This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guest Abby Herman and Karen Yankovich discuss the difficulties and rewards of podcasting.

Abby Herman is founder and CEO of The Content Experiment, a full-service podcast management and content marketing agency for online, service-based businesses. As a content strategist and consultant, Abby helps business owners let go of the day-to-day frustration around publishing a podcast so her clients can get back to doing what they love in business. Abby is the voice behind The Content Experiment Podcast, where she features guests and solo episodes to talk about business growth and mindset, content strategy, and visibility for podcasters.


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About the Episode:

Thinking of starting a podcast? Already have a podcast? Want to be a guest on a podcast? Want to host a guest on your own podcast? Then this episode is for you!

Podcasting can be tough, but it’s rewarding. There’s tremendous value that comes with podcasting, and it builds your credibility. Not only is podcasting rewarding, but appearing as a guest on other podcasts and hosting guests on your own podcast helps to grow visibility.

Knowing where to start podcasting, how to appear as a guest, or how to find guests for your own show can be tough. There are a lot of unknowns when just starting your own podcast. Luckily, this episode helps answer some of those unknowns. Listen in to Episode 209 with guest Abby Herman to find the answers!

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s guest, Abby Herman (2:40)
  • Why Abby started the agency (6:19)
  • Podcasting is the long game (9:10)
  • What services Abby offers (10:13)
  • How to get the most out of your podcast interview (15:56)
  • Promote your guest appearance (20:19)
  • Is having big names on your podcast beneficial? (23:16)
  • What’s next for Abby (29:07)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast episode 209.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello there. I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is episode 209 of the good girls get rich podcast. And this episode is brought to you by she’s linked up where we teach women simple relationship heart based LinkedIn marketing, a system, a simple system that gets you on the phone consistently with the kinds of people that can change your life, change your business, change your bank balance for ever. Our goal is to create more wealthy women of influence. And we’re doing that by using LinkedIn which is digital marketing, but with the human touch, because this is really human to human marketing. So if you’ve listened before, if you love what you hear today, you know, we’d love to hear from you. Please be sure that you subscribe to the show, wherever you’re listening, so you don’t miss an episode. I would be so grateful if you left us a review. Tell me what you love about this show. So that we can do more of that and upcoming episodes. And of course, you know that I’d love for you to share this episode on social media. Take a quick screenshot use the hashtag good girls get rich tag me at Karen Yankovich Tag Abby, who’s our guest today, you’ll see all of her information in the show notes. And then we can share your post with our audiences. And we all get more visibility that way. This is simple organic visibility, no ads right to get in front of bigger and bigger audiences. So in the show notes, you’ll also see a link for SpeakPipe leave me a message leave me an audio message tell me if you have a guest who you think I should interview or a topic you’d love for me to talk about. Or just tell me what’s going on in your life. You know, let’s just chat. So Karen 209 gets you to the blog gets you to all of the information, all the links we talked about on the show today. And that’s where you’ll see the link for SpeakPipe. So that we can communicate verbally right human to human and so we that’s what we promote around here. Okay. I cannot wait for you to meet our guest today. Abby and I met at a conference couple God it’s not even a year ago. I feel like I’ve known him forever, but not even a year ago. And I just so love her energy. I love the work that she does. I love the way she supports the people that she works with that I knew I had to bring her to you. So without any further comments. Here’s Abby. We have Abby Herman here with us today. And Abby Herman is the founder and CEO of the content experiment. It’s a full service podcast, management and content marketing agency for online service based businesses. As a content strategist and consultant Abby helps business owners let go of the day to day frustration around publishing a podcast so our clients can get back to doing what they love and their business. Abby is the voice behind the content experiment podcast, where she features guests and solo episodes, talk about the business growth and mindset, content, strategy and visibility for podcasters. And these are all things I’m hoping we’re gonna talk about on this show today. Abby, so great to have you here. Thanks for doing this for this.

