content strategy

Focus on quality of your posts, over quantity

  You’ve seen my recommended posting schedule, so you know it’s important to post consistently. A major goal is to always stay top of mind!   Still, as a general rule of thumb of what and when to post, remember this:  Quality always beats quantity.   Customers buy from you when you provide value. Make [...]

How often should you post on social media?

  If you’ve attended any of my webinars, you may have seen this chart already.   No, I’m not trying to make you crazy with this stuff. I know you’re looking at Twitter and thinking to yourself “has she lost her mind?”   What I want is for you to use these social media platforms [...]

  I talk a lot about social media and frequency of posting, in fact that IS a mainstay of my own personal business model. I still maintain 22 or more tweets per day, a few posts per day on Facebook, and multiple blogs a week (well it’s my goal that’s for sure). As someone who [...]

  I talk a lot about LinkedIn and Twitter these days and have for awhile. One reason because they are two of my favorite platforms in regards to democracy, the easy ability to grow a following, and the reach they can provide you as a business owner. I realize though that some businesses are firmly [...]

5 Words to Avoid in Your Social Media Posts

    In last week’s blog post I talked about words that sell, words to use and words to entice your followers and fans on social media. This week I want to focus on words to avoid. In this post I discuss 5 types of words that I want you to think twice before using [...]

  Done is better than perfect. Let me repeat: Done is better than perfect. Do you have a blog post sitting there waiting to be published that you want to “re-work” again? Are you waiting for the perfect social media brainstorm? Have you been working on your LinkedIn summary trying over and over to get [...]

A Secret Game for Blog Content Strategy

  One of the hardest actions to take is sitting down to work on social media for your business and sometimes hardest of all: taking the time to write a blog post. Yet writing these posts consistently for your website, your followers, and prospect clients is crucial to establishing your voice, your expert status, and [...]