Wondering why some people succeed quicker than others in their business? It’s all because they are functioning off of a different type of currency… relationships!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen interviews Patty Farmer on her journey to success and her top tips and knowledge on why relationships are today’s business currency and how you can start building profitable relationships today!

Patty Farmer is an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and Event Producer and works with small business owners, entrepreneurs & speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients so they can make a big impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account. 

Patty believes we all have a message and her mission is to help them master their marketing, leverage the media, and monetize their business in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.


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About the Episode:


One of the biggest takeaways from today’s episode is this quote from Patty Farmer…


“Relationships are the currency of today’s business environment.”


So how can you start building and leveraging your relationships for your business? Here are a few top tips from patty:


Be Authentically You!


One of Patty’s most valuable pieces of feedback she gets is this… it doesn’t matter if it’s at a speaking engagement, on a podcast, on a blog or in person, Patty is the same person! 


Being authentically you in your business is the foundation of building relationships. This way, you will attract your perfect people and your perfect people will want to work with you.


Remember… your business isn’t about you, it’s about who you serve!


While being authentically you will attract your perfect people, you also have to remember that people are buying into what you can provide from them. 


Within your business, you always need to lead with how you help people and delivering what you can to serve THEM!


It may be a difficult mindset to get out of, but it’s also great because you don’t need to be the expert in your field, you just need to be better than who you serve and you can grow together. 


Focus on your niche


Patty has built success in her own business because she knows what she’s good at: Marketing, Media and Money. 


In focusing on what she was good at, Patty was able to figure out the lifestyle she wanted to live, and built her business to support that lifestyle, instead of making her business her entire life. 


Leverage the media


Patty goes in depth on this topic in her talks and in her magazine Marketing, Media, Money, but she gave us quick tips on how to leverage the media for your business


  • Establish your authority in your industry
  • Create content that converts
    • Education, empowerment and entertainment
  • Curate content based within your niche, whether it’s your local community or a specific writer or media outlet
  • Newsjacking (one of Patty’s favorite tips to leverage the media, head to 17:49 to hear about what newsjacking is)


Whenever you can leverage someone else’s network, you’re golden. Your relationships are today’s business currency, so that’s your wallet. 


Put yourself out there and connect!


Karen has set up her daily Linkedin routine for revenue in her business, Patty leverages her power of 5 (hear more at 29:50) now you need to incorporate these into your business too in order to build profit for your company.


Once you know your perfect people, targeted media outlets, it’s time to leverage those connections and turn them into business.


Patty dropped 2 incredible knowledge bombs for us when talking about this 


  1. The only difference between contact and contract, is the R. and the R stands for relationships
  2. Your network is your bank account. If you build it on service and relationships, it can also be your savings and retirement account.


Once you get out there and start speaking with your perfect people, it’ll become easier and easier to understand why relationships are today’s business currency and start bringing in the money to your business!


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode: karenyankovich.com/101
  • Intro to todays episode (1:48)
  • Patty’s work background and journey to adding speaking to her experience (3:34)
  • What Patty learned from her highest paying speaking gig that changed her career (7:50)
  • Patty’s favorite feedback she gets from speaking engagements (11:10)
  • How Patty helps her audience with (13:05)
  • How to leverage the media for your small business (14:18)
  • What is newsjacking? (17:49)
  • Why relationships are the most important part of business today (19:50)
  • How to use twitter as a profitable business tool (24:01)
  • How to turn an active follow to a closed business client (27:08)
  • Leveraging the power of 5 to build your business (29:50)
  • Importance of taking phone calls for business (35:36)
  • What’s coming up for Patty Farmer in this new year (38:03)
  • Recap of the episode (40:26)

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 101

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hi, I’m Karen Yankovich, the host of the good girls get rich podcast and this is episode 101. And we have got Patty farmer with us today. She is an amazing guest.

Patty and I have known each other for a bunch of years now, but it’s been a really long time since we’ve talked. It was so great to catch up with her. It’s so fun when I get to catch up with people on the podcast. It actually I have to remember that there’s other people listening right and not to just go off on these these tangents. Which means that there’s so much to talk about that we’ll have Patty back again, I’m sure.

So before we jump into my conversation with Patty, just a reminder to you that this part Cast is brought to you by uplevel Media where we teach simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing. We teach a system that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who you can’t wait to have the opportunity to chat with.

And when we teach this simple marketing system, what we do, the first thing we do is we help you identify what a win looks like for you on LinkedIn. Because what I want to do is take you through a process to help you get that win. And once you do once you get it once, now you know exactly how to do it again and again and again and you have a baseline to build your business from.