Abby Herman 3:18
Yeah. Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Karen Yankovich 3:20
Yeah, I’m excited to have you. Well, you know, you’re so right. Like so many people, like podcasting is an interesting, like, just thing to begin with, right? Like I my podcast, this is probably going to be around Episode 207, or 208, or something like that. So I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve definitely missed two episodes, I’m certainly not gonna say I didn’t miss an episode. And it’s really served my business in so many ways. And it is a whole lot more work than blogging ever was. So when you talk about like, let go of the day to day frustrations around publishing a podcast, there is a lot and I’m not saying there’s I don’t want to discourage people from having podcast because it’s well worth it. But I don’t think I think I underestimated this.

Abby Herman 3:58
Yeah. I agree. Although I do think that there were things about blogging, that took a lot more time, then you know, podcast. And so I think there’s definitely a difference. And it really depends on where your passions lie and where your strengths are. A lot of people say, I am not a writer, I can’t sit down and write a blog. And so they turned to podcasting or YouTube or instead.

Karen Yankovich 4:21
Yeah, and I think to from a, you know, at this point in time, like it’s the middle of 2022 at this point in time. If I’m interested in learning more about somebody I look for their podcasts, and if they don’t have a podcast, I’m like, they don’t have a podcast mate. Like I’m more surprised people that don’t have podcasts than those that do and I don’t really think I get the same sense of who they are from their blogs that I get from their podcast.

Abby Herman 4:44
Yeah, cuz you can hear their voice on their podcast is so much more of your personality comes out and I mean, like, let’s be real. I listened to podcasts constantly while I’m walking my dogs right when I’m driving in my car when I have a co working space outside of my home when I’m walking looking into that, I’m listening, you know, so I used to listen when I was at the gym, now I go to a gym that plays music so loud that I can’t actually listen, I have to listen to the coach. But I would, I would listen when I was working out too. And you can’t do that when you’re blogging, you can’t read a blog when you’re driving, you can’t read a blog when you’re walking your dog. So it’s just so much easier to consume than any other form of content out there.

Karen Yankovich 5:27
It really is. And I love that you said you get to know more about the whoever’s created the podcast than you can from a blog because you get to feel their energy, their heart. You know, I am from New Jersey, I just constant struggle to slow the heck down when I talk. I just this is who I am, right? I don’t apologize for it anymore. I do make an effort to slow down but it is what it is. Sometimes I don’t and if that’s not okay with you, then that’s the better. We know that now. And after you’ve invested in some services, I’m doing right, like so. Like, and by the way, I’ve also had people have called me like from California that are like, Oh, my gosh, I moved to California from New York. I need East Coast energy in my business, you know, so. So it works both ways. Sometimes people you know, it attracts people as well as repels people, which is exactly what business owners want.

Abby Herman 6:16
Absolutely, yes. I love that. Uh huh.

Karen Yankovich 6:19
So what made you start the agency? Right, what made you How long have you been doing it?

Abby Herman 6:25
So I’ve been doing podcast management since early 2020. And I have been in business since 2007. So it’s been kind of a transition over the years, and I started doing the podcast management. Because I had a couple of clients. I take that back, I started in early 2019, I had a couple of clients who had podcasts, and I decided to learn more about podcasting. So I took I took a podcast course, so that I could learn more about it and just kind of fell in love with it. I started my own podcast in September of 2019. So I’m coming up on what, depending on when this goes live are right around the three year anniversary. And yeah, it just, it just made sense, because clients were trying to do all of the behind the scenes work themselves. And they were struggling with how to launch it how to, you know, get all of the things done, because there’s a lot of backend work that goes into a podcast also, as you know, very well. And so I you know, it felt like a natural fit. I was doing a lot of blogging for clients and email marketing for clients. And it just felt like a natural transition to move from the blog to the podcast. And, and I kind of, you know, went that direction with clients as they moved in that direction. So and then yeah, and then that’s just kind of grown from there.

