Ready to jumpstart your business for 2020? If so, Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your business growth is the perfect place to start!

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen goes in-depth about the best tool to use on LinkedIn to gain more clients; LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Karen’s philosophy is “let this be easy”. Growing your business doesn’t have to be a constant stress or pain in the side! In part 1 of the 2 part specials on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Karen explains 3 ways to simplify your business growth by leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for business growth.



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About the Episode:


We’re almost entering a new decade, which means… it’s the perfect time to dial in on your business and really think about the places we can invest and how we can simplify the way your business functions. 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is my TOP tool when it comes to growing my business and I recommend this tool to every client. I have.


Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a financial commitment, however, if you really want to take the time to invest in your business growth through LinkedIn, this is the one tool that I can guarantee will explode your business if done correctly!


If I can tell you one quick tip about LinkedIn for the new year…it’s that LinkedIn Sales Navigator  is where the money is in 2020! I want you to have tons of profit in your business so you don’t even think about spending money on this in 202, but I can guarantee you it will be the best money you spend to grow your business, quickly and with ease!


And yes, there is a free trial for LinkedIn Sales Navigator!


Let’s dive in on the top 3 ways to leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator for business growth in part one of this two part series:


The Ability to Save Contacts/Leads


This right here is huge! When you sign up for your free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and eventually buy the full program, you will be able to pull this up in a separate browser from LinkedIn.

Within the interface, LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the ability to save connections and other people to your wall. In essence, this allows you to target those you want to either reach out to, stay top of mind with, and engage with on a completely separate wall.


The amount of value this provides is insane! It’s basically puts everyone you want to work with or stay connected with business wise, all in one place! Allowing you easier access to see their posts first, engage with their posts, share, message, etc. 


Not only is it helping you target your connections, this saves you time and energy on trying to remember and track down these connections with the regular version of LinkedIn.


You Have the Ability to Tag and Create Notes for People


If you couldn’t see the immediate value in saving connections, well this puts the icing on the cake! Now with your separate wall of targeted LinkedIn connections, you also have the ability to assign tags to people, as well as create notes for them!


As you grow your LinkedIn connections, you may lose track of why you connected with someone or how you know them.


Assigning tags lets you later search by tag and pull them up again in a search. While you can also assign tags, you can also put notes for connections, either what to follow up with them about, what you want to reach out to them for, whether they’re a potential client or business partner, etc.


Again, all saving you time and energy with having this information, and keeping your connecting and engagement simple and all in one place!


You Can Create Messages to People You’re Not Connected with and See Who’s Viewed Your Profile


The outreach value LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides is nothing short of incredible! Through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can now send messages to those you have always dreamed of connecting with!


Not only that, but by having the ability to see who’s looked at your profile already gives you a leg up in finding out who is interested in you. Having this information is extremely valuable as it can help you create the initial message to someone who you know has already viewed your profile.


Need help with perfecting your LinkedIn profile so you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator like a champ? Join me in the second round of my FREE LinkedIn Profile Challenge! Sign up now at


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introduction to today’s topic, LinkedIn Sales Navigator (1:27)
  • What Karen struggles to be positive about these days (3:19)
  • What kind of commit you need to make in your business to be successful (6:06)
  • Places you can attempt to cut back in your business (7:54)
  • Overview of LinkedIn Sales Navigator (9:03)
  • Using Sales Navigator to save contacts and profiles (9:58)
  • How to create notes and tag people through Sales Navigator (15:20)
  • Creating messages to new connections and who’s viewed your profile (19:57)
  • Recap of the top 3 ways to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Business Growth (23:34)
  • Special free offer for our LinkedIn Profile Challenge (25:42)


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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 104

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hey there, I’m Karen Yankovich, the host of the good girls get rich podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by uplevel Media where we teach women this simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing system that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people, people who you cannot wait to have an opportunity to chat with and that can change your business and your life for ever. So what we teach here is digital marketing with the human touch. It’s actually relationship based marketing. And that’s what we talked about on this podcast.

So of course, we love to know more about you and what you’re doing. So if you love what You’re here today or if you’ve listened before, we love to hear from you give us a rating or review. Going over to Karen Yankovich comm slash speakpipe you can leave us an audio review. Or you can check out the blog page for this episode at And you’ll see links where you can leave us reviews also, and share this on your social media so we can give you a little loving we can we can share your posts with our audience.