So along those lines, we’ve got a new workshop that we’re doing if you go to Karen Yankovich comm slash winning, you can check out that workshop so you definitely want to check that out.

Alright, we’re going to jump in right now to my conversation with Patty farmer.

We have Patty farmer with us today on good girls get rich and Patty is an award winning marketing and media strategist, international speaker podcast host magazine, publisher and event producer. And works with small business owners, entrepreneurs and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients so they can make a big impact in the world and bigger deposits in their bank account.

I don’t know sounds pretty tied into good girls get rich to me. Don’t you guys think?

Patty believes we all have a message and her mission is to help them master their marketing, leverage the media and monetize their business in a way that creates transformation for both them and their clients while designing a lifestyle that they want to live. You guys can you just want that bio. Do you see why I wanted to have Patty on the show? Howdy. I’m so glad you’re here with me today.

Patty Farmer 2:34
I’m so excited about being here today. I love your Joe I listened to your show. And I just think that way that you have the format and everything about it is just so much value for people. So you for having me on the show. Thank you.

Karen Yankovich 2:50
Thank you I you know, I think as as I you know, said in the first 10 seconds of this that we are our mission is very similar right? I think that so many people have such amazing skills and talent and are such changemakers to the people that they that they can influence in their sphere, but they sometimes just need a little bit of, you know, lifting up, right so that they get that they are those change makers and they have that ability to really make an impact on the world.

And I love to help them make a bigger impact, and I know you do as well. So I think this is going to be a fun, that is gonna be a fun show. I love it. So tell me a little bit. Let’s go like take me a little bit in the Wayback Machine. Tell me a little bit about you and tell me about your journey that got you from what what were you doing? 20, 30 years ago, 10, 20 years ago.

Patty Farmer 3:47
I’ve been doing marketing for 20 years, but before I did marketing, I was in the mortgage industry. And I had a mortgage company and a marketing company brick and mortar and so that’s when I started my business, but I think the big shift happened for me was eight years ago. And that was when I decided that I was going to add speaking as a marketing strategy.

And I have to tell you, I wasn’t really excited about doing it. I was really nervous about doing it, even though it had spoken and drained and did seminars, that type of thing. actually becoming a speaker was really hard for me to make that decision and for the first 18 months, never got on a stage once that I didn’t go get violently ill first and really, gosh,

Karen Yankovich 4:37
That really surprises me. I had no idea.

Patty Farmer 4:40
I know people have said that to me. And I thought to myself, man, years ago, if somebody would have said to me, eight years later, not only would I be speaking, but I’d be traveling all over the world speaking I would have been like a no, but if tapping happen in one day, I mean, one thing happened that forever change my life. And sometimes that’s what happens.

So I would say that for me, one of the big things in my journey was saying yes. And my husband had been telling me that and I had said to him, I’m just going to say yes, when the opportunities happen, I just need to learn to just say yes and lean in. So briefly, what happened was somebody asked me to speak, and I was like, No, no, no. And they were friend, and they put a little bit of pressure on me, we really need you to do it for me.

And so I said I would do it. That was really, really, really tough, but I got home. I was like, see? I said, Yes. I’m just gonna say yes.

And then that’s when the thing that changed my life really happened.

I got a call. I sent out to a few of my friends and I had done it. And I got a call from London, England from a friend who was at an event. Somebody there had gotten sick, and appendicitis and they didn’t have a speaker and it was actually about LinkedIn to it was really kind of fun.

They said, Patti, could you come over here? Talk about lead generation using LinkedIn. And I was like, I don’t have a speech for that. And they’re like, well, maybe one and I said, Well, when do you need me? Or like night? Like what? So they pretty much offered me like six figures almost not quite, but almost come over there on that shorter notice and give this talk, which I said yes. wrote the speech on airplane was literally only there for 48 hours, if that speech allowed me to sell from the stage of will made one of the largest amounts of money I’ve ever made speaking. And when I came home, I told my husband, okay, so this is what I’m going to do now. And I’m going to learn to become the Speaker I can. And that was the big change that happened and rest they say is history.

Karen Yankovich 6:50
Oh my gosh, I love that. And you know what, what I mean, there’s so many things about that I love that we can unpack but one of the things that that caught my attention was when you said I’m going to learn to be the best people And I think that that is something that is important to me. And I think, and I want everybody to hear that because no matter how much I speak, I always am learning, I always want to get better at it.

