I like to think of myself of “multipassionate”.  I’ve heard this term bounced around a lot recently, and it fits for me.

But what does that mean?  And how do you live a “multipassionate” life and not drive yourself crazy?

What it means for me is just what it says, I’m passionate about multiple topics.  I’m a Dream Practitioner, I’m a Reiki Master.  I teach people how to connect with their inner voice, and how to connect with the energy of the Universe.  I’m an expert in business telecommunications, I’m an expert in designing voice and data networks.  I help large companies connect and communicate in their businesses.  I teach people how to connect PHYSICALLY with each other.  I’m an expert in social networking.  I help small companies find their home on the interwebs, and communicate with their tribes.

Before writing this post, I never connected the three.  Hmmm.  Multipassionate, but communication related!

I’m passionate about bringing peace to my clients through dreamwork and through Reiki. I’m passionate about helping my business customers communicate successfully with their tribe.  I’m expert at Business telecommunications.  Notice I didn’t say I’m passionate about business telecommunications.  I’m PASSIONATE about shoes, and for many years business telecommunications funded that passion.

I’m also passionate about blending my passion for bringing peace to my customers with my skills in technology.  I’m the unique one, the person with the right brain passions, and left brain skills.  So I’m passionate about helping my right brained colleagues with the left brained activities their business requires.

So what does this all mean to you?  YOU can be multipassionate!  It all fits in together, even if it’s not always easy to see how.  You can watch Days of our Lives by day, and be a concert pianist by night.  Be loud and proud about that.  Our parents grew up in a world where they started working at a job at age 20, and retired from that same job at age 70.  Our kids are growing up in a world where change is the norm, and they are more inquisitive and curious than ever.  So WE are bridging that gap.  We are learning how to be multipassionate, despite our upbringing, and we are finding ways to support our kids in this new multipassionate world.  And its OK!  It’s OK to work at the local grocery store to pay the bills, and blog when your kids go to bed, aspiring to build YOUR tribe to the point where it takes over for the grocery store job.  (Blogging is FREE!) If you stay in your authentic self, and stay in your passion, you will ALWAYS find a way to pay the bills.  I really believe that.

So let your passions multiply!  Be multipassionate proudly.

Take Action:  Three steps

  1. Think about one thing you’re passionate about.  Something you always wanted to know more about, or get more involved in.
  2. Find a Facebook group that focuses on that topic, and join the group.  If you can’t find one, start one!  It’s free!
  3. Share your passion with us in the comments below, and then share this post with YOUR Facebook and Twitter tribe if you enjoyed it!

I’ll share mine with you.  I decided last week I want to learn how to dance/salsa better.  So I’ve been practicing at home, with youtube videos.  I took my own advice and joined the group “Cuban Salsa” on Facebook.  Wish me luck!


Spend time every day on things you are passionate about.  It’s OK!  Spending time with like-minded people is so freaking empowering.  It will change your life.  I promise.

I can’t wait to hear all about your multipassionate life in the comments below!



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