This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen discusses with Kami Guildner the importance of staying true to you.

Kami Guildner believes that women’s voices matter. She’s a connector, storyteller, and business coach for women, and she’s also the host of Extraordinary Women Radio.


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About the Episode:

For so many of us in our careers, we start off strong with a clear vision of where we’re going. Along the way, though, it’s easy to lose sight of that direction. It’s important, both for yourself and your business, that you stay true to who you are and clarify your goals.

The Importance of Having One Message

In your business, you should have only one, clearly-defined message. Imagine, for example, that you’re a podcaster. If the message of what you teach and stand for changes in each episode, your listeners are going to become confused. And a confused mind will not continue to follow you.

This same principle applies to all businesses. Your customers need to know who you are and what you stand for.

Your Mindset

As you begin the process of re-clarifying your goals, know that your voice is important. Part of staying true to yourself is having the confidence to think of yourself in a way that will uplift and encourage you. Your mindset has a tremendous effect on your success.

Start now to stay true to yourself, clarify your goals, and achieve the business of your dreams!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Kami Guildner (3:30)
  • How Karen and Kami first met (7:33)
  • The beauty of podcasting (13:28)
  • Stay true to you (14:49)
  • The kind of episodes that have the most downloads (16:36)
  • Having the right mindset (20:51)
  • The R Factor (23:43)
  • How Kami supports people with business strategies (24:38)
  • How Kami got started with Extraordinary Women Radio (27:37)
  • How to find out more about Kami (29:51)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Read the Transcript

Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast Episode 121.

Intro 0:07
Welcome to the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are, girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies, and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And we’re on Episode 121 of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast. And this podcast is brought to you by She’s LinkedUp where we teach women simple relationship and heart-based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with your perfect people. You know, we talked about we want our good girls to get rich here, and a lot of that starts with your mindset. So a lot of the work we do over at She’s LinkedUp and Uplevel Media is tactical. We teach you how to use LinkedIn marketing, to meet really cool people and to get on the phone. But sometimes we don’t little kick in the mindset to feel worthy or need a little hand holding to reach out to those really cool, powerful connections that can change everything for us. And that is what we love to do. So we teach digital marketing with the human touch. And you know, if you’ve listened before, if you love what you hear today, I would love it. If you take a screenshot of this show and share it on your social media, let your audience know that you’re listening, maybe you’re a first time listener, and you can tell them that maybe you have listened before. And you can say that you can’t wait to hear what this week’s episode is gonna bring you tag me, tag Kami. All the links are in the show notes to do that. I’m @karenyankovich across all social media. And when you do that, then we see that and we’re able to share that with our audience. And that gets you know you in front of already and so we love when you get us in front of your audience by sharing the podcast and I love to be able to return that favor by getting you in front of my audience. So check that out. That’s how we all get more visibility till we lift each other up, and really support each other as we move through our lives and our careers and our business. Also, in the show notes, there’s a link for Speakpipe, you can leave us an audio review there. Or you can leave us a review at any of the places that you listen to the show, we love to hear from you. Because when you leave us reviews, it tells us a little bit about what you’re loving, and how we can best support you by doing more of that. Right, so all of the information that’s in the show notes, which is at You’ll see all those links right there. So this week on the show, it’s a really interesting story. Kami Guildner and I met in a Facebook group that we’re both a part of She Podcasts, we’re gonna link to that in the show notes. I’ve actually interviewed Jess and Elsie who run that group on the show, so we’ll link to that episode as well. You’re totally gonna want to get to know them, especially if you’ve got podcasting. Either you’re ready if you’re podcasting now or if you’re considering podcasting, you totally need to check out She Podcasts. If you are A woman podcaster. So check that out. That’s where Kami and I met. And the story is really interesting. So I’m not going to tell you now you’re going to listen to the show to hear it. But it was really kind of a crazy way that we met. And it’s just kind of interesting to me. And this is really kind of what I teach right relationship marketing. When you’re really clear on what your message is, then the universe kind of just shows up with the people that align with that message. And this show today is going to kind of show you exactly how that happened for me. So I’m just gonna let you dive in now and listen to my interview with Kami Guildner. So we have Kami Guildner on the show today, and Kami believes that women’s voices matter. She’s a connector, a storyteller, a business coach for women, and her entrepreneurial journey was sparked by the breath of a horse over a decade ago. This magical epiphany moment led me to discover her purpose of leading changemaker women to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact. Kami weaves soulful inspiration into mindful business strategies? I love that camera because I I try to do the same thing, helping her clients uplevel their business with decades of leadership marketing, strategic planning and business growth expertise. Kami guides her clients to master their marketing money and mindset. And Kami’s got a podcast. She’s the founder of Extraordinary Women Radio. And as you can already heard, there’s so much that we have our audience are so in sync. She was named to the 20… the 2020 25 most powerful women in businesses are the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, which is so cool. Kami I’m so excited for having you here today. Thanks for doing this.