Karen Yankovich 7:50
That’s awesome. You know, when I started my podcast, I was thinking like, Okay, well, I have this, you know, pretty big email list. I was pretty big social media audience, I’m gonna have like so many downloads, I’m gonna have like, oh, it’s gonna be awesome. Like, and then podcasts exploit podcasting exploded, right. And there’s a lot of competition for those years. So I guess I guess where I’m going with this is it’s really important to me, the energy that I put out to my podcast that I’m doing what I can to get it in front of the right people, I’ve already made a decision that I’m not worrying about the number of downloads, because Tim, I definitely get calls every week from people that say, and I listened to your podcast, right? So as long as that keeps happening, I don’t really care as much about the download numbers. Maybe it would happen more often. Like, would it double? If double the download numbers were there? Maybe it would so so I still have that in the back of my head. But I’m saying this because I think a lot of people start a podcast, and then it’s a little discouraging sometimes if only like 500 people listen to or even 25 people listen to it. But if one of those 25 people call you, then that podcast is doing its job, right. So that’s why I love what you’re doing. Because it can be especially some of the people that are podcasts if they’re solopreneurs, or have a really small team. It’s a you know, it’s a process. It’s a process. And there is it is the ROI there. Right.

Abby Herman 9:07
Yeah. Absolutely. And it’s also a long game, just like any other kind of marketing that you do. It’s a long game. It’s so much more difficult now to get to organically gain new audience members what and and it doesn’t matter for it doesn’t not necessarily just podcast, for your blog, for your social media, for your YouTube channel, because there’s so much more noise out there, you know, it’s really difficult to get found. So it’s really easy to get discouraged, but it has it’s a long game, you have to keep doing it. You have to keep being consistent. And you need to find ways to you know, stand out from from other people in your industry. How are you different? How are you solving people’s problems? And you know, of course quality goes into it. Nobody wants to listen to a podcast where they’re static in the background or you hear somebody’s banging on their micro Have anything you know, like sound quality is huge when it comes to podcasts and also so that you can not only get people to your podcast, but retain them and you know, make them be faithful subscribers to your podcast.

Karen Yankovich 10:14
So as part of the work that you do in your agency, do you help your clients get more visibility to their podcast and grow their, you know, I’m gonna, I’m going to take over their download numbers, but it really is not more as much about that as getting more and more people to know about the podcast is that part of the service that you offer?

Abby Herman 10:30
So we do the production, the app dead, you know, the production after the recordings, we do the shownotes. And we do the social media promotion and things like that. So in that sense, yes. And then also, along with the production, I do monthly calls with all of our clients, and we talk about ways that they can elevate their podcast. So it’s the show notes, the you know, consistency, the social media promotion, all of and the emails and all, that’s all we create that that’s all great. And then there are other things that the host needs to do. And anyone this isn’t just for podcasters, but that anyone needs to do to get more visible and to put themselves out there more. So for a few select clients, we do this for them, but we don’t typically do it for them. But it’s all around getting in front of new people. So if you are so I’m a podcaster. I’m here on your podcast, which is a great visibility tool for myself, because and it’s great for my podcast, because you’ve mentioned, you know, you mentioned the name of my podcast at the beginning

Karen Yankovich 11:36
We’ll link to it in the show notes. We will Yeah, all the things Yeah. So

Abby Herman 11:39
if people who are listening, like what they’re hearing from me, it’s a natural transition for them to like, as they’re listening to go to their podcast app and to find my podcast and to go subscribe or to go listen to the episode next after after they’re done listening to this, of course, like getting getting on other people’s podcasts is such a great way for anybody to get visibility. So we helped by like, you know, building out a pitch for them and kind of identifying some podcasts that they could be on. I’m always, you know, sending slack messages or Voxer messages to people, Hey, this is a great episode, you should see about getting on this podcast. And I kind of I personally think it sounds better the pitches come better from the actual person who would be doing the interview, because I know you’ve probably gotten a lot of pitches.

