This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares how to improve your search results.

People are searching for you, even if you don’t realize it. It’s important that you take control of the content that shows up when someone Googles your name.


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About the Episode:

It’s no secret that we Google everything. We Google businesses, restaurant and product reviews, celebrities… the list goes on. If everyone does their research before making a purchase, wouldn’t you expect people to Google your name before doing business with you?

Whether you know it or not, people are Googling you. When they search for you, you don’t want your high school prom photos to pop up. You want only what’s going to help you and your business to pop up. And guess what… it’s possible to control what shows up! You need to drown out the less important information by putting more pertinent information out there.

How to Improve Your Search Results

  1. Build Your LinkedIn Profile. The most effective way to improve what shows up when people Google your name is to… you guessed it… build a great LinkedIn profile. On LinkedIn, you can control exactly what you want others to know about you. The stronger your profile, the better your search results will be.
  2. Gain More Publicity (#1). You read that right… gain more publicity. You might be thinking, “Of course I want to gain more publicity, but how do I do that?” Glad you asked! For starters, check out On HARO, you have the ability to show up as the expert and write articles that pertain to your industry.
  3. Gain More Publicity (#2). What magazines and articles do your audience read? Find the articles that pertain to your industry, see who wrote them, and connect with those authors on LinkedIn. Then share, share, and share their content until you have the opportunity to write for them or be featured in one of their articles.
  4. Podcasting and Blogging. The more you podcast and blog, the more content you’ll have out there. And the more content you have out there, the better the results that show up on Google will be. But don’t stop at writing and podcasting your own content. Connect with other podcasters and bloggers and try to gain visibility on their shows and articles. (Hint: connect with these people the same way you connect with reporters in #3 by connecting with them on LinkedIn.)

Improving your search results may seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple steps, your Google results will improve in no time.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Introducing this episode’s topic (2:16)
  • Take control of your LinkedIn network (6:00)
  • Gain more publicity (7:44)
  • Connect through podcasting and blogging (13:11)
  • Episode recap (15:35)

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the Good Girls Get Rich podcast episode 133.

