What’s your social media strategy?

Do you have one?

Even if it’s a few simple rules you have set up for yourself, do you follow it?

Using social media without a strategy is simply noise, social media WITH a strategy is where the money is.

Stop making noise, start making money.

Today. This week. This month. I’ll show you how.

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HONESTLY, I often find that the most successful social media strategies are a series of simple and easy tweaks that often go unnoticed.

One of my favorite easy tweaks is scheduling.

Regular readers of my blog will know I am a HUGE fan of scheduling, namely with Social Oomph. Yet even the act of scheduling can be tweaked a little bit here and there, and often with big results.

For example: Let’s say you are a restaurant owner. You may feel happily content that you are being wise by posting ALL of your dinner specials for the week ahead, each Monday, every Monday. And you are wise, batching your time like that is a great time management skill.

However, what if every Monday, when you sat down and scheduled your dinner specials posts, you changed it slightly to post to your platforms every day at 4PM? A simple easy tweak that could bring regular customers to your restaurant on a much more consistent basis! Yet this shift didn’t take up any more of your time nor did it require a change in your fantastic habit of “scheduling posts every Monday”. You’re making your customers hungry for your amazing specials and they know they can drive right over and indulge themselves.

Same restaurant owner. Thinks there’s no time for social media. Implements a strategy that every patron that “checks in” on Facebook gets a free drink. TONS of free advertising (WARM leads, they know their friend is a patron), no real ongoing effort by the staff, lots more customers. MUCH cheaper and more effective than those newspaper ads he keeps taking out.

Again, same restaurant owner. Implements a strategy that all employees must Instagram one food or drink pic per shift, using strategic hashtags and geo-tagging. Makes it part of their job description. Again, no real ongoing need to manage, regular content being posted, tons of buzz generated about the restaurant

I can go on forever.

What simple, easy tweak are YOU missing?

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