Karen Yankovich 12:28
And that’s a big part of what you know, Abby is in addition to loving her service and bringing her on your Abby was in my choosing to program to build, you know, learn more about building her business on LinkedIn. And a big part of that is how do you get on? How do you build relationships with other podcast hosts? Because I agree with you completely. If somebody reaches out to me and says, Oh my gosh, Karen, I loved, like, maybe not even reached out. If somebody I wake up in the morning, and I see on LinkedIn, somebody tagged me and said, just listen to episode 184 of good girls get rich. And I love this. Thanks at Karen Yankovich for providing us that is a much faster path to being interviewed on my show than having somebody else send me pitches. And I get that that’s an invaluable service. But you know, I, I agree with you. I agree with you. It is

Abby Herman 13:15
it’s all about relationships. Yeah, I have had a few podcasts that were kind of several years ago, they were on like my dream podcast list. And so I’m not going to pitch them. And one of one of the hosts actively said repeatedly on social media and on her podcast that she doesn’t accept pitches. So what did I do, I got on to Instagram and I got into LinkedIn, I connected with them there. And I started talking, I started conversations with them, I found a point of connection, built a relationship. And then they asked me to be on the podcast, rather than I take that back. One of them asked me the other one I ended up pitching. But it was after I had built a relationship with her. So

Karen Yankovich 13:56
Right. And that’s so much so much more. First of all, it’s more fun, you’re getting to meet really cool people in a real way. Like I can think of people that I’ve interviewed on the podcast that pitched me and we, we sometimes take pitches, we don’t do a lot of guest episodes. But you know, I do every other one. So I do sometimes take pitches. And I think of some of the people that I’ve met there. And I feel like I don’t even really know them even now, you know, so I think it’s a much better conversation. And it’s a much better show when I actually know the people I’m talking to instead of just interviewing somebody that I thought had a great story, right? Maybe that’s just my, my preference. But I love that you said that, you know we have and everybody that’s listening to this. You’ve already heard this. If we’re at this point in this conversation, I actually have a SpeakPipe link that is in my show notes and that I talked about in the intro to these shows. And I say if there’s a guest you think I should interview I’d love your recommendations. One time in the history of doing this podcast is somebody’s done that I have gotten 7000 pitches. You know what I mean? I would much rather you say I listened to your show. I think this person will be a great guest. Like to me that’s a much more human relations. kinship oriented, like you listen to my show, and you think this person would be good, right? So those of you listening to this now if you know somebody right now you know how to find you can go back to the show notes. But, you know, it’s because I do want to, I don’t want to just I want to expand to people that I don’t know, in some ways, but I also want to do it in a way that feels good to me. So okay, so you’ve talked a little bit about how you’ve done that. Is that do you? So when you’re talking about like you have some a few select clients to do this for? Is that what you do? Like I just listened to this episode on the show, and this might be a really great show for you.

Abby Herman 15:33
Yes, I put it on them to send to the pitch. So I’ll write the pitch for them. And I put it on them to send to the pitch because again, it sounds so much better coming from the actual person who’s going to do the interview. And they may have a relationship with that person already. Or they might have an in someplace else. And so I think that it’s I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with leveraging that for yourself.

Karen Yankovich 15:54
Yeah, yeah. So all right, let’s talk about that for a second, then. So. So now you’re pitching yourself to get other people’s shows? Because, again, we’re talking about this from a podcast perspective. But I love that you said, you don’t have to have a podcast for this to be valuable for you, right? If you’re just looking for more visibility in general. But then what are some other tips you can share about how to be like how to get the most out of that you’ve got the interview now, right? So what now,

Abby Herman 16:20
so a couple of things. So one, you want to talk about your business, you want to talk about what it is that you do for clients, if you have a podcast, mention it. You know, while you’re on the interview, before you’re even on the interview, you should be listening to the podcast, you should be listening to a couple of episodes to see, you know, and I don’t care how well you know the the host, listen to a couple of episodes, you can kind of see the flow, it’ll help you be a little more comfortable. Whether you’re a pro at being a guest on podcast or not, you know, make sure you listen to a few episodes. Have something that you offer for free that you can give to the listeners of that podcast and mention it while you are talking. Don’t wait until the very end, you know, find a way to kind of drop it into the conversation so that people are thinking about it. And I totally missed my cue on this one. So I’m mad at myself right now. Because I do have a guide for people who are podcast hosts, I do have a free guide where that kind of goes through some of the key things that you can do as a podcast host to be a better or, you know, your most ideal podcast host. And I’ll talk about that later too. But, you know, find a way to to hint about it or to drop it in a little bit. It’s not sleazy, it’s not salesy podcast hosts are expecting it. I mean, you know, when I have people on my podcast I want it goes both ways, right? It’s great for me, because I have this awesome person who’s going to share their expertise with my audience. And it’s great for them because they’re getting in front of my audience also. So it’s a two way street. Use it to your advantage, there is nothing sleazy about that or salesy or anything at all. So that’s really important. That’s like, during the interview,

