So here you are:

You think, “What’s next? Maybe a LinkedIn ad?”

“Yes!” I say. Stop flirting with the idea and let’s discuss some nitty-gritty LinkedIn ads Tips.

Start right now. Today. This minute. As.You.Read.This.Post.  I know you can!


Click here, to start the process then come right back to read the tips as you go.


Tip 1: The difference between Ads and Sponsored Updates:

  • Ads go to the target audience YOU pick, Sponsored Updates typically go to your connections and your connections connections – it widens the scope.
  • Ads show up on various LinkedIn pages, Sponsored Updates only in the news feed.
  • Ads allow you to generate and collect leads direct from the ad itself, Sponsored updates direct people to a landing page, website etc. (from there you can collect leads if they should choose to subscribe)
  • Ads are geared for the individual profile, Sponsored Updates are used with company pages.



Tip 2: Create several ads for the same campaign:

  • Use different images
  • Link to different pages on your website
  • Try a different headline

Then watch to see which one performs best, and stop the rest!


Tip 3: Target your audience, remember to use skills section:


  • Who is your target market?
  • Who would is your ideal client?
  • Who needs your services?
  • Who do YOU want to help?



Tip 4: Choose Pay-Per-Click (CPC), not per impression:

When you pay-per-click, all impressions are free. You only pay when a viewer clicks on your ad. When going for targeted, specific leads from people who want to buy your stuff you want to know they have clicked on it first. That’s how you gauge their interest! Getting a mass of “impressions” while advantageous for spreading brand awareness, isn’t as effective in list-building overall.



Tip 5: Watch your Click-Through-Ratio (CTR):

Now purchase and let ‘er fly! As you watch your ad’s performance you’re looking for the CTR to be over .025%.  If you keep running ads that are performing below that level, you will negatively affect better performing ads.  You don’t want your viewers time, and your money, to be wasted by ads that are not engaging your audience to click.



And you’re done! Now you can sit back and relax as you watch your ad (or ads) hurtle through cyberspace to reach new amazing clients and buyers.

I would love to hear how this process went for you, what fears or questions came up as your created your LinkedIn Ad.

Tell me:

  • Did you have trouble figuring out a headline?
  • Are you unsure which ad seems to be “better”?
  • Not sure what image to use and how to use it?

Comment below so I can help answer those questions and more! It’s what I do, and I love to do it.

I’m proud of you and your business and I hope you are too. Here’s to your continued online success!