Kami Guildner 4:35
Well Karen I’m so excited to be here with you it’s I love the synchronicities that we have.

Karen Yankovich 4:40
Yeah, and you know I find on my podcast that when I I mean I’m gonna say triple will tell people how we met but how I trip over people and it just there’s so much synchronicity. Those are the those are the people I want to have on my show.

Kami Guildner 4:52
And it is no accident, right?

Karen Yankovich 4:54
Oh, yeah, absolutely. But in to me also, I think it’s more it’s it’s a better conversation. Then when I get pitched and and I’m not knocking that because I pitch to get out of those shows. Right? So it’s not anything against that. But I just think that when I come across somebody that whose message sounds so similar, and I mean, honestly, I think you’d have to agree like, there’s like some soul connection that we didn’t even we didn’t even know each other before this conversation and somehow we like read each other’s mind.

Kami Guildner 5:22
And we did that in such a funny way, right? I mean, it’s like how we came about each other and how, you know, so how we divinely got put together is really funny.

Karen Yankovich 5:31
So why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about you beyond the bio and then we’ll tell everybody that story.

Kami Guildner 5:36
Sure. Sure. So I have a podcast called Extraordinary Women Radio and I you know, I think you covered a lot of the the, you know, the about me piece of it. I’ve been in my business for probably 11 years now about almost 11 years. And I do love helping women put their voice out into the world and my podcast, extraordinary women radio I’ve had for three years. At this point and I’ve got to interview some amazing women and so to me, you and I met on the the podcast group on Facebook called She Podcasts.

Karen Yankovich 6:10
Yes. Which is such a great group if you guys are even considering I mean, you need to be a podcaster technically to be a part of the group. But if you are a woman and you’re thinking about podcasting, you totally want to check out that She Podcasts group and we’ll link to it in the show notes that Facebook group for for She Podcasts.

Kami Guildner 6:26
Yeah, it’s such a it’s just such a great resource for everything podcasting, and so supportive everyone, and there’s so much knowledge First of all, and people just show up and support one another.

Karen Yankovich 6:38
It’s true. It’s true. Are you part of the Patreon group? She Podcasts super Squad. It’s like a higher level where you get access to Jess and Elsie I’ll see even on a deeper level and it’s $5 a month. Okay, so I’ll link to it.

Kami Guildner 6:49
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Karen Yankovich 6:50
And it’s so cool because it’s like having I mean, Justin, I’ll say to the smartest women that may be the smartest women pot racers on the planet and having access to them at that ridiculous Little price is crazy, crazy, crazy valuable. Okay, dive a little deeper. Yeah. So if you look at that now I’ll put the link in the show notes. But if you look that up camping, you’ll find it. But that’s how little we know each other, by the way, as we go into this interview, but we’re both in this group, and there’s a lot of great conversation around podcasting in that group.

Kami Guildner 7:19
Yeah, absolutely. And that was, you know, I had I had gone out there and posted a question as I do on a regular basis, when there’s something that I know there’s just something I want to get other people’s opinion on. That’s where I go, that’s my go to source. So it was one day where I had a question where I really wanted to take to the group and I it was really an A ponder. I was trying to figure out what to do with an interview that I had just completed. I had been pitched for this interview by the team of a high profile coach. And I was intrigued that she wanted to be on my show. And so I said, Of course Let’s let’s do this interview. And as we completed that, as we did went through the interview, there was some very misalignment. So here we are, we’re in COVID, right? And we were in this time of COVID. And I’m very tuned in to, you know, kind of what’s going on right now and how how my clients are feeling through all of this and being in tune through all of the ups and downs of the emotions and where people can be in the midst of this time. I mean, I think we’re dealing with some pretty heavy times. And this particular interview, the woman was very much about, you know, this is not a time for introspection, this is a time to just drive forward to move forward. And in my gut, I was like, wait a minute, this isn’t really aligned with me, but and frankly, I didn’t think real fast on my feet to to lead that conversation in a different way. My show is not a show about being in conflict with people. It’s about raising up the voices of women and really helping them You know, get out into the world and share their stories. And so as I went through this interview, I was trying to figure out what to do with it. So this is what i, this was a question that I took to the Shi podcast group saying, now what do I do with this? You know, what? And, you know, say, Have you ever been in an interview where this is, you know, that?