Intro 0:06
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl. Stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:24
Hello, I’m Karen Yankovich, the host of the good girls get rich podcast, and this is episode 133. And on this podcast, we teach digital marketing with the human touch. We want you to build a network full of amazing human beings. Totally cool people that you cannot wait to get on the phone with that can change your business, your life and your bank account for the better for ever digital marketing with the human touch. So we’ve been getting so much great feedback lately on the show and I so appreciate all your ratings and reviews. views, I really want to just take the time to say how grateful I am to you for listening to the show. If you want to let us know what you think we love your ratings and review, you can just go to the show notes at And check that out. There’s a link there for speakpipe where you can not only leave us a review, but you can also tell us a little bit about maybe who you want us to interview if you have a great guest we should interview or maybe you’ve got an idea for the show, something you want me to teach or talk about on the show. I would love your suggestions. So go on over to and click the link for speakpipe. And let us know and of course, take a quick screenshot and let everybody know that you’re listening to us today. Just take a quick screenshot, share it in your Instagram stories or your Facebook stories. Maybe you’ve got LinkedIn stories, right tag me I’m @karenyankovich. Use the hashtag #goodgirlsgetrich and then we’ll share it with our audience and then That’s how we all get more visibility, right. That’s how we lift each other up and support each other. So I really appreciate that as well. And it also helps us know, which episodes you know are landing with people, which ones people really appreciating. So we love when you share our episodes on social media. So today, I want to talk a little bit about how to control what happens when people throw your name in a search bar. And I mean, Google’s a verb these days, right? I mean, we’re talking googling here, but it could be if you if you use Bing or whatever search bar you use, same thing applies. And it’s important that we know what comes up when our name is thrown in a search. So hopefully you’ve done that for yourself recently. Or you do it consistently and regularly. You throw your name in a search so that you know what comes up when people search for you. But did you know that you can control it? You can control it because when you control it it kind of like people say oh my gosh, I have this my high school prom pictures come up when people search for All right. So you know what, what we need to do is not get rid of it, we need to bury it. We need to bury it with all kinds of other stuff. Right? And because, you know, listen, unless you’ve done something terrible, in which case, this none of us applies or, and I’m not, I’m not an expert at rebuilding your reputation. But what I am going to show you is how to get lots and lots of publicity and get, you know, have lots of things, lots of different things come up when your name gets thrown in a Google search. So a couple years ago, I was working on a project, and it was a big corporate opportunity, and potentially a six figure opportunity. It was a big opportunity. And I you know, you just take take forever to close and we we talked to the people in the sales team and the people in the marketing. And eventually I knew I had a meeting with the with the president of the company. And the first thing he said to me is, do you know when you put your name in a Google search that 10 pages come up? I was like, Yes, I do. Yes, I do. That is deliberate And I said, and that is what I’m going to teach your people how to do. And that helped me land that deal. Okay, it was deliberate. If I’m not saying if I didn’t have that I wouldn’t have gotten the you know, I would have I would be losing deals. Not saying that at all. But what I am saying is use it. This is something we can where you have control in this crazy, Wild, Wild West digital world we live in, take control. And one of the things you have control over is what comes up when people throw your name in a search bar. So here’s the deal. It’s also never been more important to take control of your digital footprint, social media accounts, right? So Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, that will count that all will come up, but you need to Google yourself regularly and see what comes up. Because in this virtual networking world that we’re living in it’s summer of 2020, right? In this virtual networking world, your online foot Print your digital footprint is more important than it’s ever been. nobody’s doing business with you, nobody’s hiring you. Nobody’s giving you $5 without their name and a Google search, because we’re all sitting in front of our computers all the time, right? We’re just not able to get out as much as we used to be able to get out. So and you know, and business is being done virtually very often. So, where you might have met someone in a coffee shop, and I hope I know that day’s coming back, right? But at the moment, we’re doing virtual coffee Hangouts, right? And what do you think’s happening, the check in your name in a Google search and see what comes up. So hopefully, you’re googling yourself regularly and you’re taking, you know, taking note of what’s coming up. Here’s the deal. I want you to build a million dollar LinkedIn network, I want you to be connected with really cool people. And the way that happens is, is when you look worthy of connecting with millionaires, right? You need to be look worthy of it. So let’s take control of what comes up when people Google you shall we Alright, so we’re gonna start with, I know, I know, you can guess we’re gonna start with LinkedIn. Right? The first thing I wanna talk about is LinkedIn. You have got to do your profile. You’re listening to this podcast, we’re at Episode 133. There’s 132 episodes that can take you step by step through how to create a great LinkedIn profile. You got to do it. There is no more excuses on this. If you have had this on your to do list for a long time, and you haven’t done it. Well, guess what? Today’s the day, you know, and I speak to people a lot. And I know that often, you think you have a