This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen talks about taking the next step in your LinkedIn spiritual journey.

It’s possible to achieve your goals, but sometimes it feels impossible. When you shift your mindset and start acting like the person you want to be, things change!


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About the Episode:

In Episode 158, we talked about making LinkedIn part of your spiritual journey. Making LinkedIn part of that journey will help you achieve your goals, but what is the next step? You need to be who you’re meant to be!

Be an Influencer

You’re an influencer regardless of what you think. The fact that people do business with you means that people find you worth listening to. Start acting like the influencer you are, and use your LinkedIn profile to shine a light on what you do! 

Act Like the Person with a 7-Figure Business

Start living like the person with a 7-figure business. Would a successful businesswoman be sleeping on cheap bedsheets or on expensive ones? Treat yourself to the life you deserve!

Be in Alignment with the Person You Want to Be

Who is it that you want to be? Be that person! Make sure everything that you do is in alignment with who you are and who you want to be.

Starting living like the person you’re meant to be, and soon you’ll reap the benefits!

Episode Spotlights:

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  • Introducing this episode’s topic (1:53)
  • Be an influencer (5:07)
  • Be the person in your life with the 7-figure business (7:48)
  • Be in alignment with the person you want to be (10:24)

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Karen Yankovich 0:00
You’re listening to the good girls get rich podcast, Episode 160.

Intro 0:05
Welcome to the good girls get rich podcast with your host, Karen Yankovich. This is where we embrace how good you are girl, stop being the best kept secret in town, learn how to use simple LinkedIn and social media strategies and make the big bucks.