Karen Yankovich 9:21
Yeah, well, and I remember when you first posted it, and we again, this the group, the main group, not the super squad, but the main group is I don’t 10,000 people in it. It’s gigantic, are thousands of people on it. So I didn’t know really know you that well, or at all. And I like some of the comp, you know, some of the things that are coming up. I don’t mean, I think that I had a comment earlier, which said something like, you know, listen, it’s your show, you know, it’s your show, do it, you know, do what you feel is right. You know, and in my opinion, like I I don’t really know that I look, I don’t look for controversy, but I don’t shy away from it either. In fact, I have an interview coming up next week with somebody who also teaches LinkedIn more And it’s a guy that I’ve known for years. And I saw him in person at pod fest actually a couple weeks ago, a couple months ago. So like, two years ago now, but it was right before the whole COVID thing happened. And, you know, we were talking, and we were like bantering a little bit. And I was like, would you do this on my podcast? He’s like, absolutely. And I loved it, because you need to have, like, you need to not be all about your ego to be able to have some controversy, you know, I mean, and because I love hearing other people’s opinions, and sometimes you can sway me, you know, and other times, I’m like, yeah, it’s not happening, right. But at the same time, you do need to be true to your messaging people listen to my show for you know, they know what kind of what to expect. And I know what will jar them and say, I can’t believe Karen’s talking about this, right. So I think you can also do an intro to say, you know, like, somewhere around minute 20 we get into something here. I just gotta say that’s not normally like I was a little taken aback. I should have said this or that, you know, and so I kind of jumped in initially Like, kind of just everybody else was just with like, my thoughts on how that should go.

Kami Guildner 11:05
And then there was a big spectrum of people saying, you know, you don’t need to run it, run it and cut it, you know, you can you mean the, the spectrum of suggestions was very wide. And I totally appreciated all up.

Karen Yankovich 11:19
Yeah. And I don’t know what made me so I’ll jump in here because this is kind of where I pick up the story. I’m looking at this post. And I had recently had a similar experience with a big name coach that had pitched me to be on the show. And in interviewing her in the middle of the interview, she started saying something that was completely against everything I teach, and it blew my mind a little bit. And so when so when I saw that, you know, as we’re not going to hear, I didn’t want to like publicly say, is it this person, but I private messaged you and I said, Would you be comfortable telling me who this is? Because I had a conversation. I had a very similar experience recently with a high end coach and you know, who has Hundreds of thousands of followers. And it blew my mind because that’s something similar happened. And here’s the name of the coach. And you were like, Oh, my God, the same person. You know, I listened like we had Kevin, I had never met each other before. Right. Right. It was just so interesting that I mean, it was so interesting on so many levels.

Kami Guildner 12:19
It really was. And it’s, you know, and I know, I know, she’s a great coach. And I know that she teaches amazing things, and helps people really do amazing thing. Yes, while you’re pepper. I have listeners that follow me. And this was not the advice I wanted to give them through this time. And I think maybe if it would have been any other time than right now. I would have moved forward on this. And so the more I sat with this, and you know, I had I think that that single post had probably 80 different opinions on what I share my responses with a very broad spectrum of opinions or what I should do so I have to really sit with it and just and, and really go, okay, what’s right for me in this moment, and what I did was I actually sat back and said, you know, okay, I don’t, I don’t need to run this because this is this is out of alignment with who I am my brand. So, you know, I pulled back from that. And that was how I made my decision. And it was, you know, it was through a lot of different conversations with a lot of feedback from a lot of people. But then it was at the end of the day, I had to really step back and say, what was the right response for me?