Karen Yankovich 18:18
Can I just jump in there and say, and I don’t know, if this is how you do it, one of the things that I recommend people do for that is to actually have like by a URL, that’s like Abby’s free, you know, and because of your like, and if you just go to my website, you’ll find it there like, no, now they’re gonna find a million other things, they’re gonna get distracted, they may not get it right, or go to Karen Like, they’re not going to do it, right. So by and I did this, I was actually going to interviewed on a radio show Sirius radio show bunch of years ago. And before it, I was like, I need to buy a URL for my, you know, from my, from my lead magnet, and I did and that’s and I’ve just used it ever since. So make it easy. Remember that the people on the other side? They’re not, they’re not on their computer, they’re not gonna be able to copy and paste anything. They’ve got to remember it?

Abby Herman 19:03
Yes, I remember you. So you have been on my podcast. And you did that on my podcast. And I thought it was genius. And I don’t remember the URL off the top of my head. I don’t actually do that. But I do use pretty links. So and I use a pretty link that is specific to the podcast that I’m on. So my website is the content And then slash and then I will use the Pretty Link rich for this podcasts. If you go there, you’ll get the guide that I talked about earlier. Boom, I got it in there. But so I use pretty links. So then I can see how many people from a good girl scout rich podcast, you know, actually went and downloaded the thing that I have. So you can do that. That’s, you know,

Karen Yankovich 19:50
any great idea. Yeah, that’s a good another great idea. Yeah, it’s

Abby Herman 19:52
a really good way for me to determine okay, what is Karen’s audience are those people who I want to get in front of are they people who You know, should I be connecting with her more on LinkedIn? Probably yes. Is the answer. You know, just in general, because you’ve been so valuable to my business. But yeah, I mean, you know, what are you going? How are you going to determine whether that was time well spent of you being on the podcast? So

Karen Yankovich 20:18
that’s great. That’s great. All right. So so what else, what else?

Abby Herman 20:21
So after you’ve been on the podcast, this is huge. And anyone who is a podcaster, will totally appreciate this, promote your guest appearance. Put it out there to your audience, talk about it on social media, do you know Instagram stories about it, post it, send it in your weekly email that you’re sending out, include a link in there. And of course, you know, the host should be sending that information to you, hopefully ahead of time, sometimes it’s the day of and that’s okay. And I get that we all get busy, I get busy. I know, I don’t always promote my podcasts or experiences or my podcasting as much as I want to. But I do try to get it out there as much as I can. And just because, you know, like, let’s say this, this podcast is releases today. That doesn’t mean I only can share it today, if the information that I’m talking about is still relevant to my business six months from now, I can reshare it six months from now. And when we do when I do a content strategy for clients, I look for places where they have talked about a specific topic. So if I have a client who has a podcast episode about boundaries, and we’re sharing social media, if they have talked about boundaries on somebody else’s podcast, I tried to pull that in, and I’ll reshare it even if it was three years ago, if it’s the information is still relevant. Share it, you know, you make sure that the podcast is still is still out there and still active. Thank you. Yeah, but share your episodes.

