Unless you’re stalking your exes, let people know you’re interested in them!

I’m talking about LinkedIn here. Letting people know that you’ve viewed their profile is a good thing. Viewing other people’s profiles on LinkedIn will make them interested in YOU, and maybe start an interest that leads to business: a business lead, a business partnership, important business related information.

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LinkedIn has a very robust feature, the free version included, that even the most casual LinkedIn user can and should use to their advantage.

The feature I’m referring to: “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”.

One of the first things you might want to do when you see who has viewed you is make an inquiry using the search feature: Was it someone in a related business field? Someone who might want to offer you a job? Buy your product? Maybe the viewer was curious what you have to say on a topic? Research them right back and then send them a message, based on what information you gather!

Don’t be shy, most experts and powerful LinkedIn users agree: “Viewing somebody’s profile was like knocking on somebody’s door. You view me, I view you and then we have some common ground to talk about.” Udi Milo (LinkedIn’s lead redesign expert)

A bonus this new redesign offers is the opportunity to see where your viewers found you. Did they come from a Google Search, LinkedIn keyword search, from a school you attended or maybe a company you worked for?

If you notice a trend you will now know:

a) what specifically you are doing that IS working
b) where you might want to focus more time
c) common interests you can use to your advantage when reaching out.

After checking out who’s checking you out, wander down the Who’s Viewed Your Profile page a bit and there you will find a list of action items crafted specifically to increase your profile views. So simple, just click and follow the instructions! It really is like taking candy from a baby.

Take 5 minutes, right now, and jump on over to LinkedIn. Log in see who’s viewed you and then click on one of the recommended actions LinkedIn offers you.

In just 5 minutes you can literally gain a new contact, improve your profile, learn about (and join) a new group! All of which will lead you to better connections, future business leads, and help extend your social media reach as you shout your expert status to the world.

People are “knocking on your door” it’s time to let them in and connect!

While you’re there, if we haven’t already connected – connect with me!

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