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My Favorite Social Media Tools

  Do I make social media look easy? Do other’s in my biz make you feel like there is no way you can compete with their posts? Does frequent social media seem so effortless for most people you follow, as you struggle daily with figuring out what, why, how to post? You all know (I [...]

Easy, Tweakable, Profitable Social Media Strategies

  What’s your social media strategy? Do you have one? Even if it’s a few simple rules you have set up for yourself, do you follow it? Using social media without a strategy is simply noise, social media WITH a strategy is where the money is. Stop making noise, start making money. Today. This week. [...]

It’s Time to Talk About Twitter

I love Twitter. I didn’t always! It wasn’t more than a year or so ago that I was whining that Twitter takes up a lot of time, and I wasn’t seeing any real results. Some business friends called me out on it, said that basically Twitter is the great equalizer, you can tweet directly to [...]