Karen Yankovich 22:02
I do want to I do have a comment on that. But just to touch base on the episode from three years ago, that’s another big difference between podcasting and blogging, I get downloads to almost every single episode, almost every single month. Yes, I’m saying almost now, I probably can say every single episode every single month, but it’s been a while since I checked. So I just want to be in integrity. But it’s crazy to me that people are still listening to Episode One and episode two of my show, you know, so. So that is another good reason to be podcasting. But talking about sharing what I where I’m going to just make a tell you what I think about this and tell me what if what if you you know what your perspective on this is, you know, so many people, when they have podcasts, they want to have these big name guests. And I get that, but I believe like it, let’s let’s just use Marie Forleo, for example, Marie Forleo, has been on my show at least twice, maybe three times. I don’t think she’s ever shared it once. I don’t think it’s really done my show any good that I’ve ever if Marie Forleo had me on her show, that’s gonna do me a lot of good, right? But me just having these big names on my show doesn’t really, other than it’s cool, right? It doesn’t really serve my business as much what serves my business is when I have Abby on my show, and she’s sharing it with her audience, right, that serves me more than the big names who are probably not going to share it. So what do you think about that?

Abby Herman 23:16
So I think that these big names have, they have some draw, but they also have their own podcasts and their own YouTube channels, their own places where they’re creating content. And so people who are drawn to the big names are more likely to go to the big name platforms instead. Right? So I agree completely. And, and I also think that, like, let’s open the doors for people who the doors do not automatically open for us because of who we are, you know, because of our names. Like, let’s get some new voices out there. Because let’s be real, like, you know, you and I are we are we have small businesses, and we have teams, but not huge teams. And we’re doing a lot of this stuff ourselves. We’re doing a lot of the little minutia, you know, details and things ourselves. So let’s, you know, let’s support one another a little bit.

Karen Yankovich 24:22
Yes. That’s a great tip. And, but and even better, though, if they’re sharing it, and you’re getting value out of it. I love when people reach out to me and say, Karen, somebody just reached out to me from your podcast, like, I can’t wait for you to call me and tell me that Abby, join me like, I love when people listen to my show, and then go on to work with some of the guests or that’s why I have you on these shows, right? Like, I want them like, you know, I mean, listen, there’s I’m sure there’s a lot of overlap to what I teach to what a lot of my guests do, right? I don’t care if it’s a fit, it’s a fit, but I think that, you know, I think that it is you know, it’s what I want and then they’re gonna be grateful for that. So that’s how Always, that’s how we lift each other up. And that is the entire focus of this show is how do we lift each other up, right?

Abby Herman 25:07
I listened to a podcast, and I’m not gonna say the name of the podcast, but I listened to a podcast a few, maybe about a month or two ago, a month and a half ago. And it was two men who are big names and marketing. And I was so not upset, just frustrated about by the time it was a quickie episode, which is the only reason I listened to it. And I went ahead and did a an episode, I kind of moved some things around on my own podcast, because I wanted to respond to this. When we listen to what big names tell us, because they have all these teams, because they have, you know, they have all these resources that we and money that we don’t have. And then we we look at what they’re telling us to do. It doesn’t necessarily it doesn’t relate to us. And it’s really difficult for us to take that information and to translate it into our own business or to say, Oh, well, these people say that I needed to do these Facebook ads, or these people say that I need to, you know, do this on social media. Well, we can’t do that. Because we don’t have the resources. We don’t have the money. We don’t have the time, because we’re doing the work. We’re actually doing the work where they’re not necessarily doing the work. Yeah, so I get Yeah, it’s it’s, I get really frustrated about that.