So this episode and this topic is one that I’ve been asked to do for a while and I struggled a little bit with where to do it and how to do it and how to make this work. We’re going to be talking about LinkedIn Sales Navigator on this on this show today. And LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the paid options for LinkedIn premium. It is the only one I would add. If you are looking to grow your business from a sales perspective is the only one that I recommend that you get regular premium gives you some options but none of the cool things that we’re going to talk about here today and there’s so much to talk about with this Sales Navigator. And I’m actually breaking this into two shows.

So in this show, we’re going to talk about some of the tactical things we can use. And in the next episode, which I think is 106 will be part two of this, we will talk about all of the amazing search functionality and how it just saves you so much time and helps you really dive in to find your perfect people. So know that this is a paid tool, okay, know that this is a paid tool. And I don’t make any money on you buying, you know, Sales Navigator, this is not something I’m trying to sell you. I’m telling you why I use it.

Somebody recently told me that they thought they were going to give it up and I was like, you would have to pry Sales Navigator out of my cold dead hands because it saves me so much time every week. And time is money from a time is the only resource I have that’s not renewable, right. So I need to maximize it where I can. And you’ve heard me say on the show a bunch of times, that there’s a lot of people that are offering and selling LinkedIn tools. Many of them are not sanctioned by LinkedIn. And they’re getting shut people getting shut down right and left and they’re like, I don’t know why I’m getting shut down on LinkedIn. Like, yeah, we’ve got shut down three times. What did you think was going to happen when you kept doing the things that they told you to stop doing? Right?

So with Sales Navigator, yes, it’s an investment. We’re going to talk about that. But it is one that sanctioned by LinkedIn. And LinkedIn has made it so valuable, that I think it’s well worth the money. So let me step back a little bit. You know, my, my family, and my friends call me, Pollyanna. I remember that little that little movie about the little girl who always looked at the bright side of things. You know, she was always looking at the bright side of things. That’s me. It’s just how I’m built. I you know, it is what it is. I’m sure that I’ve made some naive decisions because of it. I’m sure that I’ve been taken advantage of many times because of it, but I really don’t care.

The upsides to me the upsides of living life on the bright side, in my opinion, seriously outweigh the downside. So I’m always looking for the good in people just naturally. But there’s one thing that I struggle lately to be positive about and that is When I talk to people, again and again, who don’t understand the importance of investing themselves in their and in their business, and then wonder why nothing is changing for them, and they keep struggling, I find it hard to continue to continue to be positive about it. Like, I want you to be wildly successful.

My podcast is called good girls get rich, I spend out an enormous amount of time and money and effort to get this podcast to you every week, because I really want you to shine. I really I know that LinkedIn is the place for you to be in 2020 and beyond. And I would love to help you get there and I love when people come back to me with their success stories. But if you if you are not willing to make a little bit of an investment to make a big return, then you’re going to keep on struggling and those investments don’t always have to be financial, right? I mean, yes, yes, Sales Navigator is a financial investment. But sometimes the investment is just time like oh, I just want to Like really, like I can tell you right now, as I’m recording this podcast just to give you a frame of reference, I wanted this podcast done by 11 o’clock in the morning so that I could go do some things.

It is 20 after 11 I have no idea what I did from 10 to 11 this morning, that I mean, I was sitting at my desk, I didn’t accomplish anything. I picked up my phone. I messed around on Facebook, I did some things right. And somehow an hour sweat swam by. So for those of you that are saying I just don’t have time. Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do. I mean, like I bet you’re I bet the same thing is happening to you. Listen, I was a single mom, I have four kids. I worked always so I know what being crunched for time is like, right? But you can’t not invest time in the business building stuff and expect to see results and then say I don’t know this doesn’t work.

So I guess that’s what frustrates me a little bit even the Pollyanna in me when you know I’m giving you advice. Other people are giving you advice. There’s so much opportunity out there to get support way more than we’ve ever had. Before, but you’ve got to make the investment yourself, whether it’s time or money, and today we’re talking a little bit about a financial investment, and I get not having the money to invest, right? I mean, again, single mom, for kids, I struggled a lot, many times, right? So if it’s food or your business choose food, I’m not I’m surely not. You know, I’m not going to say I don’t understand what it’s like to truly not have the 70 or $80 a month for Sales Navigator.