Karen Yankovich 13:28
Well, and you had to kind of stand in your power a little bit, right, right. Because I think why we wanted to do this show, because as one of the beautiful things, I think about podcasting is that it’s pretty hard to podcast and be fake, right? Like if you’re, if you’re hitting your microphone every week or every month or whatever it is, it’s pretty hard to be fake. So So not only do you have to be real but you know people really get to know you and get to know you know, I say all the time like I’m you know, I’m from New Jersey, I can talk 100 miles a minute you know, and And if if that turns you off, that’s okay, better. We know that before you hire me. Right. Right. So, but I also think that it attracts the right people to me as well. So, you know, I think that you know, so I think that a podcast gives us the ability to do that. And when we don’t stay true to who we are, then then we’re doing you know, we’re, then our audience is confused and a confused mind, you know, will not continue to follow you if they don’t if they’re not sure, you know, they’ll stand. Yeah, there’ll be all over the place, and if you’re all over the place, so I think it’s, you know, so that I think that it was I think, for both of us kind of like a little bit of a wake up call and kind of stepping into your power like, you know, we have the choice of what we want to do whether we want to run this or not, you know, and how we want to handle it. And I think that but that alone, and that’s kind of the message I wanted to get out today is that as you step into your greatness, I mean, this podcast is called good girls get rich, right? So I want you to do what you’re good at. I want you to tell everybody how good you are at it. That’s where I think the abundance will come into your life. And that will only happen if you stay true to you. And even on LinkedIn, if you start to pretend you’re somebody else, or think you have to speak corporate speak, you’re not going to get the business because you won’t, it won’t be as authentic.

Kami Guildner 15:15
Every time we, you know, whether we’re stepping up to the mic stepping on a stage, or you know, whatever we happen to be stepping into, where we’re putting our voice out into the world, we want to stay true to who we are that that core of us, and you know, there can be shiny stars that that pull us in different directions and, and you know, I mean, I can think back to it. This is like I said, My 11th year my business and there was a time in my business where I really started losing touch with that my brand aligned to who I was, and I started following a lot of shiny stars of Okay, you know, do these things and you will succeed, right? It’s, you know, the five steps or seven steps to you know, whatever. Yeah, and when we lose track of this core of who we are. Our message gets wonky. We get we get off base and we start, you know, we start stepping into a brand that’s not authentic to who we are.

Karen Yankovich 16:12
Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, I think what also was interesting about that whole scenario is, and this is a message that I’ve been sharing with everyone that that whenever this comes up, I mean, I’ve been doing this podcast for a long time on that a long time. This is probably going to be around episode, you know, 118 or 119 or something like that.

Kami Guildner 16:31
That’s a long time. That’s a lot of podcasts.

Karen Yankovich 16:33
So it is a lot of podcasts, right? So the episodes with the most downloads are not necessarily the episodes with the biggest names. They’re the episodes that are excited to be there that are sharing it that are so aligned with my message that they want to share the episode and that’s who I want on my show. And we hear so much people are looking to try to get like land big guests and you know, the big guests are not necessarily the ones that are going to share your show. The ones that are excited to be there, and that You know, are willing to share over and over.

Kami Guildner 17:02
Yes. And that’s that is true. Although I just had my largest download of all of my episodes, just this last week, which was super fun. I got to interview tosha silver. That episode is probably more downloads in the first week, I double the most downloads of any of my episodes in the first week. And it was just so fun to see how that went. But she shared I mean, she had an audience of 50,000 people, and she shared it with her audience. Right. So it was really a blessing. And I think that, you know, she actually did one interview through this time right now. And I think people were just really hungry for her, her words. So that was really a blessing. And in the fact that I actually got to interview her. I’ve actually been reaching out to her for a year now so that the timing that it came out right now I think was really just divine, if you will, and so that’s great, but I can go back through my eyes. other episodes, and you’re you’re right. It’s not always the big names that that really bring in the most downloads.

Karen Yankovich 18:08
Yeah. And I guess that’s just the point is sometimes we have like stars in our eyes a little bit. Right.

Kami Guildner 18:13
Mhm. And I love a good story, right? I mean to me, I love great stories when it comes to podcasting. And that’s why I love podcasting. Because if the end of the day what inspires people, it’s the stories that people can tell. And the you know, the depth of what they share.