Karen Yankovich 0:23
Hello, I’m your host, Karen Yankovich. And this is Episode 160 of the good girls get rich podcast and this podcast is brought to you by our she’s linked up family and community where we teach women simple relationship and heart based LinkedIn marketing that gets you on the phone consistently with people that can change your business, your life and your bank account for ever. We want you to be surrounded by people that support you and lift you up and invest in you. And just are the people that just know how amazing you are. We teach digital marketing with the human touch human to human marketing, you’re actually going to be getting on the phone with people when you’re in our world, right actually talking to people. So if you’ve listened to the show before or if you love what you hear today, we love hearing from you. So make sure that you’re subscribing to the show. so you don’t miss an episode and take a screenshot right now stop what you’re doing, take a screenshot and share it on social media, share it in your stories, or you doing LinkedIn stories, share it on your LinkedIn stories, tag me at Karen Yankovich, across all social media, and then I will share that with my audience. And that’s how we all get more visibility. Right. That’s how we lift each other up. So you can check out all the links for everything we’re talking about in this episode at Karen Yankovich comm slash 160. That’s where you’ll see all the links for anything we talked about here. And you know, different places where you can listen to this show and subscribe, so you do not miss an episode. So a couple of weeks ago, Episode 158, we talked about what if LinkedIn was part of your spiritual journey. And I dove in a little bit to how much self work has to happen to really show up on LinkedIn and shining a light on all of the amazing things you do. Right? It’s not just the strategy. In fact, the people that are in my shoes linked up accelerator programs, and you know, the entire she’s linked up family of programs, the ones having the biggest wins are the ones that are embracing the mindset work, the need, or the understanding or the ability to start to show up as this person that is already having $100,000 month seven figure years, right? And I know that it’s a little bit of like, you know, okay, Karen, so like, you just want me to just start behaving like I’m a seven figure business, like just be that way, and I have to do things? And the answer is yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Being on a spiritual journey doesn’t mean sitting on a mountaintop meditating for the rest of your life. Right? The word journey in and of itself indicates that there’s a path right, that there’s things that happen, things that you’re going to do right along this journey. So it’s tricky, right? It’s tricky. You want to feel the way you want to be feeling, right. And I want you to feel like the person you aspire to be while you’re watching other people getting the opportunities you want. Right? So it is a tricky thing. But the only way to start doing it is to start doing it right. Can you relate to this? Can you relate to like, I know, I hear all the time, you know, I listen, I listen to Hey, I have a subscription to Hay House. I, you know, whatever that looks like, right? I know that my mindset is a big part of this, right? But how do I just sit back and make let things happen? Like how do what do I have to do? Right? And as you’re sitting there trying to figure that out, you’re missing out on opportunities, right? So that ends today that ends right now. You know, a couple of Gosh, a while ago, and if I I’ll find the episode number and we’ll link it here. There was an episode that was called, I want to be a mermaid and I talked a little bit about a story where I was doing some work with some friends and some people just business work, right? And they were like, we’re wonder we’re like Wonder Woman, and I have this Wonder Woman mug and I have Wonder Woman bracelets and I picked up that mug one day. And I was like, it’s exhausting to be wonder moment. I don’t want to be Wonder Woman. And I looked at the mug next to it. And it said, I want to be a mermaid and I was like, I want to be a mermaid. I want to swim through life. I want to still achieve what I want to do. But I don’t want to have to fight for everything I get. But you know what, here’s the deal. You know, I want to be my own kind of mermaid. I actually found a sign one day that says Be your own kind of mermaid and that is me. That is me to the tee. Right? So there are ways to be with associated things to do. And that’s what I’m going to be talking about today how to be your own kind of mermaid right? How to set an intention for yourself and start to be the person that you want to be, but the associated things that you need to do in order to do that, right. So this is this episode. is a you know, a glorious shining of my right brain left brain showing up here for you, right? So let’s dive in. So the first thing I want you to do is start to be an influencer. Feel it act as if you’ve heard me say, you might feel like there’s people further along on this journey than you are and you don’t feel like you’re worthy, you’re worthy of it being an influencer, but to somebody that isn’t as far along on their journey, you are an influencer. You are so you have to start showing up and talking to them. Like you are an influencer, right? Like, even just doing this podcast, when I started, this is Episode 160. When I did Episode 101, I had to kind of like, show up like the person that felt worthy of you guys listening to me, right? And and the way for me to do that was to know that even though there are people that might be further along on their journey than me, anybody that’s listening to this, that gets a little bit of help. I am an influencer too. You understand that? So that’s what I mean about being an influencer. You have to feel it, you have to act as if you are an influencer. Because you are an influencer. I don’t want you to be doing things that are not true. Right? I know that there are people that listen to you. That’s why that’s why you’re in business, right? People, people invest in you to support their