But bootstrapping your business doesn’t mean you need to commit to never spending any money. I talked to people all the time that are like, Oh, I can’t afford Sales Navigator. When I when my business is making more money, I can afford Sales Navigator, and then they’re posting pictures of themselves at the bar with a glass of wine. Listen, I love sitting in a bar with a glass of wine. But I want to be able to buy a bottle of wine, right the next time I go to the bar and in order to do that, I’ve got to spend a little money in my business. So don’t save the money on the coffee or the glass of wine or whatever. And I know that’s such a cliche, savings argument, but it’s so true. It is $80 a month. I’m sorry that Is $20 a week, I know that you can find the money to do this if you really wanted to do this.

And I also know that this is where the money is in this upcoming 2020. I know that the money is in LinkedIn. And I know that with some strategy and using a tool like Sales Navigator to create that strategy, you can you will get a tenfold return on that investment, a hundredfold, a thousandfold. And I I truly don’t say that lightly.

So bootstrapping your business doesn’t mean you don’t spend any money. Okay? It was so so that’s why I felt like it was time for me to dive a little bit into Sales Navigator on this good girls get rich show. I want you to get rich, I want you to have tons of profit in your business so that you can do all the things and you don’t even think about spending $80 on Sales Navigator. And I want you to be saying someone in a couple of months I will never give up the eight hours I spend on Sales Navigator. But you know, also, if you’re running a business even when you’re bootstrapping and you know your people are on LinkedIn, It is, is it’s going to be the best money you spend every month. And I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably already spending $10 a month times a million on the different tools that you have. I know I do. And I look at things I just had a meeting with my team the other day, and we just went through all the tools that I that we pay for, that Apollo media pays for. It was like, mind boggling, right?

And, and most of them are $10 a month, a month, but the end of the day is $1,000 a month or $5,000 a month or you know a ton of money. So, so maybe that’s where you can cut back. Maybe you’ve been paying, you know, $10 a month or $20 a month for services really haven’t used in a couple of years, a couple of months. And you probably could do without for a little bit. Here’s the other thing. Sales Navigator is going to give you a free trial. So get the free trial, start to do some of the things you’re gonna learn about on this podcast today. Because if I’m right, and a simple LinkedIn strategy can bring in the bigger picture ticket sales, then why do you want to struggle to get them? Why not use the tools that can save you time and make you money.

So, I’m going to dive into Sales Navigator. Remember, this is part one of a two part series, we’re going to cover the value add that Sales Navigator gives us today. And then episode one or six, we’ll talk about the search piece of this. So when you sign up for Sales Navigator, and remember you want to it’s the LinkedIn sales tool. Okay, so when you’re going to when you’re if you’re going to upgrade to a LinkedIn page, or it’s the sales version that you want, if you have any questions about all this, just go on over to Karen slash Facebook group, join us in the Facebook group and ask and I will make sure that I give you a little screen share something on how to exact pattern Are you buying the right product and get your 30 day free trial. If you’re already own a paid service? You I would suggest to you if you own a paid service with LinkedIn, you probably have the ability to chat them in in support. So chat support and tell them you want to change an upgrade to Sales Navigator and then walk you through exactly how to do that.

So the first thing that I love about LinkedIn Sales Navigator. And if you’re if you’re new listener to this podcast, you you you may have listened to some old shows because I’m not really going to dive into all the whys about this. But you know that one of the things I talked about on the show a lot is it about using LinkedIn to provide value. You’re not going on LinkedIn just to sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, right, you’re using LinkedIn to provide value. So so maybe you’re connecting consistently like this, which is what I teach you to do. And your connections have gone from 200 to 500 to 1000 and your wall on LinkedIn starting to get a little crazy, right? Because Yeah, you’re getting all these people are posting all this stuff on the wall, and you’re kind of losing the ability to to support the people you really want to support.

Well, what Sales Navigator does, is it gives us the ability to to save a contact. It used to be saving them as a lead I don’t even think it’s called saving them as a lead anymore, but it doesn’t even matter what it’s called. Because nobody knows you saved it but you so if you are in one of my master My trophy, one of my private clients, or if we’re in my groups or we interact in any way, I love to support your efforts on LinkedIn. And I don’t want you to get lost in the feed because I won’t see what you’re posting. So what I can do when I when I open up sales at LinkedIn proper, and by the way, Sales Navigator is going to give you a completely separate interface. So you actually have to have two tabs open one with LinkedIn and one with Sales Navigator two completely different almost almost platforms, right. So when you’re in proper LinkedIn proper, and let’s say, you know, Susie Smith is somebody that took one of my programs and I want to support her and I see her in Sales Navigator or I see her on LinkedIn proper.