Karen Yankovich 26:29
You know, it’s I have an interesting story. So I had an episode and I will link it in the show notes. I interviewed CAMI gildner. A few about a year ago, maybe I don’t know if you know her, but she so Abby and I met at the she podcast conference, and they have a big Facebook group and it’s a port group for women. podcasters. I also interviewed Justin Elsie. So you can we’ll link all those episodes to the to this episode. But in that Facebook group, kami made a comment that she interviewed a woman that is a pretty big name. And she wasn’t comfortable at the interview. And she didn’t know if she was going to post it. And I don’t know if it was like my spidey senses. Or if she said something, but I’m like, I messaged her, I private message her I’m like, was it this person? And she’s like, Oh, my God, yes, I go. The same exact thing happened to me. Like I knew exactly who it was. I was able to derail it in the interview. She didn’t read it. She didn’t I think she ended up not publishing it. And we did a whole podcast episode on this topic. Like, she’s got a big name. She’s got a big audience. I was like, I can’t believe she’s saying this stuff. So it’s interesting. And I don’t think if you know, I mean, the only reason and she pitched me, you know, so, anyway, it was interesting. And that’s what that’s how it even took me centric. It she pitched me. And I’m like, All right. And then, you know, she’s like, I can’t I can’t hear this. And I was like, I know exactly we were talking about, you know, so it is, that’s why I like having, like, it’s why I like knowing the people. But I you know, I will say if somebody’s pitching me, I will at least try to read their book or, you know, listen to their show or read their blogs or something. And, you know, I will look at the audience size doesn’t matter, the audience size doesn’t matter as much as the interaction on the audiences. And another tip, for those of you that feel like you’re still gonna pitch, if I if they pitch me, I will look at their social media to see if they share other people’s podcasts. Yeah, if they don’t use podcasts, I won’t even I won’t accept the pitch. I mean, I hardly do anyway, but I won’t accept the pitch. Like I will look for that. Like you want to be on my show. I don’t even know who you are. If you’re, if they’re sharing it all over the place. I’d be like, hell yeah, let’s interview right. I’ll be I’d be more inclined to look for them. Right. Yeah. So your tips are your tips are valuable to people that want to use this tool, this podcast guesting tool to grow their business.

Abby Herman 28:30
Yes. Yeah. Well, and aside from podcasts, guesting, you know, just being in front of other people’s audiences, like, you know, do they have a Facebook group where they have guest experts? Do they have a, you know, a mastermind where you can go in and support their audience. And usually, there’s some rules or guidelines that the host might have the business owner might have around that, as far as Can you pitch something? Are they paying you as you know, right? It just depends. But yeah, just get in front of other people’s audiences. Whether you’re a podcast or not, that is such a great way to grow a business.

Karen Yankovich 29:06
Yeah, I love it. So what’s on deck for you for the rest of this year.

Abby Herman 29:10
So I am currently hosting a 10 week, the day we’re recording, this is the first day of this, attend at least 10 week solo podcast series, where I’m talking about starting a podcast and how to do that. And in revising, or updating the podcasts that you have, and I’m doing so I’m trying something new, and I am hosting some q&a sessions that align with the topics for the episodes. So each week is a different topic, and then I’m inviting people onto a q&a call. I’m doing it at least through September 22. I’m not sure when this goes live, but you know if it goes well before then it’ll be okay. Yeah, so there’s a shorting so everybody can binge the recordings if they want to. So I’m testing that out. To see how it goes, because I’m just looking for ways to support again, the newer business owners, the people who don’t have the big teams who are trying to DIY their podcasts and help support them to figure out exactly exactly what to do. So yeah, I’m excited about that.

Karen Yankovich 30:16
That’s awesome. So tell us more about how to get started. What did you call your gift that you have for everybody here?

Abby Herman 30:21
Oh, that is the way that God has. Yeah, that’s a hosting guide. So how to host your how to host a podcast how to some of the things that you need to consider like, where are you recording? What kind of microphone are you using? How are you going to decide if you’re doing solo episodes or guest episodes and the importance of having solo episodes, I love that you do every other one as a solo episode, because I know a lot of people feel like the guest episodes are easier because the content is coming from the guest rather than you having to create your you know,

Karen Yankovich 30:57
100% yourself, by the way, what Yeah, yeah, I agree. Yeah.

Abby Herman 31:03
And at the same time that the solo episodes are so important, because it gets you up on your own stage, which you deserve to be able to be up on your own stage.

Karen Yankovich 31:12
So I really thought I really thought that it was going to like one or the other was going to stand out. And I’d say, Okay, I need to do more solo shows. But it’s pretty even from my for my show for downloads, I really thought one or the other would stand out. But I do. I do agree with you completely. Because sometimes I will skip guest shows on people’s podcasts that I love more more quickly, then I will skip solo shows, because I’ve been following them because I love their content. I love their content. I do trust their choice and guests for the most part, and I want to hear about their guests. But I you know, there are definitely people that I will not miss any of their solo shows. And I’ll be picky, more picky about their guest shows.