And it isn’t something no matter how whether it comes naturally to you and or not. It is still, you still don’t want to be winging it right. You still want to be showing up in a in a really professional way. And I’m always learning and tweaking and shifting my message and how I’m delivering things and how, you know what I’m doing afterwards what I’m doing before it, right. So it isn’t just showing up for half an hour and talking it is learning how to be a better speaker and everything that surrounds that talk for me anyway, that makes as a bigger part of my career.

Patty Farmer 7:49
So there’s two things that were really important that I would say looking back, really happened from that and made a change for me. One was that you need to be authentic to who you are. Because at first when I decided to do that I went out you know, and interviewed everybody that was a speaker, you know, did all this research on to be the best speaker but the thing was you could talk to one person and then talk to another person and they didn’t know we say the same thing.

And it was really hard for me and to tell you the truth, share I didn’t feel like I was liquid enough. I felt like man I don’t know how to you know, make a point. Take a pregnant pause, do all this kind of stuff that I was seeing everybody do. I didn’t want to have to wear what I call soap opera dresses all the time. You always see everybody and all those dresses looking asleep that was not me and I knew it and so I struggled with that.

Then one day I had this epiphany. I thought to myself Patty, you don’t need to change you be what other people aren’t. You just need to speak in front of people who need to hear it the way you say it. That was probably the biggest money shift I ever made.

And I just thought you know what, Patty, it’s not even about You, it’s not about us, it’s always about who we serve. So once I knew that in every other area of my business but in speaking I was trying so hard to be the best speaker, I could be and then I just realized, you know what? free time and still to this day, eight years later, every time before I get on the stage, I just think to myself, what is it that I need? Say help them like what how can I serve like I always want to show up, and it’s always about serve, not sell. And that is how I built my business.

You always lead with contribution compensation will follow but if you lead with contribution, it always work. So I think that in everything we do, we just need to remember in our business, it’s not about us.

Karen Yankovich 9:41
Oh my gosh, that’s such that is such great advice. You know that that really is such great advice and i i agree with you, I agree with you. And and you know for our listeners that that have speaking on their, you know, on their bucket list, or maybe you don’t have speaking on your bucket list because Like Patty and like, you know, like me and like lots of other people you’re like, I don’t know, can I really get in front of that audience?

There is there it is a powerful, powerful way to get your message out there. And it’s a powerful way to grow your business. And right now, for me, speaking of my podcast, and really the two front doors to my business, you know that that is how most people that’s how I bring those people into my world. And that’s how I serve the most people. And that’s how my business grows.

So yes, I love social media. And yes, I have, you know, followers all over the place. And you know what, I work really hard to engage with them and all those other things. It is speaking and and my podcast, which is my voice, right, like you said, it’s, it’s kind of hard to, it’s kind of hard to be inauthentic when you’re standing up there talking to people, right? Yes, work pretty hard at it to be inauthentic. And so sharing your voice and, you know, the life that you’re trying to build will will follow I think

Patty Farmer 10:58
I think that really well. You’re speaking writing a book, you’re on a podcast, anytime that you’re in front of people, or in front of the media is really really important to be authentic. I have to tell you the greatest feedback I get I love every time I hear it when someone will say to me “You know what, Patti when I meet you in person, and I see you on social media and then I hear you speak and I read your magazine and I listened to your podcast you’re exactly the same. exactly the same.”

I’m so thankful right? Because that’s what you should be you don’t want somebody to finally meet you in person say wow, they’re not somehow they’re showing up on social media or you know, when they hear you need to be who you are because if that’s the person they want here, right?

Karen Yankovich 11:48
I completely agree. I completely agree. And that takes us how many steps down the know like and trust path before we’ve even actually met a customer and that know like, and trust path is the fastest path to building relationships, which is a faster path to building your business right and getting more profits.

So, so I agree, I often joke like, you know, like, there’s a part of me that thinks that someday Oprah is going to be sitting on my couch and chatting with me and having tea, because that’s the vibe she gives, like, we feel like we know her, because she gives us vibe of, you know, we, you know, of just being really personable. And, and that vibe, I think is one of the most important things for her success is that we all feel like, you know, we’re going to be hanging out with her someday. And that’s what I love to share to.

Patty Farmer 12:38
And what’s really interesting about that is in 2011, I think it was three year we have International Women’s Day. And in 2011, I won the award for strategist. She won the award for philanthropy, and we both got to walk across the stage. Get our awards. She was just like I was talking to you.