Okay, and I see that she posted something, I can go to her profile, and it’s going to give me the option that says View and Sales Navigator. And that’s if you own Sales Navigator, right so when you click the View and Sales Navigator, it’s going to open up the Sales Navigator interface, open you up to Susie Smith’s profile, and it’s going to give you the option to save her profile. And what happens when you save her profile. Remember I said Sales Navigator is a separate interface, what has a separate wall. So on my Sales Navigator interface, I have a wall just like the wall that’s on LinkedIn regular, just like my facebook wall, just like my Twitter wall. But the only people that are on my LinkedIn Sales Navigator wall are the people that I’ve saved.

So now I can provide value to my clients because I can see easily what they’re posting and when, right and I can share it and like it and comment on it, that gets it in my wallet provides value to my clients. But I also can do that for my prospects. Right. So again, you don’t want to reach out to people and say, Hey, by myself by myself, but if there’s somebody that you’ve got your eye on, who you think would be a good prospect to be a client for you, and you save them as a lead and Sales Navigator, you save them and Sales Navigator, so that they come up in that wall. Then every time they post on LinkedIn, you will know because it’s broken out from all of the noise on LinkedIn and you can Now engage with them not by reaching out and saying, Hey, remember me, I want you to buy my stuff.

But by saying, Susie, oh my gosh, I love that you’re talking about this topic. It’s such an important topic. I wish more people talked about this too, right? And you’re making it easy for yourself. Because all you have to do is once or twice a week even. But imagine if you didn’t once a day, open up Sales Navigator, see the content that’s in that wall, and just engage with the people that are most important to you. You can add, I believe up to 100 people to save. So I save my clients, I save my prospects. I save my friends, I save, you know, people that I would like to be in my masterminds people that have taken my programs I’ve had, you know, more people that are taking my programs and I can save in Sales Navigator.

So really, you know, listen, there’s some people that are more active in the programs than others. So I save the ones that are more active than others. I save people I’ve saved people that are maybe they maybe they are the coordinator of speakers for events. You know, I save them because I want them to our Speak at their next event, right? Maybe they’re journalists that I want to keep on their radar. I want them to reach out to me the next time they’ve got an article, I save them. Do you see now how just that one feature alone is worth $80 a month to me. Because it saves me so much time and allows me so much power, not to not to be constantly pitching people and even and torturing people to buy my stuff.

But just lifting them up, providing them value. LinkedIn just serves it up to me and Sales Navigator because I’ve saved the profiles, I can easily scan through it, and I can provide value and get more visibility of the people that are most important to my business. so powerful that alone. Every one of these tips I’m going to talk about alone, I’d be I pay $80 a month for because it saves me time and I do not want to work 12 hour days. And I like profits. I like having a profitable business, the more I can just feel good, doesn’t it? Feel good to just have a way to just provide value and share and and love on the content of the people most important to your business isn’t that alone with $80 a month you honestly, I wish doesn’t have a better had an affiliate program because I could go by myself, you know, a villa in the south of France. I spoke so much about it, but it’s so valuable.

Alright, the next feature that I want to tell you about and Sales Navigator that I think is hugely important, is it gives you the ability to tag people and create notes for people. So let’s say you now I am going to, I’m going to let you know I always give you a little behind the scenes in my business with this stuff. So I’m going to tell you a little bit about how I use this. I do not ever want to teach you a strategy that has somebody other than you logging into your LinkedIn profile unless they’re sitting in the office with you. If you guys are in the same office or that come to your home office or then you know by all means log into a computer and let them go on their Sales Navigator, but this next piece does not matter. centrally have to be done by you. But you have to be logged in to do it.

So look, I have some clients and corporate clients that they have their assistance do some of this that we’re talking about next. And that is tagging and adding notes. So let’s say you belong to a chamber of commerce, or you were just speaking at an event, and you come back from an event, you got a stack of cards in your hand. And hopefully you’re connecting with them all on LinkedIn the next day to say, you know, and that’s we’ve talked a million times about that you can find a podcast on how to use LinkedIn. In fact, we’ll link it in the show notes, how to use LinkedIn to follow up on the speakers event, the events that you go to, right, you can create a tag for that event.