Abby Herman 31:46
Yeah, I agree. It depends on the topic. I mean, if it’s a topic that I need right now, then I’ll go ahead and listen. But yeah, it totally depends. So and it also includes the guide also includes, you know, what should you be providing with your guests? How do you do an interview? You know, how do you have a guest on your podcast, and it’s all about doing the research ahead of time knowing having some questions, in case there’s any like, you know, weird, static, static game time where you’re floundering with what you’re supposed to say or ask or if the conversation is difficult. And then, you know, what should you provide with them afterwards so that they can do they’re under the promotion, too. So

Karen Yankovich 32:26
awesome. Awesome. So we’ll put a link to get that in the show notes. And is there anything else you want to leave everybody here with today?

Abby Herman 32:34
No, I just you know, podcasting is such a great tool to get yourself out there. And whether you are a host with your own podcast, or you’re a guest, it gets your voice out there in a way that you just can’t do a you know, on social media or on a blog. And you know, it’s just, it’s so easy to consume it easy for us listeners to consume. So I highly recommend getting yourself out there on podcast.

Karen Yankovich 33:02
Awesome, awesome. And focusing on the relationships for the podcast host is really the way the best way to do that. So, you know, tie in that right back around to LinkedIn and relationship marketing. Yeah. All right. Cool. So Abby, thank you so much for being here. This was great. I’ve got some tips for my show. I’m going to download your thing because I always open to learning new things. And honestly, I do want to systematize it because I will say this, I pretty much right now in my business. I do this, I record it. And then from that point, other people do it. And it took me awhile to get there. And every now and then it doesn’t happen. Like I’m like, I gotta get this done. Or I want to get like I want to slide in a show like you did about that I want sometimes I want to slide in the show. And it is a lot. It’s too much work to half ass. Yeah. So. So I would say if you’re struggling with this, you definitely wanna reach out to Abby and find out what it would be like to get some support, because it is definitely not something I want to be doing. I mean, I know what I’m good at. And it is not editing my podcast. That is not my strike, you know, so it’s not serving anybody for me doing that. So thanks for doing what you do, Abby.

Abby Herman 34:04
Yes, thank you.

Karen Yankovich 34:06
Well, I hope that you love Abby, as much as I love Abby, I hope that you take advantage of all the things we talked about here to check her out, connect on social media, follow the work that she’s doing. It’s such important work and so valuable to those of us that are in the trenches, trying to get our podcasts out and trying to get our content out on a regular basis. So thank you, Abby, for all that you do. You know, if you want to meet people like Abby and lots of other people, let’s chat. I mean, I mentioned to you that she’s linked up. Our goal is to create more wealthy women of influence. If that is something that you want in your life, and you want to hang out with incredible people like Abby, then let’s talk Karen get you to our calendar, and on these calls. You know, listen, if we think it’s a fit, we’re going to tell you what it looks like to work with us. But mostly we’re going to spend some time really just talking a little bit about what’s working in your business, maybe a little bit about what’s not Not working. And if we think that there’s something you know, we can share with you to help you get there, we’re going to tell you what that looks like. And if we think that it’s a fit that we think we want 100% can support you and get you to the goals, the big goals that you have in your business, we’ll tell you what that looks like. But either way, it’s a really, really valuable call. And it’s really one of my favorite things to do in my week is to have these calls with with people like you. So Karen, get you to that calendar, you’ll you’ll get to the you get to pick a time and then once you choose your time, you’ll get brought to a short application process. And if you’re still feeling like it’s a good fit, fill out the application and then wait for us to clear on the appointed time and we’ll have that really, really valuable chat. Remember, let’s lift each other up here. Help me help you share this podcast, tag me tag Abby, take a quick screenshot of it so that when you share it, people can make sure that they know that they’re in the right place. Use the link Karen 209. And so that you can send people to it. It is the best way to help us and the more visibility we get to this podcast and the more visibility Abby and I get the more we can help you. Right and we will share this with our audiences. And you know, that’s hundreds of 1000s of followers probably so take a quick screenshot, share it on your social tag me and Abby and we will share it with our audiences. And I will be back here next week with another episode. Have a great week everyone