Karen Yankovich 13:02
Yeah, amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Okay, so then you so you when you were speaking Tell me Tell us a little bit about the what you talked about, like what is what are the things that you you speak about and that you help your audience with.

Patty Farmer 13:17
What I help my audience with is mastering marketing, leveraging media and monetizing their business. Those are the three key things which is why my podcast and my magazine is called marketing media money.

So those are the three most important things that I feel I can help someone do really have their business be successful because I really feel like Like you said, in my bio, I feel like it’s all about designing the lifestyle you want to live and then building a business that supports that lifestyle, not the other way around.

You know many people who have a business and it owns them. They do not have a life really designed the lifestyle You want to live first, and then build a business that supports that, not the other way around. And that’s what I hope to do. That is what I feel the most important thing you can win your business for longevity, and be happy.

Karen Yankovich 14:16
Fabulous, fabulous. So let’s talk a little bit about the media. How do you leverage the media as an entrepreneur or as a small business owner? Like what are the first couple steps are, you know somebody listening to this can take to start to think about leveraging the media? Because I think that’s, I know that it’s easier than most people think. But I think it’s a scary thing to consider for a lot of people.

Patty Farmer 14:37
Sure. think one of the most important things is to start establishing your authority. A lot of times I think the reason why people don’t want to do it is because when they think about it, they think of everything they have to create, oh my gosh, I have to create this and create that.

But the reality really is that’s only one way. Oh, let’s talk about a few creating content to important and I think it is important When you create content, you create content and then you create content that converts sales content, not exactly the same, right?

So content can be things that you post on social media, right things that you post in your blog. There’s lots of different ways to do that. Realizing, of course, that most people like the three E’s right education, empowerment and entertainment, think that’s important. However, I think it is just as important and much easier. Leverage by curating content. And curating content is really when you’re using somebody else’s content, giving your opinion on it. I have to tell you hands down across three social media platform, when I use somebody else’s articles or a podcast somebody else uses or something else that somebody else has done.

And then I say, Well, I love know the tip that they use for number two and number four, not quite sure I love or agree with number seven, or Oh, I’m going Start using number five, when I say that not believe how many people will say, Okay, why don’t you agree with that? or Why do you love number two, and then you get to use your authority. So it’s really important sometimes just realize that the best ways you can leverage it, the media talking about you is giving your opinion.

Don’t be afraid to give your opinion about it now be gracious. And there’s always a right and wrong way to give your opinion. Of course, I use a hashtag called my two cents. Whenever I give my opinion about something, it kind of invert to say, just just my two cents, right? You know, it’s just my opinion. I’m not a know what all right, this is Yeah, my opinion. And I temper it with that, and I’ll use that when I’m actually going to come out with something that I feel pretty strongly about.

But then there’s also even really starting easy and going with local media, right? There’s a lot of ways that you can really leverage local media, you can sponsor local events, and then piggyback on their media coverage, right, as really a good way to do it kind of helps them Good human interest stories have media, right? So just local events so you can sponsor those.

Another way you can do it is to highlight your area of expertise during something that relates to the community where you live, for example, you know, February is Heart Month. So if you write, or talk about health and wellness, this is a good opportunity in your community to be able to do that.

And one of my favorite, which you can do locally, and globally, is newsjacking is literally my favorite way to leverage media and you don’t know what news jacking is. It’s really a way that you monitor the news and see where your area of expertise fits in with reporter or a news outlet or something that’s happening in the world.

Karen Yankovich 17:46
I’ll give you an example. I love news jacking Please give us an example because I want to I want if you for anyone that doesn’t understand news jacking. I’d love it because I agree with you. It’s so powerful.

Patty Farmer 17:56
Yeah, so first, I’ll give you an easy example that everybody will recognize and then tell you how we’ve used Dead. So one of the things is if everybody remembers when Super Bowl and the power went out and it went really dark, it will literally took Oreo. I’ve seconds just about for them to come up and say oh, you can still dip Oreos in the dark. That was literally news jacking something that happened making it work.

Southwest did it too when they had that person Southwest news jacket wasn’t their company that did it. But when that airline had somebody pulled off of her airplane for bullying thousand was all over it. We beat up prices, not our customers, right? So really honestly, they just news jack something that was happening in the world.

So now let me show you how you can use it. Well, I had a client who have a client, the financial advisor, and in Florida you know they had a lot of hurricanes. And so everybody was talking about oh my gosh how you need to get ready an emergency and how you might have to evacuate and all these different things were working and that’s what all the news reporters were talking about. Over and over.

