Why Your Company Needs YOU to Have a LinkedIn Profile – Karen Yankovich


Lately a question has popped up in my groups and among people I connect with at the conferences I attend.

The question has to do with LinkedIn.

I give my spiel about how wonderful LinkedIn is and someone invariably asks:

“But won’t my boss think I am job hunting if I’m updating my LinkedIn profile?”

My answer is a resounding NO.

Having a pretty, professional, and polished LinkedIn profile is about personal branding NOT about job hunting.

Recently I have talked a lot about personal branding. I discuss how everything we do online and off these days creates, proclaims, and declares you and your personal brand. I talk about how important it is to take control of that brand, and create it yourself.

It also holds true for the brand you share as a part of a bigger whole aka the company you work for.

Tell your boss: You are more valuable to your company with a polished LinkedIn profile than without.

[Tweet “You are more valuable to your company with a polished LinkedIn profile than without.”]

With a polished personal profile you will:

  • make better connections for your company
  • make better connections for yourself
  • have better research opportunities for prospects, customers and future hires
  • make the company look polished and professional AND devoted to its employees
  • show everyone that you are proud to work for your company – a HUGE factor in building online social proof and trust

And what boss wouldn’t want you do to that?

There is one caveat here: constant profile updates CAN be misconstrued if not handled correctly.

To make sure you DO handle this right, just do one simple thing. Turn OFF your activity broadcasts.

Do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log into your LinkedIn profile and hover over your profile pic in the top right. Click on Privacy and Settings.
  2. Look to the middle of the page for Privacy Controls. Click on Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.
  3. UN-check the box that says: Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies. Then click SAVE!


Doing this allows you to update your LinkedIn profile freely and at anytime you wish to create a stronger personal brand for yourself AND your company.

It’s a win-win folks! But turn it back on when you’re done, so you can stay top of mind with your connections when you’re posting your LinkedIn updates.

Have a question about what to update first on your LinkedIn Profile? Join me in my LinkedIn group and ask away! (Or send your boss my way and I’ll tell ‘em for you)