You’ve seen my recommended posting schedule, so you know it’s important to post consistently. A major goal is to always stay top of mind!


Still, as a general rule of thumb of what and when to post, remember this:  Quality always beats quantity.


Customers buy from you when you provide value. Make your content interesting and don’t be afraid to have your own personality online!  Keep giving your followers something to come back for, this is what turns a follower into a customer. When you build your relationships, you build your business.


Some content ideas:

  1. Do some research and post statistics about your industry. NOTE: Be sure to keep track of the source of your statistics! Your followers will ask. Show them you’re on the ball and respond with the source.
  2. Share links to your blog posts. You’ve spent time and effort creating them, so share them over and over and over! Make sure you’ve got a sweet call to action at the end too!
  3. Post quotes. From you. Yes, you’re worthy of quoting! If you’ve done any speaking, pull some quotes. If you’ve written blog posts, pull some quotes. If you are known for a particular saying, quote it.
  4. Post quotes from others. Who do you relate to that may be inspirational to your followers? Is it business gurus like Zig Ziglar? Is it power quotes from Oprah? Maybe you’re a realtor, how about Barbara Corcoran? Curate quotes and share them.
  5. If you’ve been interviewed for a podcast, link to it. How about quoted in an article? You get the drill by now, right?
  6. Think about what’s happening in the world – locally, nationally, internationally. Find a way to tie these current events to your brand.
  7. What about seasonal posts? Is it summer? Do you have an amazing summer drink special? Is there a house you’ve got listed that has an amazing outdoor kitchen? Are you a coach that helps your clients stay booked in the slower months? Talk about that!
  8. Do you have a YouTube channel? Share the videos. See #2. Over and over and over.
  9. How about live streams? Save your Periscopes, Blabs, and Facebook Live broadcasts and share them with your followers. This is a rocket ship down the know, like and trust path.
  10. Last, but most certainly not least, build your email list. What’s your freebie? What can you give your followers to gain their trust enough to get their name and email address? Share posts to this regularly!


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