So finally I said, I was like, No, we need a news jack this. So we contacted some news reporters. And what we did is we got her all over the news talking about how we will worry about what we’re going to do an emergency when it’s weather, but why are we not worried about what we’re going to do in a financial emergency.

And we had her all over that, talking about financial emergencies, as well. And so we news jack that she ended up going to Capitol Hill and being able to talk about that topic. So there’s always a lot of things that are happening. You just need to be aware about what news outlets there are and how can you have the person contact with a hook you have to know they want to hear from you. It want to know that you just need to know how are you going to leverage the story for them? And they’re all over it.

Karen Yankovich 19:50
Yes, yes. I totally. I love that. That’s such a great example. And, you know, one of the things that I teach my clients is, you know, look around and that In that case, it’s not necessarily people that are talking about financial planning, right? It’s it’s almost like human interest II as well.

But you know, are you once you, you know, you’ve talked about a little bit about creating a brand that positions you as an authority. And that, you know, you know, me, I’m going right to LinkedIn for that, right. So, so if you have done the work on your LinkedIn profile, and you’ve positioned yourself as an authority, you can start to build relationships on LinkedIn and other platforms, certainly on Twitter, to with your local journalists, and they are looking to me, they need you as more than you need them. Right.

And if you’ve done the job of positioning yourself as somebody worthy of their attention, and you know, that’s on you, right, you got to you’ve got to take care of that. Then there you know, it’s not about pitching them immediately. It’s about you know, hey, I love this article. I’m, you know, I’ve been following your work around this topic or that topic.

You know, and your local and then they start to see the kinds of things you’re doing. It is it is a really powerful way to start building relationships so that when you have an opportunity to news jack, maybe you’re hitting a little bit of a warmer audience even, right, and so, so start building those relationships with the media now. So that when the time comes, you can you know, when you’re reaching out, you’re not reaching out as as much as a stranger.

Patty Farmer 21:22
I am 100%. And also one of the things I love about LinkedIn too, is that I feel like one of the greatest ways that you can leverage the media is to really by leveraging other people’s network, right? That’s what it’s all the house. I have built my business on collaboration, whenever you can leverage somebody else’s network.

Now remember, it’s always about give first, it’s always about serve. Right. And so one of the things that has been really important for me is that I truly believe relationships, the currency, today’s business environment, so with that said, how fat is your wallet? Right?

So I think that’s important. So one of the things that I think is really important is when I’m using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to, but when I’m using LinkedIn, I am always thinking about what are somebody posted?

When it’s always about what can you do to stop the scroll right? People scroll through, what are you doing to stop the scroll? And so the reality really is when you see something that other people are doing, me, I always keep a pad next to my computer, I keep it next to my bed everywhere I am, where I’m going to be scrolling up there. And as I come across people who are interesting, or I think they’re really interesting, and then what I do, or more when I’m looking on LinkedIn, and I’ll see things that people post, and I’ll be like, Wow, that’s pretty interesting. And then here’s what I do. And I go to my best friend Google, by I have a lot of things. In Google Alerts.

I probably have over 100 alerts set up. And I’ll think a topic I just thought was interesting. And like I said, Oh, well who else is doing About that, or writing about that, inevitably, you’re building relationships, you will know somebody else who wrote about that too. And then all of a sudden, it’s like, Oh, another perspective. And then what I want to be able to do is really leverage their networks. And then I invite them and I say, oh, how would you like to do an interview?

Or how would you like to give your perspective in my magazine and write about that? How would you like to be able to come into my Facebook groups in front of thousands of people, and I’ll do a Facebook Live and interview about your perspective on that, and even come up with the information. I just read it on LinkedIn. And then I just leverage it.

Karen Yankovich 23:37
Yeah. And, you know, now that person that you are building the relationship with, if you’re tagging them and sharing their stuff, and you know, even with all the other things we talked about, you’re now leveraging their audience as well. Right. So, yeah, so then you’re getting in front of more, more people, you know, every single day that you Those kinds of things.

So one of the things that I want to just go back to for a second, you know, when I was part of an event in northern New Jersey, so that’s really the New York City Market, probably one of the biggest markets in the world for media, right. And they had a media panel, and I was not I was not a part of the Media Panel, but I was part of the events.

I was watching the Media Panel. And the participants on the panel were, you know, people that were in the media in the New York City area. So you know, very powerful well known people, and every single one of them when somebody said, What is the best way to reach out to you to build a relationship?