Okay, so creating a tag for that event means that you’re just going to give the 25 cards you have, you’re going to say, Man at this event, on this date, or whatever, you can give them a tag. You could use tags and lots of other ways. You could use tags that say, you know, don’t ever reach out to this person because they also teach LinkedIn marketing, right? You could have a tag I absolutely have a tag that says that they are LinkedIn marketer because reminds me that I’m not going to ever I’m not going to say, Hey, did you listen to my latest podcast? I can teach you about LinkedIn. Does anybody else that teaches LinkedIn right?

So I have a tag for that I’ve tagged for different events I’ve been at I’ve tagged for my clients. I’ve tagged people that have been in my masterminds, because it allows me to create to search by that I want to talk about on the next episode when we talk about searching, but allows me to take my whole list of thousands of contacts and do a search just by the tag, and then I can go through it. So let’s say you were at an event in February, and you have 20 people that you got their business cards and you’re at their event, and now it’s like March or April, you can if you’ve got tags by this, you can go back to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, do a search by that tag. And now reach back out to them and say we met a couple months ago. And you know, maybe you know how it goes right? Sometimes you remember to follow people, sometimes you don’t. So, so now you can go back and you can follow up with those people. There’s so many different ways you can use tags. You can also take notes.

So let’s say you You talk to people and you just want to make a note on LinkedIn, you can almost use this like its own little CRM, right Customer Relationship Manager, where you can put notes on the contact and Sales Navigator gives us the ability to do this. So if you do have an assistant, if you are physically located in the same place as your assistant, and they’re logging in, they can they can do all of this. I have one client, for example that uses tags, so that the assistant can goes in and tags his LinkedIn contacts as to whether or not they’re already on their email database. So that when he’s talking to people, he knows they’re already getting their emails or not. Right, so they get it. So if they have a tag already on the email database, then, you know, then he that he knows that he doesn’t have to say, Would you like me to send you some emails about that? If he’s talking to somebody who says, I’d love to know I’d love to keep in touch with you, you know, and gives him permission because it’s permission based marketing to put them on the email list.

He gives them a tag that says add to the email list. Then his assistant can go in once a week or once a you know, however often and search by that tag, and then she changes the tag from please add them to the list to already added, right so tags can be used in so many different ways that can help you help you save time and effort. And here’s the deal. This is I don’t want you talking to 100 people a week I want you talking to five people a week. So if you’re tagging and making notes on these few people that you’re talking to, it is so much more powerful to to continue to follow up with them and work with them and it makes it simple. This isn’t complicated stuff. This is easy stuff. I want this to be easy for you. You’re not you’re not like scrambling through did was it an email, was it a LinkedIn message? Do I have a piece of paper here somewhere that has the notes it’s all on LinkedIn.

Okay, so that’s the second thing that I love in the value add that Sales Navigator gives us and the last thing that I love is the ability to To create messages to people that are not necessarily connected to us, and, and we also get the ability to see who’s viewed your profile. So there’s lots of cool things that you can do. Like, you know, people say all the time, should I buy emails? I don’t really see why. I mean, if you’ve got Sales Navigator, then just use Sales Navigator to reach out to people and message people that you want to message. Right? It gives you the ability to do that. And you know, the huge view who’s viewed my profile piece is so it can be so valuable not because you’re not because you’re gonna reach out and say, Hey, you look at my profile, what are you looking at my profile for? Not because you want to see if your ex boyfriends checked your profile out. But because if somebody checked out your profile, you know that they’re they’ve got an interest in what you’re doing.

And I’m not saying immediately go back to them and use LinkedIn and say, Hey, but that might be the time where you’d be like, you know what, I wonder why Susie Smith looking at my profile. Maybe it’s time to email her again and see where she’s at with her business. Right. So being able to see who’s interested in you, allows you to very strategically message people, and you know, maybe another platform so that they don’t feel like it’s too creepy, right, like, so maybe another platforms, and then they’re gonna say, Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about you. And then you’ll be like you were that’s so funny. We’re both thinking about each other meaning Meantime, really, you know, exactly. They were just thinking about you, because you saw that they viewed your profile, right? So these are the ninja things that Sales Navigator gives us that we don’t have the ability to leverage with the free version. It’s an the search is really what blows me away. But each of these three things that I’ve talked about, in and of itself is worth the money to to invest in Sales Navigator.

