Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Recommendations

  In this tip, we are talking about one of my favorite reasons to use LinkedIn, and that’s LinkedIn Recommendations. In the video I show you my profile and what the recommendations look like. You’ll see that recommendations are in LinkedIn in multiple places. They’re under each one of your titles so they can be [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Group Announcements

Today, we’re in my LinkedIn group. I want to show you one of the most powerful things you can do as an owner of a LinkedIn group, and this one tip alone will make you think twice about why you should own a LinkedIn group. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to [...]

6 Things You Never Want to Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very different social media site than most and there are plenty of practices used on Facebook and Twitter that don’t come across so well on a professional site like LinkedIn. Here’s six tips on what not to do on LinkedIn and how you can take the extra step to stand out on [...]

Stalk Your Contacts on Social Media: I Swear By It.

Building a strong, personal connection with your contacts can be much easier than you think! Social Media can be your best friend for getting to know your contacts. Stalk them, carefully, I know that sounds crazy but it works. Look at their Facebook, peruse their LinkedIn, and check out their Twitter. It’s so important to [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Writing Themes

Today we are in LinkedIn Pulse. LinkedIn Pulse is where we can add an actual blog post type update as opposed to a short Facebook type update. When you click publish a post, you get this blog post type of interface. You can type in a headline, there are formatting options, and you can upload [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Message LinkedIn Group Members

In this quick tip, we look at how to message people with whom you’re in the same group but you’re not connected to. It used to be that you could do this automatically via LinkedIn. At this point now, you really can’t. So I’ll show you a little hack. We’re going to go to my [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Find Your Posts on LinkedIn

In this video, I show you an elusive trick. It shouldn’t be a trick, but somehow it is – how to find your posts on LinkedIn. People ask me all the time, “How do I know what I posted?” “How do I see what I’ve done?” Well, when you go to “view profile as” and [...]

Today I’m going to show you how to create an actual resume from your LinkedIn profile. Once logged into LinkedIn, open a new tab with Click new resume and you get lots of options. I didn’t type in anything and it automatically creates this awesome looking resume for you. There are tons of different [...]

The DOs and DON’Ts of Growing Your Business on LinkedIn

  You keep hearing me say that LinkedIn is the go-to place for growing your business. Whether you are trying to expand your reach, discover new talent, or stay up-to-date on industry happenings, LinkedIn is your one stop shop for all of it. But, is there a right and a wrong way to go about [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: LinkedIn Publications

  Today we’re going to be talking about the publications section on your LinkedIn profile. Now, this is a section I often see overlooked, so I don’t want you to overlook it. You do not need to be a published author to use this section. If you look through my publication sections, I’ve included my [...]