Every single one of them said Twitter, every single one of them. I was even blown away with it. And I love Twitter, right? But every single one of them said Twitter and they said tweet us, we read it, it is us that’s on Twitter, we’re you know, we’re on there. And you know, if you want to private message me, tweet me and say check your DMS because I just sent you you know, I just sent you something there but I thought that was really interesting, because, you know, I love Twitter.

And you know, I love LinkedIn as well, but they work kind of hand in hand. And then of course, I also followed up and connected with them on LinkedIn, because LinkedIn gave them a way to kind of see more of my credentials. But I started out by building the relationship with them on Twitter. And then I add them to a Twitter list. And then I retweet their stuff on a regular basis, so that they remember who I am. Right? So they’re using social media, you know, every single day.

Patty Farmer 25:28
So lately, you know, everybody who knows me knows that Twitter is my favorite social media platform. For one reason, watch a couple of reasons. First reason is because you have to earn your followers. Twitter is the only social media platform where you can follow someone and they don’t have to follow you back. It’s not like oh, we’re friends. Right?

Karen Yankovich 25:47
That’s an interesting perspective.

Patty Farmer 25:49
You have to earn that which I love that. Second thing is hit 74% of my close business from Twitter without further Not even one time ever selling anything on Twitter is hands down lead generation tool I’ve ever used. Now, with that said, because of that the lead generation tool, and then you move the relationship, LinkedIn or Facebook wherever it’s appropriate, or whichever person it is.

So it’s lead generation.

It really enables you to be able to connect with media. That’s absolutely true. People who have podcasts, people who do events, it short and sweet and gets to the point, right? It’s very, very important. And then you build the relationship, which is what it’s all about. I go into LinkedIn so that they learn more about your credibility, like you just said, and they know more about you. And then you can have extended conversation over on Facebook, getting to know each other and building that relationship. So you use all the social media platforms that are appropriate for your business. Just like using Twitter as a lead generation tool first.

Karen Yankovich 27:00
I think that’s another entire conversation we can have. But let’s talk a little bit about something else you said, which is relationships being the currency of today. Because I think that these don’t these, these platforms don’t work in a bubble, right? They kind of work hand in hand. With that being said, you don’t have to be everywhere. Right?

I think, you know, for me, Twitter and LinkedIn are probably the two places that I am most active on but, but we are we are active on Facebook as well. We have a pretty active Facebook group that I support, because at the end of the day, that is what is still active for my audience, right for my for people that are looking for support from me.

But it’s the relationships that support my my bottom line, right? So so maybe do this, if you have a second, can you take us through? How does somebody go from being a Twitter follower or they’ve seen your content on Twitter to being closed business and I’m not looking for a two hour thing here, but you know is where does the relationship piece come in with that?

Patty Farmer 28:04
So for me, I use Twitter lists really well here, I use Twitter chats. Those two things are really good things for me. And when you’re using Twitter list, it’s really what it is can be public or private. And I use both, and I use them for different things, right. But one of the things that I love, it’s always about being of service, right?

So I am connected to a lot of people who have podcasts. And I’m one of the things I’d love to do is connecting to people that I think would be great guests and tell them why. Now they both love me. Right? Same idea, love to connect them say oh, no, such as such to you know, I think she’d make a great guest on your show. Because now when I say because, and I tell you, I do it publicly. Right.

So now of course I’m spotlighting you and your show, and I’m saying why so now I’m showing the value that you bring to the marketplace and also the showing the value of why What their value is right. And so that gets a lot of chatter going. So that really worked for me. And then they reach out to me. Oh, thank you so much for doing that. And then we have a conversation. And then one of the things that I have to tell you, this is probably the biggest writer downer. All is for me.

There’s two things and then strategy.

So one is that the only difference between a contract and a contract they are. And that’s the only difference in those two words. Thoughts are definitely the R stands for relationships. Right?

So that’s one thing.

The second thing is your network, your bank account?

Karen Yankovich 29:36
Yeah, 100%

Patty Farmer 29:37
you build it is if you build about service and relationships, that can also be your retirement account.

So with those two things in mind, think it’s really, really important to know how are you going to serve. So for me, it is always with introductions, and I have my business and the number one thing is I’m doing something that I call the power of five. We actually probably don’t really have time to go over but I’ll just name with the five of us. are so do this every single day. I can do it in 30 minutes.

When you first started it might take you a little bit longer, but can do it in 30 minutes every day and here’s what the five things are. First thing is I send out five new cards every single day, really snail mail. I send out five new cards every day randomly. People that when I’m on social media and I see their names, I literally write them down why I think they would be really great. And then I just send them and this is all relationship building. I do not my business card in it all like relationship building. Yes.