journey to support whatever they’re doing. So you are influential to them. So you’ve got to start to see yourself that way. Okay, so you have to start to be that person. But at the same time, you need to, you have to show up expressing the highest form of who you are. So what you have to do is create a LinkedIn profile that talks about you that way, right? So you can sit and think, you know, forever and ever that I am this person. And that is what I normally tell you that works that works every single time. But at the same time, let’s also take action. Let’s also make sure that we have a LinkedIn profile that that shines a light on everything that we do, right, that shines a light on your genius. Don’t think people are gonna look at your profile and think you’re better than you say you are. You have to tell them how great you are. You don’t have to say I am an influencer, right? You have to do that. But you want to talk as if you’re an influencer, you want to show up really supporting the people that that you are an influencer for. Right. So we have a Facebook group, and we’ll link to it here in the show notes. It’s a LinkedIn for women community calm, we are always reviewing profiles in that Facebook group. So if you’re not sure, you just want some quick help with your LinkedIn profile, join that group. It’s LinkedIn for women get you to that Facebook group. Okay, we’re always doing LinkedIn profile reviews, there’s help for you on that time to be an influencer. But what you have to do is the work on your LinkedIn profile. And then the next thing I want you to do is you know, being an influencer is about showing up for your followers, right for your people that you know that you’re in your business. Now, I want you to be the person in your life with the seven figure business, okay, with the six figure months. So do start to be consistent, right? Be consistent as an influencer would be in your business with your podcast or your blog, or your co palindromes, your live streams, right? Be consistent, so that you’re doing that, but also start to elevate the things around you, you know, what would a six figure a month business owner be doing with her life start with the little things, one of the first things that I did for myself, when you know when I mean, listen, I’ve always been running a business. But I’ve also been a single mom and I have a lot of other people to invest in once I had a little bit more money to invest in myself, one of the first things I did was invested in great sheets. I know that sounds crazy, but I love my bed. Okay, and I I’m going to put you a link here to the My favorite sheet, they’re called bed threads. They’re these linen sheets, they’re outrageously expensive, but I am telling you, they’re the best thing I’ve ever bought, they last forever, every time you wash them, you can’t wait to get into bed because they get a little tiny bit softer every time. Right. And I feel like when I wake up in the morning, and if sometimes when you wake up and you’re a little bit stressed, or you go to bed at night, and you’re just a little bit like, you know, something didn’t happen the way you want it to happen, right? Or, or maybe you know, maybe this you wanted to be able to pay this and you couldn’t or you’ve watched one more person get an opportunity that you didn’t get right. But then when you go to bed and you lay in those sheets, you can’t not feel luxurious, you can’t not feel like somebody who is, is living a privileged life. Right. And when I say they’re outrageously expensive, they’re not $10,000 or a couple $100. Right. So it’s definitely doable for most people. But when you That’s what I mean about starting to be this person. So you can start to be this person and walk around and act like it but you can also start doing things that a seven figure business owner would do. They would be blogging every single week, or put their podcast out every single week or doing their clubhouse rooms consistently, or livestreams consistently. And then they would also be living a life that makes them feel really well supported, right? There’s nothing better than sleep for your brain. Right. So great sheets are a great way to do that. Maybe there’s other things you want in your life to feel like a seven figure business owner. Maybe it’s a car that you want go test, drive it, go test drive that car, don’t just don’t just, you know, look at it online kid in it drive it right? Is there a house, you want to go look at go look at open houses, right? Start to be that person. Because when you surround yourself with that energy, telling you, everything changes for you. And then the last thing I want you to do is be in alignment with the person that you are and the person you want to be. Right. So so being an influencer, you know, is something you want to show up as being a seven figure business owner starting to be that person and behave, the way that person behaves, is another thing. But now I want to make sure that you’re still in alignment with the person you want to be. Because you are not going to fundamentally change when your business hit seven figures, right, you are not going to fundamentally change Be your own kind of mermaid. It’s cool, right? You don’t have to, you know, I really love clubhouse, but I am inconsistent on it at best. And you know what, that’s the way that’s the kind of mermaid I want to be, if I’m going to pick a place to hang my hat and be consistent, it’s going to be with this podcast. And let me tell you, there’s been times I’ve gone off the off the rails with that a little bit. But we are committed now to being consistent with it. Because to me, that’s what I wanted. I don’t have to do what all the cool kids are doing. I don’t have to do what everybody else is doing. I doesn’t mean I’m not going to be on clubhouse, I’m not going to use these things. But I’m going to be in alignment with the person I want to be right because part of my business, you know, commitment is there to be ease in my life and expansion in my life. And I feel like to me, you know, doing this podcast and being consistent with this allows me for that with being in quitting on clubhouse consistently sucks up a lot more of my time, right. And I