Karen Yankovich 18:28
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So, okay, so that’s what brought us together. And I think like I said, kind of a little bit of kindred spirits because, you know, as you were telling the story, I don’t even know how I knew I was like, I got this new going on. Oh my gosh, I’m wonder if it’s the same person. So I mean, not only did we connect from that she podcast posts, but even just reading your bio, when you talk about weaving soulful inspiration into mindful business strategies. I teach LinkedIn marketing, which sounds like this really left brained, geeky strategic stuff and it is but when I teach it like I have a digital course called the She’s LinkedUp Accelerator Program. And in that program, every single module has a mindset piece, every single module and one of the very first things we do is take people through a process that kind of has them imagining themselves 12 months from now, having had the best successful year of their life, whatever that looks like to them, and then taking them back to the president saying, Okay, what would that person be doing right now? How would that person be talking about herself right now, as she’s writing her LinkedIn profile? Who would she be looking to connect with? You know, and it’s, it’s really a lot of, I think, I think the mindset piece around LinkedIn is more important many times than the tactical pieces. So it’s just an it’s just interesting that we both approach women from this strategic yet there’s also soul inspiration mindset.

Kami Guildner 19:53
And to me, it’s such a different way to do this. And I’m intrigued already about how you teach LinkedIn because it’s To me that’s starting from that insight out of us. And it’s listening to that inner wisdom that we have. And we get into a whole different way of showing up when we can be in this much more insight. I call it inside out, you know, bringing the inside out first. And you know, it’s funny because I was in the corporate world for many years. And so very linear thinking, in my former corporate days, right. And there was this place where I actually found this, this whole other way of approaching marketing and branding, from the inside out from this, you know, the soulful perspective and being able to listen to that wisdom inside and move forward. And so I love this exercise that you’ve got of how you can really think about how you position yourself to the people that you want to be serving in the future.

Karen Yankovich 20:51
And just putting yourself in their shoes. Like literally as we were talking right here, there’s somebody that’s in my program and she actually At the She’s LinkedUp Program. And beyond the She’s LinkedUp Program, we have an inner circle membership program that you can dive in a little deeper if you want to dive into strategy, and she’s actually a podcaster. So she’s in she podcasts and how I met her. And, Danielle, if you’re listening, I’m going to show you out here because I was so I literally just got this message. We had a call this morning. And I will tell you, if you guys if you guys have Danielle and Deirdre and those of you that were on the call this morning or listening, as you were saying, well, like how do I do this? And how do I do that there was a part of me that was like, remember that course you took that qualified you to get in this program, like all of this is in there, but it’s not the tactical things that keep them coming back for more. Right?

Kami Guildner 21:35

Karen Yankovich 21:35
So what what Danielle was doing is you know, in this time of craziness, she’s you know, there’s something coming up in her industry in a couple of weeks. And she wants to be a part of it. And it’s being sponsored by a nonprofit. And it’s also being it’s it’s being run by a nonprofit. And then there’s lots of really big name sponsors that are sponsoring it. And, you know, her podcast fits right in with this. So she really wants to be a part of it and she’s tried emailing them and some other things. So we spent some time today on LinkedIn. And I said, you know, you’ve got to be thinking like your peers with them, like you got to show up. And we kind of spend some time today on the call, saying, you know, finding the people on LinkedIn that might be running this conference and then and then like, literally I was like, don’t like so what if Nike is a sponsor of something else, like you can get Nike and Nike is not the person company, right? But Nike could be your sponsor, too, right? Like, you got to stop thinking like, you know, while I’m not big enough for that kind of sponsor, in the message I literally just got for her was OMG. Karen, I’m so glad we had this meeting this morning. You’re the best I now have an interview setup with blah, blah, blah, next week, audio and video. And that’s the nonprofit that’s running this event she wants to collaborate on. And then x name sponsor is willing to talk to me, we’ll see what else comes in. Oh, happy day, you know, thank you. It didn’t come about because of the tactical stuff that came about because of the mindset.

Kami Guildner 22:51
And you know what, why is because it’s, it’s expansive, when you are looking at it from that perspective. You’re really you’re being in a much more active versus a push drive, you know, grasping. There’s an expanse of openness that attracts it to you.

Karen Yankovich 23:07
Yeah, exactly.

Kami Guildner 23:08
And that’s a great story.