Okay. The second thing is I pass out five business cards every day. And not my business cards. Okay, I do this virtually or in person right in person or virtually. Okay, five business cards that are not mine.

I do five intros every single day. Social media usually every single day.

I make five calls every single day seven minutes or less. It’s all the time I have seven minutes or less to people that I’ve collaborated with or done a joint venture with in the past. This is just keeping the relationship and the conversation going, then resourceful. And so I’ve times a day will be a resource for somebody.

Now, this is the one that takes the longest time. But once you get it down, and basically easiest way to do it is I have an Excel spreadsheet. And on the top my columns really say the things that I’m interested in, right social media, blogging, magazines, podcasts, whatever, every time you see an article, or you see a podcast, or somebody talks about something and it stops your scroll.

And you think it’s interesting, I like Oh, interesting. I copy and paste the link to that Excel spreadsheet with a few key words that make me remember. And then five times a day, when I’m going through social media, and I look at somebody talking about something, I go, Oh, do I have something about that? I go to my Excel spreadsheet, click the link and I posted in there too. Oh, I think that’s really interesting. Here’s another perspective that somebody was And I copy and paste, it takes me 30 seconds, Max, do it. And once you do these things, I gotta tell you, I have it down to like 30 minutes or less. And doing all those things keeps me in front of people, I’m leveraging my audience, I’m leveraging other people’s audience. I am an authority and it’s just five things I do every day.

Karen Yankovich 32:20
I love that. And how long does those five things take you every day?

Patty Farmer 32:24
Less than 30 minutes for all five.

Karen Yankovich 32:27
Amazing, amazing. I actually that ties in will link to it in the show notes that ties into an episode I did a while back about you know, you need to be connecting. I think that like it’s like brushing your teeth, like every single day, connect with five people on LinkedIn.

Or every single week connect with five people on LinkedIn. I don’t want to connect with five a day. But you got to do that piece. You’ve got to be building like thinking about who are people that are so important in your in that could be important in your business and maybe it’s the media maybe it’s you know, pretend Partners whatever.

But if you skip this piece if I skip this piece, I see a down, you know, a downtrend in appointments on my calendar and in money my bank account, you know, so and it takes only a few minutes every single week so, so this is kind of similar to that these are the things that I when people say oh my gosh, I’m so busy. I’m like what is more important than the client getting stuff?

Please tell me what in your business is more important than the client getting stuff and I would say your your five things is the same way there is nothing more important in your business than building relationships. So, you know, this is right, this happens nowadays. Don’t tell me you don’t have time for it. Tell me that you didn’t make time for it. I get by that but you have time for it. I love

Patty Farmer 33:48
One of the things that I’m doing now that’s working for me as you know, as you build your business there does come a time you know, everybody likes to say Oh, never say time, but it’s all about time management. Right. And there was a time when I Early on, I had a lot of calls in my day were what I call relationship building calls, right? Those always turn to money, no. And I do have a business to run and a family, right. And so I really feel like certain parts of your day where you need to be doing revenue generating activities.

And then there’s a part of your day where you can do relationship building activities. And one of the things that I’ve gotten really, really clear on is doing what I call a collaboration circle. And on that pad I was talking about early on my collaboration circle looks like this. I did two a month. One of them I do in the morning, and that’s my coffee and conversation and what I do once a month later in the day that I call cocktails and conversation, and one of the things I do is I invite 12 people to each one.

So all during the month when I keep track of them like Oh, they would be really interesting. And then I write their name down and then I send them an invite and I pretty much say well, people only you’re on the short list. You cannot commit, invite to another time pretty much if you Don’t show like you’re never getting invited again, right?

But 12 people and I gotta tell you twice a month, I get on a call on zoom with 12 people that are amazing that I’ve hand selected that I want to get to know. In that same one hour I really get to know 12 people, instead of doing a million coffee calls, I mean, how many times have you gone to have coffee with someone virtually or in person and then thought, oh, there’s 90 minutes my life I’ll never get back. Yeah, intentional and how you build your business. And even when I’m collaborating and building relationships, I have to be intentional there to my collaboration circle calls.

Karen Yankovich 35:39
That’s such a great idea. And I love that when you talked about the five people you get on the phone with their short calls, like I tell people all the time, I want you to get on the phone with your LinkedIn connections. And I want that call to be no more than 15 minutes. Because if it’s worth a vulner conversation, you can put it on your calendar to dive in deeper. But you know, I want you to meet these people get to know these people. People have conversations with with these people. And it’s not a pitch call, but it is a probe call, right? Like, you know, what is happening in the relationship? Exactly.