went into this business to not be working 75 hours a week, right. So there are plenty weeks that I do. But that’s what I do see what I mean by being in alignment. You can be a seven figure business owner and still be in alignment with the person that you want to be. And then do me a favor and shout that from the rooftops. Okay, tell everybody who you are and why you’re different than everyone else. And what kind of mermaid you are, right and tell everybody how amazing you are. So once you’ve got that alignment, you’re really crystal clear on the person that you are and how it aligns with the person that you want to be, start to shout it from the rooftops back to the being an influencer showing that up on your LinkedIn profile. But now doing it in all these other places, right, if you show up on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter or wherever you’re jumping into clubhouse rooms, right, be in alignment with the person you want to be, don’t feel like anybody’s going to make you be somebody you’re not. And just hang your hat on it. Because it’s cool to be the person that you want to be. That’s how it can be that way. And that’s how you take this spiritual journey, right the ways that you want to be, but also do a few things. Not a lot, right? But make sure that there’s some action in this activity that is making moving the ball forward so that you can start to achieve the things you want to achieve. So be an influencer right act as if but do update your LinkedIn profile, start to be the person with the seven figure business the six figure months and then do elevate the things around you. Right do elevate the way you show up on you know in your business elevate the way you the things you have in your life, right? Go buy those bed thread sheets, and then come back to me and tell me how much you love them right and then be in alignment with the person that you want to be right make sure that there’s an alignment there be your own kind of mermaid and then do tell the world what makes you different and why you are the person with this you know with your own version of the way you do things that is the best person to support the people that you support. It can be done these little mindset changes that we talked about here today. Honestly they change they change everything they change everything in your business and you know I sometimes you have to experience it to believe it you know I often and I’m stopping this Christine powers if you’re listening to this Christine powers is my spiritual coach. You guys should check her out. I’m gonna have her on the podcast soon. She’s sworn me to stop saying these things. But I used to say that when the universe needed to get its through to me, it used to hit me over the head with a bat, right? But now I don’t now that’s not true anymore. Now I let it come to me. But I can give you some examples like there was a few years ago that I did a launch of something. And it was a two week launch and it completely bombed it completely bombed. We made three sales. Okay, three sales in two weeks. Two of those three sales came when I was sitting on the beach in front of the condo that I would like to buy the beachfront condo that I want to own a condo in in that building. I was sitting on the beach in front of that building, and a two week period two of those three sales came in. So to me, that’s the universe telling me being in alignment with the person you want to be because we’re going to deliver when you start acting like that person, right? So those kinds of things are you know, those are signs that tell me that this is the right path. over and over and over, but you have to be open to seeing these signs. And when you’re open to seeing these signs, you’ll start to see how important the being is right? As long as you’re following it up with the doing, I hope that you take this very seriously. And you start to implement some of the things we talked about here today. Because this is where the magic happens. And it is magic. It absolutely is magic, when the women in our program start to see this magic. It is so cool. It is so cool. We have them just simply changing their LinkedIn profiles. And then other people in their life that have known them for years, are reaching out to them and saying, I never knew you did this. I want you to interview for you for this position. Right? We have other people that are leaving jobs that they’ve been out for a lot of years, because they’re showing up as such an influencer, that their business has taken off, right. But it’s it starts with your mindset, it starts in your head. So you may have heard me refer to LinkedIn as my money tree, it can absolutely be the same for you. If you’re willing to shift the energy around it from resume to brand and you’re willing to kind of do the mindset work and show up on this spiritual LinkedIn journey with me intentionally showing up that way and intentionally connecting and getting on the phone with people that can lead to more money in the bank. It is as simple as that. Okay, so we are of course always have more resources to help you. If you have not yet checked out our masterclass or even if you have was recently updated, go to water that money tree comm we have an on demand masterclass there that really talks about more of the shifts that you need to make and it really takes you through a very simple path. To start making the shifts you need to make sure that you can start showing up like the person that I know you are inside of you. So a rising tide lifts all boats, right I do this podcast to support you. I’ve got this free masterclass to support you to get started, which is really that your first step to some LinkedIn success. Let’s lift each other up, right, help me help you share this podcast, take a quick screenshot of this episode on your phone, share it on social media, make sure that you tag me so that I can share it with my audience and then we’re lifting each other out right we’re making we’re helping rise each other’s boats. Right. So giving us both some more visibility. And then let’s go out and kick some 2021 booty together. I will see you back here again next week with another episode of the good girls get rich podcast.