Karen Yankovich 23:10
And I mean, that literally, like it literally came in as we were talking. And I have story after story after story like that. And I have another client, who you know, like, and I’m not sitting here, like, I’m here pitching my show, I really want to know more about your stuff, right? But, you know, it’s the mindset piece. Like she said, when I showed up differently, I thought about myself differently. I spoke about myself differently, and I got an offer. That was an insane amount of money than I’ve ever made before my life, you know, and she’s like, 100% it was because of the way I was thinking about myself.

Kami Guildner 23:38
Right. It’s funny because now, you know, working with entrepreneurs that I work with, you know, they can have all of their brand in place so they can have all the voice of who they are and how they show up. They can have all the right packaging and pricing and business model in place. And they can be stepping out and being visible all these things. And however if they’re actually call it the R factor there How they resonate in how they resonate is not, you know, their mindset is kind of filled with noise and showing up in their body in ways that they’re not, you know, fully open to stepping into the possibilities if they’re not really aligned. This is our factor. And if they’re not, if that R factor isn’t turned up, if it’s you know, if they’re playing small, if they’ve got a lot of fear or a lot of self doubt going on in their mind, all those other pieces can be in place and they won’t be growing because that because they’re resonating on a low vibrational.

Karen Yankovich 24:37
Yeah, yeah. So tell me how you support people with business strategies. Tell us a little bit about your you know, how you came to be this person that helps people with soulful marketing and money and mindset?

Kami Guildner 24:49
Sure. So it’s I really started with I mean, when I started my business 11 years ago, I was I was helping women who were in the corporate world step into their next chapter, right? So I was helping them do a lot of deep inner work of this. Who are you at your very essence, your strengths, your passions, your values, and what’s possible in your world, right? So I was taking people through that kind of work. And what was happening was, so many of my clients were leaving the corporate world and stepping into running their own business. And I was as a former VP of marketing and branding, I was like, Well, I can totally help them in this next phase of their business. So that was how I really stepped into this. But what that that initial work that I was doing with people, where we were, we were getting to the essence of who they were, from, you know, the strengths, their passions, their values, this core of who they were, was such an intricate part and, and I was able to see how they could really take that and build it into their brand, right, so that we would start with that base. And so there was this difference of building brand. And I’ve been building brands, my whole career, and this was suddenly a very different way to really start from this deep essence of who we were. So that’s how it really started. So Work with a voice you know this voice of who you are and how you want to be heard and what what it’s what’s that message you want to be putting out into the world, the whole world could hear one message from you. And so that was that’s a core part of the work that I do. And then it’s about the vision of what you want your business to be. So it’s the right packaging, the right pricing. It’s the right work life balance, and the right business model so that you’re building a business that you’re desiring. And then how do you really amp it up into the visibility? And so how are you? Are you getting on stages? Are you getting more podcasts? What’s that way that you’re putting your voice out into the world? So those are my three core pillars, the voice, the vision and the visibility. And then the R factor piece actually comes through comes through and all every single one of those areas, because you know, if we’re if we’re starting to think about new possibilities, how we’re resonating, we could be excited about it, and that puts us on where we’re resonating higher, or if we’re scared, it helps us vibrate low. So helping My clients really learned to tune into that was how are they resonating? And how do they move through that? Is it a mindset piece? Are they are they feeling energy stuck in their body is fear stuck in their body? You know, what communities are they in all these different pieces that can really help us resonate at a higher level and every step along the way, when you know, when we’re first starting a business to when we’re starting to really step onto a really large stages, you’re going to have a different frame of mind around how do you step into that? That courage?

Karen Yankovich 27:33
Yeah. Oh my gosh, I love that. I love that. So what prompted you then to take a step into podcasting with the Extraordinary Women Radio show?

Kami Guildner 27:43
Oh, it’s really funny. I, I podcast Well, I did like a little mini series of podcast interviews before podcasting was really even podcasting, or maybe it was probably podcasting. But I was it was really it was I wasn’t going that far. I hadn’t taken that far, but I did a series of interviews. Gosh Probably, I don’t I don’t even know it’s probably been about seven years ago, I did a series of interviews and I really liked it. It was fun. But I just I was very focused on growing my business that year. And it was like, you know, I can only take on so much. And so I didn’t start it. And I did those interviews and I, you know, shared them, and then I moved on to my other things. And then about three years ago, I was like, Okay, I am so ready to start a podcast. And it, you know, had always been at the back of my mind that I was I wanted a podcast again, because it was fun to do interviews. So three years ago, I started it and I have loved podcasting was such a beautiful way to be able to just connect and get to know people that, you know, you would never have another opportunity to do.