And you’re doing a little bit of probing, you know, how can you help them? How can they help you? What can you do to support them? And if you think that there’s opportunities schedule that long recall, but you know, that way you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re not taking because you’re right, especially as your business grows and your influence grows, it gets harder to have these coffee dates, you know, that are 90 minutes of your time with people that you’re really not, you know, I mean, I want to be of service to as many people as I can, but if I’m wasting not even wasting time because I love meeting new people, but I have a business to run, right so i can’t i have to begin in my free time I want to I’m with my family. So I need to be intentional about how I’m spending my time and who I’m spending it with.

Patty Farmer 36:54
And it really works when you do it. I mean when you think about it at first you have to kind of have a little bit of a shift do it but every Am I on LinkedIn or on Twitter, Facebook, wherever you are, and you say, Oh, well, they’re really interesting. I’d like to get to know you, or what happens a lot on LinkedIn for me is that people will connect with me and they’re like, oh Patty, I would love to, you know, have a talk with you or whatever.

So I just start writing them down. And, and here’s where almost like, probably a little bit more intentional than most people don’t just write name down. And I think how interested we are also right kind of what they do. So when I do put those 12 people together, try to put the 12 people together that I feel now that they’re in the same industry, but I know the flow will be good, because they’re all know kind of connected in some way that I feel they can support each other.

So that when we get on that call, and I facilitate some important questions based on what they do, the conversation is really good, right? And then when everybody gets off that call in an hour, they all want to connect with each other then now you kind of know where the conversation is going right? It’s a much dammit conversation. So I love using LinkedIn for that.

Karen Yankovich 38:00
Amazing, amazing Okay, we can do it we can be talking forever about this stuff. Tell us a little bit about what’s in store for your business in the upcoming year.

Patty Farmer 38:09
Well, I am really excited two major things happened for me and are happening for me for 2021 is I just got back last week from my New York City event that I’ve been doing for seven years. One of the things that was really exciting there, you know, ask your clients that are your people, your tribe, they’ll tell you what they want from you and they said, Hey, we would really love it if you would do one international because at my event, only nine people were from the United States everybody else was from Europe since I do so much international speaking.

So in 2020, I am having my first event nationally and we are going to do it in Bali. So I’m really excited. Amazing. First thing and then the second thing is my magazine marketing media money. Really love them magazine. We just hit a big mark for us. We have 75,000 subscribers now. I’m really excited about that. So now we’ve decided that I’ve been waiting to hit that benchmark. And now in January we are going to be releasing our second publication. That publication is called master the mic and it is going to be geared toward speakers and events.

Karen Yankovich 39:16
Amazing Amazing. So how can people find out more about all of this? How can they connect with you

Patty Farmer 39:23
So they can connect with me of course by going to my website Patty farmer calm thanks with why they can also grab the copy of the magazine at marketingmediamoney.com. So no, and marketingmediamoney.com.

That will literally take them right to the magazine. And one of the things that really important to me in the magazine. So what we do is it’s about what’s working now, not of years or two years ago, but all of our industry experts and influencers share strategies of what’s working now. So we really want to help them to really massively grow their business.

Karen Yankovich 39:57
Amazing. Amazing. Thank you so much for being here. Patty, this was such a great conversation, I think we’re going to have to have a part two at some point. Because there’s so many more things I think we can dive into here. So thank you for being here. And I can’t wait to check out your magazine. And I look forward to seeing what’s what’s going on in your world in the next couple months. And I will see you over on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Patty Farmer 40:19
Thank you so much for having me and yes, let’s do that. I really appreciate you having me on the show. And I look forward to continuing the conversation.

Karen Yankovich 40:26
So can you see why I said I have to have Patty back. There’s so many conversations that I want to dive deeper into the whole I get so many clients from Twitter thing I’d love to dive deeper into her process, the five things that she does, I mean, there’s just so many great things she shared drops so many value bombs in this episode in credible.

So if you agree with me, take a screenshot of this episode on your phone or wherever you’re listening and share it on social media. tag me I’m at Karen Yankovich tag Patti heard. social media accounts are all in the show notes here for this episode. The blog, and let us know that you love the episode and then we’ll be sure to share it with our audiences.

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So check that out Karenyankovich.com/winning. And remember that I am here to support you every step of the way through this. So I want this to be simple for you. Please let it be simple. And we’ll be back here next week with another episode of the Good Girls Get Rich podcast