Wondering why some people succeed quicker than others in their business? It’s all because they are functioning off of a different type of currency… relationships!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Patty Farmer on her journey to success and her top tips and knowledge on why relationships are today’s business currency and how you can start building profitable relationships today!

Patty Farmer is an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and Event Producer and works with small business owners, entrepreneurs & speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients so they can make a big impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account. 

Patty believes we all have a message and her mission is to help them master their marketing, leverage the media, and monetize their business in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.


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About the Episode:


One of the biggest takeaways from today’s episode is this quote from Patty Farmer…


“Relationships are the currency of today’s business environment.”


So how can you start building and leveraging your relationships for your business? Here are a few top tips from patty:


Be Authentically You!


One of Patty’s most valuable pieces of feedback she gets is this… it doesn’t matter if it’s at a speaking engagement, on a podcast, on a blog or in person, Patty is the same person! 


Being authentically you in your business is the foundation of building relationships. This way, you will attract your perfect people and your perfect people will want to work with you.


Remember… your business isn’t about you, it’s about who you serve!


While being authentically you will attract your perfect people, you also have to remember that people are buying into what you can provide from them. 


Within your business, you always need to lead with how you help people and delivering what you can to serve THEM!


It may be a difficult mindset to get out of, but it’s also great because you don’t need to be the expert in your field, you just need to be better than who you serve and you can grow together. 


Focus on your niche


Patty has built success in her own business because she knows what she’s good at: Marketing, Media and Money. 


In focusing on what she was good at, Patty was able to figure out the lifestyle she wanted to live, and built her business to support that lifestyle, instead of making her business her entire life. 


Leverage the media


Patty goes in depth on this topic in her talks and in her magazine Marketing, Media, Money, but she gave us quick tips on how to leverage the media for your business


  • Establish your authority in your industry
  • Create content that converts
    • Education, empowerment and entertainment
  • Curate content based within your niche, whether it’s your local community or a specific writer or media outlet
  • Newsjacking (one of Patty’s favorite tips to leverage the media, head to 17:49 to hear about what newsjacking is)


Whenever you can leverage someone else’s network, you’re golden. Your relationships are today’s business currency, so that’s your wallet. 


Put yourself out there and connect!


Karen has set up her daily Linkedin routine for revenue in her business, Patty leverages her power of 5 (hear more at 29:50) now you need to incorporate these into your business too in order to build profit for your company.


Once you know your perfect people, targeted media outlets, it’s time to leverage those connections and turn them into business.


Patty dropped 2 incredible knowledge bombs for us when talking about this 


  1. The only difference between contact and contract, is the R. and the R stands for relationships
  2. Your network is your bank account. If you build it on service and relationships, it can also be your savings and retirement account.


Once you get out there and start speaking with your perfect people, it’ll become easier and easier to understand why relationships are today’s business currency and start bringing in the money to your business!


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/101
  • Intro to todays episode (1:48)
  • Patty’s work background and journey to adding speaking to her experience (3:34)
  • What Patty learned from her highest paying speaking gig that changed her career (7:50)
  • Patty’s favorite feedback she gets from speaking engagements (11:10)
  • How Patty helps her audience with (13:05)
  • How to leverage the media for your small business (14:18)
  • What is newsjacking? (17:49)
  • Why relationships are the most important part of business today (19:50)
  • How to use twitter as a profitable business tool (24:01)
  • How to turn an active follow to a closed business client (27:08)
  • Leveraging the power of 5 to build your business (29:50)
  • Importance of taking phone calls for business (35:36)
  • What’s coming up for Patty Farmer in this new year (38:03)
  • Recap of the episode (40:26)


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