Karen Yankovich 28:47
Yeah, and you know, it gave us this opportunity to connect right, we each had podcasts. So it gave us an opportunity to take this conversation a little deeper, and you know, maybe even share it beyond that. So it’s just such a great medium Think for I think we’re getting your message out. And you know, for me, it became, like, I knew how important consistent content was in your marketing. And I just got to the point where I just didn’t want to do one more blog post, you know, like…

Kami Guildner 29:13
Oh, I know

Karen Yankovich 29:13
Like, it was becoming a chore. And this is not a chore. This is fun. I mean, there’s a lot of work there’s a lot of busy work behind it but but I love the content piece of it much more than I love the content piece of writing blogs.

Kami Guildner 29:25
And you know, I love to write and but the whole I totally agree the whole just, you know, week after week of blogging can really wear on you and I, it’s funny, I’ve gotten to the point where I’d much as much rather just be audio or even video than to sit down and write. Because it’s it’s just, it’s faster, and it’s you can get your point through and it’s engaging.

Karen Yankovich 29:47
Yeah, I love it. I love it. Well, I love that it brought us together here. So do tell me how people can get to know more about you and the work you do. Obviously we’ll link to your podcast in the show notes. But tell everybody how they can connect with you and find you and, you know dive in a little deeper to the work that you’re doing.

Kami Guildner 30:04
Okay, it’s, and that’s really easy to find. And as on social Kami Guildner Coaching and Extraordinary Women Connect, and actually my Extraordinary Women Connect group is, is really active. There’s a lot that goes on there. And that’s where I often send people.

Karen Yankovich 30:22
Awesome. So we’ll link to that. So that’s a Facebook group.

Kami Guildner 30:24
It is a Facebook group. Yes.

Karen Yankovich 30:26
That’s awesome. And so what kinds of things do you support people within that Facebook group?

Kami Guildner 30:30
So it’s very much it was set up to connect great women to great women. So that’s the foundation of the page. And it’s really about helping women raise up their voice and their visibility. And so I bring content there I bring a lot of right now I’ve been doing a series that is actually showcasing a lot of my clients stories and I was calling on your genius and it’s talking about work been talking about how they’re stepping into their genius right now and showing up for their their own community. Because I think that’s, you know, right now we’re not wanting to get out and do push, you know, really pushy sales methods right now we really want to be showing up and supporting our communities and being in our communities and giving of our gifts in our communities. And that’s, that’s, that’s serving all of my clients. I mean, all my clients are doing really well right now.

Karen Yankovich 31:22
That’s so nice to hear. I love that. I love that, you know, we are only as successful as the people we work with. Right? So, their success is our success.

Kami Guildner 31:31
I’m just so proud of them right now. So I’m having a blast doing this series.

Karen Yankovich 31:35
Oh, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well, Kami, thanks so much for being here. It was so fun to get to know you. It was so fun to experience that kind of crazy moment in time. And, you know, thank you for sharing your genius with our listeners. And I love that there’s just so many people out there that are helping women really step into the role that they were meant to be in confidently and having fun doing it too.

Kami Guildner 31:58
And Karen, I thank you for having me here and I look forward to having you over on Extraordinary Women Radio.

Karen Yankovich 32:04
Okay, so we’ll connect again real soon.

Kami Guildner 32:06
Okay, that sounds awesome.

Karen Yankovich 32:08
I so loved the journey of getting to know Kami and her message and the synchronicities that were in our lives and in our businesses that we didn’t even realize I didn’t even know her a few weeks ago and it was fun to bring you along on that journey. So I hope you enjoyed it as well definitely check out Kami’s Facebook group and the link is in the show notes check out her podcast. We did an interview for her show as well. So we’ll link to that in the show notes once that’s live and you know, just I’m telling you being in her world has been has brought so much joy to my life and hopefully it will for you as well. And if you want to know a little bit more about the work that I’m doing with bringing a right brain left brain mindset to your LinkedIn strategy so you can have some of the kinds of wins that my clients are having just by thinking bigger check out It is Completely complimentary and it gets you started into that world and I’d love to share that with you. So enjoy your week and it was so great to hang out with you again today and I look forward to seeing you again next week on another episode of the Good Girls Get Rich Podcast.