great LinkedIn profile, and it’s probably presentable. But is it doing you any favors? Is it client facing? Is it letting people know, this is why I am better than everyone else. You have got to do this. You’ve got to have a great LinkedIn network. Because if you put if you’re using LinkedIn consistently, and I’m guessing you are because you listen to this show, or you’re or you’re considering it, then LinkedIn is gonna come up. I think it comes up second to me under just below my website. So it’s my opportunity to tell the world what I want them to know about me, right? So when people put my name in a Google search, I want to tell them what I want them to know about me. So they don’t have to go any further and look for my high school prom pictures, right? So take control of your LinkedIn network. We’ll link to a couple episodes we’ve done on your headline on your bout section below. And you can listen to those episodes and just take a little control over this. And then of course, I’ve got if you listen to this whole episode, we’ll also share how you can get some free training on this as well. So I know, I know, you’re tired of hearing me say this, but you’re listening. So hopefully you’re not do your LinkedIn profile there. You cannot, you cannot not do it anymore. The second thing I want to talk about is publicity press. Have you ever been featured in a newspaper? Have you ever been featured in a magazine? If you put my name in a Google search, you’ll see I get it. ton of publicity, a ton of press. And that is not because people are knocking on my door saying, Hey Karen, can we interview? It’s because I go after them. Okay, there’s so many ways to do this. And the more you get featured in newspapers and magazines and TV, the more you’re the more hits are going to come up for your name. When people throw your name in a Google search, and let me tell you something, if you’re a coach or a consultant, or somebody’s looking for, you know, a five figure six figure, contract with someone, and you have competition and you have 10 pages of content when people throw your name in Google and your competition does not. That is a huge weight in your favor to get that business. You have control of it. It’s not as hard as you think we teach this in every step of everything we do here at uplevel media, in my shoes, linked up program, whether or privately we teach you how to get featured in the news. There’s a couple ways to do this. If you have not signed up yet go to help a reporter calm herro ha, ro, you’ll get emails three times a day from help a reporter calm. And it’s journalists looking for sources for their stories, that’s a little bit overwhelming, right? Because you get three emails a day, and there’s sometimes 5060 things in each email. And a lot of them, most of them will not be at all relevant to you. But sometimes there’ll be something that says, you know, I’m looking for a veterinarian in Bergen County, New Jersey that can talk about this. And if that’s you, you want to respond to that, because it might be great publicity for you. And don’t overlook the anonymous ones. Because sometimes there’s anonymous ones. And often the reason they’re anonymous is because it’s things like the Dr. Oz Show, The Steve Harvey show, okay, I have had clients that have gotten on those shows from herro because of the just responding to them. So it’s simple. It’s not easy. It’s simple because it just dropped in your inbox three times a day, right? So these opportunities are there for you. Every single day, you do have to be careful in creating a pitch. And I will link to some episodes we’ve done, we’ve done a couple episodes with PR experts on the show where they talk about how to craft your pitch. And of course, this is all stuff we can help you with as well. But sign up for help reporter calm and start responding to these queries. The other thing you could do to get more publicity and this is to have probably 100 things right? is go to the the newspapers or magazines or places that you think your ideal clients, the people that are going to pay you $10,000 or $100,000 that you think they’re reading, go to their digital homepage, go to their search bar, and top type in the topic that you talk about. So maybe you teach prenatal yoga, okay, type in prenatal yoga, see who’s talking about that and writing articles about that and connect with them. share their articles, connect with them on LinkedIn, connect the journalists on LinkedIn because remember, if you did number one, you’ve already got a great profile right? makes everything else in your life easier. I promise. Connect with them. And just don’t pitch them. Just say, Oh my gosh, you know, Suzy Smith just wrote this great article and she talks about this, this and this. I talked about what she does an item too. But I’ve never quite looked at it that way. Susie, thank you for opening my eyes on this, tag her share it across your network. Remember, you have a LinkedIn profile that’s already positioning you as a rock star. So now when Suzy does this, right, when she sees that you’re sharing her article, she’s going to check you out, because that’s what we do. Especially if you’re sharing it on LinkedIn, it’s really easy for me to click and see who’s this Karen, check that sharing this and saying all these nice things about me, she’ll see that you’re credible because you’ve let her know that by your profile, and maybe she’ll feature you in your next in her next article. This is again, really easy. I have had clients that have got serious, serious press by doing this. So those are just two easy ways to get publicity, but the and it doesn’t take a lot of time, but you have to bake this into everything you do. If you’re spending I so many people I talked to spend so much time, you know, creating content. And I mean, listen, I’m create this podcast is content. So I create content. So I don’t want you to stop creating content. But I want you to streamline what you’re doing. And I want you to focus on the big rocks focus on what’s important focus on what’s going to help you land, the $10,000 and $100,000 deals. So you can pay people to do the things that you’re saying, you have no time to do this. Because you’re doing that right. Does that make sense? Anyway, publicity, don’t don’t skip this piece, because it’s really, it really helps, it will help you get a ton of visibility, and