And if you are not willing to invest $70 or $80 a month in your business, for the tool that’s going to bring you in the money and the sale. And the cash, then, you know, I think you need to relook at your business plans for 2020 and 2021 and beyond. Because, you know, we’re probably investing in things that can make our videos look a little fancier, right? We’re probably investing in things, you know, that can I mean, I don’t know scheduling tools, all kinds of things that maybe Google can do with us for free juice, we can do it for us for free, right.

So take a look at some of the things that you are willing to invest in, take a look at some of the places you’re spending your time right now that this would save and allow you to have more time to get on the phone with those people every week and get those clients coming in. I can I promise you, if you’re doing this consistently, you will get the clients Okay, the people are on LinkedIn, I don’t care. I don’t care what your businesses there’s people on LinkedIn for you. And Sales Navigator can help you engage with them in a not slimy very supportive, you know, sharing the love kind of way. Which is exactly what I think we all need to be doing more of as we move into this next decade in our business. So that because, you know, the noise from social media is is deafening.

Investing in a tool like Sales Navigator that allows you to eliminate the noise and just in a very relationship and heart based way, provide more value and more support and more loving to the people that are most important to your business and can bring you the most profits in this next year. I mean, it’s time to do that, right. So the three things we talked about, were using Sales Navigator to save leads so that you can create a separate wall just of people that are valuable to your business that you can now leverage very simply tagging and notes so that you can you know exactly how you met your clients or your contacts, and maybe even some notes about them like you know, last time we talked, they talked about the fact they were building a house Billy’s right and now when you reach out you say hey, how’s that going? Or you know I heard your your kid was was competing had that competition go right like relationships and make it easy for yourself right?

And then all that extra messaging and who’s who’s viewed my profile juice is only more fuel to help you build profitable relationships. So you know that I always want to support you beyond this podcast This podcast is my gift to you every week. But you have to understand that sometimes you got to invest a little money because a little bit of money invested strategically can go a long way. It said to someone recently, it to me Sales Navigator is like Romans the Romans of business. Well do you guys who remembers Romans here Romans was a a women’s clothing store that offer discounted clothing but you able to get amazing things in the store? Right? So you spent some money yes. And maybe you spend $50 on something that you could buy for $10 you know, if you got it at the dollar store, But the deal was so amazing the returns you got on wearing these gorgeous clothes that you only that you pay $10 for that were worth $200 the deals were amazing and well worth well more than what you paid for them. So to me Sales Navigator is like the lumens of business tools.

I want you to have the life in the business of your dreams in 2020 and beyond. I know that you’re hearing that LinkedIn can be the place to focus your marketing. And you’re wondering how, right and as I said in Episode 100, I know that you can have it and not have to be superhuman to achieve it. It can be simple. I’m here to support you every step of the way with this podcast. The doors are also now open to our latest LinkedIn profile challenge. You can check that out at LinkedIn profile, challenge, calm, another free tool. So definitely take advantage of all these free tools, right. But don’t overlook the paid tools. And I will tell you, we just did this. We did this LinkedIn profile challenge and the way we’re running it now once before A couple months ago, and it was incredible. I mean, it was so much fun to do and the results people got were amazing.

We had one person that said, my search has doubled since doing the challenge. I got 20 new connections. Thank you, Karen, for this amazing challenge. I mean, did you hear that her search views doubled. These are people that didn’t know she existed that now know she exists, right? doubled. That’s incredible. Right? So join us at LinkedIn profile challenge. com that is the next free step that I can offer you to help you be positioned to use LinkedIn to absolutely blow up your business in 2020. Before you go, though, of course, you know that I’d love for you to help me out. Take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone and share that episode on social media. Let me know if you’re going to try out Sales Navigator if you’re gonna do that free trial. Let me know how it goes. You know, I’m always here to support you. And if you share this episode on your social media, I will share it with my audience. If you tag me at Karen Yankovich. That gives us both more visible ability, right? The bottom line is I want this to be simple for you. So let’s create our simple empires together. I’ll see you back here next week.