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Business Lessons from Hanging with Hoda

  This past Friday I spent the morning hanging out with Hoda Kotb, of Today Show fame. I wanted to share this story with you and talk about how this all came about and what it’s doing for my business! By now most of you know Christina Daves, my Co-Host in my Get Seen Be [...]

Your Social Media Campaign: Who Are You Talking To?

  I have a very important question to ask you. It’s a question I ask all of my clients, and it’s usually the first question I ask when I take them on. I ask: Within your social media, exactly who are you talking to? You might think I’m referring to: clients, customers, business partners etc. [...]

  If you are reading this you are most likely a business owner and using social media for marketing that business. At least I sure hope you are! As a business owner myself I know how hectic, harried and overwhelmed your days can be, because mine can be too. But I always make time for [...]

Don’t Know What To Post? Read This Post TODAY!

  Picture this with me: You grab your morning coffee and fire up your computer for the day. You glance at your to-do list. It is long, but you are energized because, well, you are running your own business! And that in itself makes you want to dance a jig (when you’re not so tired [...]