it will help your Google searches. And when people search you. And if you get 10 things a year even, that’s not even one a month and you could do a whole lot more than that. I promise you. Now how long it’s going to take you to have a few pages, right, especially if you have a common name. My name is not common. So I recognize it’s a lot easier for me to get 10 pages in the first 10 pages of Google for my name, then It might be if my name was, you know, Mary Smith, but Mary Smith, if you’re listening, you can do it too, because all the other Mary Smith’s are not doing this. Okay? So even more important than you do this. And the third thing that you can do to just literally take control of what comes up when people Google you, is take the same concepts that we talked about in the second step and publicity and apply it to blogs podcasts. Do you have a favorite podcast in your industry? Does that podcast host take guests? Go on a little bit of a podcast guesting binge and see if you can get yourself some podcast interviews. I think everyone in the world is starting podcasts now that we are working a little bit more virtually It feels like that way to me, right. So so there’s a lot of people out there that are looking for guests that make sure you listen to the podcast, make sure that you know they actually do take guests and make sure it’s a podcast that you love and that you enjoy the host and get your messages congruent. Reach out to them. Again, connect with them on LinkedIn. Say, I just listened to your podcast I loved Episode 37 where you blah blah, blah, share that episode, right? Same thing you did with trying to get sharing like newspaper articles, writer magazine articles, share their podcasts, guest blogs, most big publications have a process on how to guest blog. If you go to you know, all of the all of the publications in your industry, whatever that is, and type in the name of the publication, and then say, you know, guest blogs or guest submissions, or guest writers, I bet you’ll find a page that says here’s how you apply to become a guest blogger for us. Right? So when you guest blog for those places, it gives you the you come up with, you know, in those will come up in Google as well as all of your content. You can also, you know, look and see if there’s people that again, write about the things you’re expert in, share their blogs, share their content, maybe they’ll quote you in their next piece of content. So these are all ways that you can take personal control, you have personal control over this, of what comes up when people throw your name in a Google search. And I am telling you, this is how you build that million dollar LinkedIn network. It’s by the human to human connections you make, and you’re going to make more profitable and more amazing and really cool human to human connections. When you look worthy of it when you’re coming up time after time after time, in different publications. And when, when people throw your name in a Google search, you got pages and pages and pages. So let me just recap this a second. Number one, you got to do your LinkedIn profile. Okay, enough of that. You heard me rant about that already. Number two, publicity, newspapers, magazines, television, whatever, you know, whatever people are doing YouTube shows, right? What are people doing that in your industry and what is congruent with what you talk about? What shows Do you love what my public Do you love that your audience is reading and getting them find a put a process in place to get featured in those publications. And last, take that same concept over to podcasts and blogs, and look for the hosts of the podcast and the writers for the blogs, of the things that you are expert in and build actual relationships with these people. It’s really cool when you go to a conference and you know, some of the most powerful people there because you’ve been a guest on their show, right? It’s really cool. And you can do this. They’re not looking for you. You’ve got to look for them. Okay, because they’re getting inundated. I get inundated with pitches for my podcast. Okay, I want you on my podcast, but I need to, you need to let me know. And if you’re the one saying I loved this episode, and telling me why. And guess what, I cannot tell you how many people send me guest pitches for this show. And Have not you heard me the very first thing I said was when I introduced the show was Go to speak pipe and tell me if you if you know of a good guest. If you are someone that wants to be on the show, send me go to my application and we’ll put a link in here to how to apply to be a guest on the show as well. But also go to speak pipe, right? I’m telling you how to do this right. And people who aren’t doing this I get cold pitch after cold pitch after cold pitch. So humanize it, humanize it build relationships with people. This is how you build those million dollar networks. So I mentioned to you before that we’ve interviewed some great PR experts on the show we interviewed Amanda Berlin recently Christina Dave’s a maybe a year ago. We’re going to link to those episodes below because I want you to control this I want you to start building your million dollar network today and you know we can help right we’ve got a brand new free masterclass that we’ve created. It’s just hot off the presses. If you go to her millionaire network calm and we’ll link that below as well. Go to her millionaire network calm You can check that out. I’d love your feedback on that. Because we take you through the five shifts that I’ve identified that help you build a network that puts you on the path to your Million Dollar Bank account. So you know I love when you guys share this. So one more ask just take a quick screenshot. Share this with your network, especially if you love to tell us what you loved about it. Tell them what you loved about it. I will share it with my network. A rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s Park our million dollar boats next to each other as the tide lifts them right and support each other. I’m here to support you with this podcast with my new free masterclass which you can check out at and let’s kick some 2020 booty together, shall we? I want this to be simple. I’m here to help make the simple. I will see you back here next week with another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.