I want and I’m not top of mind for people in my network anymore! No matter what your content strategy, posting on LinkedIn consistently is something that you need to keep up on.


I can’t stress enough how using LinkedIn has impacted my business and I sure what you to get the same results out of it as I have. It’s not a ton of work, but it should 100% be a part of you business strategy to entertain maximum growth in your business.

Episode Spotlights:

  • The 80-20 rule on social media (6:40)
  • How to promote your business (7:20)
  • The grey area of promoting your free content (8:18)
  • Promoting business related content (10:04)
  • How to leverage trending topics and content surrounding your industry (11:54)
  • Making your content on LinkedIn personal to who you are (13:52)
  • Important things to think about in everything you post on LinkedIn (17:30)
  • Benefits of sharing, liking and commenting on other people’s content (19:09)
  • Episode recap (20:46)


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