We know that it’s getting more and more difficult to grow our Facebook page without ad budget but there is a secret that not a lot of people know to getting more likes on your page. Check out the video where I show you my page and an example with a post that I posted [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Targeting for Facebook Ads

  Today we’re talking about targeting for Facebook ads. What I’m going to show you is how you can see why I’m seeing this a particular ad. In the case shown in the video, I’m seeing the ad because Holly G Studios wants to reach people interested in Oprah Winfrey. Holly has some kind of [...]

  I got this message on Facebook the other day: Hello my dear, good evening to you from here, how is life with you over there, what a nice and sparkling smile you have on your pretty face, actually I was looking for an old friend of mine in Facebook and I came across your [...]

  Today we’re going to talk about creating a business page. Now this is like Facebook 101, if you have a business at all, you really need to create a business page. You just come right down here to Pages and go to Create a Page, and here’s why this is important. A lot of [...]

  I talk a lot about LinkedIn and Twitter these days and have for awhile. One reason because they are two of my favorite platforms in regards to democracy, the easy ability to grow a following, and the reach they can provide you as a business owner. I realize though that some businesses are firmly [...]

9 Easy Social Media Tricks to Implement Today

  You know what I love? I love when my time online translates to learning the little tricks that social media platforms have but don’t often advertise. And I definitely love when I can share these new features with my clients and other busy business owners like you. These tricks make social media a little [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Scheduling Facebook Posts

  Today, we’re taking a look at your Facebook fan page. I want to show you something that a lot of people know about, but if it’s something that you haven’t been using or you weren’t aware that it was available to you, it’s definitely something you want to know about. I’m going to show [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: Facebook Video Playlists

  Today, we’re in Facebook. I want to show you how Facebook allows you to create video channels now with the videos that you upload. On Facebook, go to you to your video page. You can see that you can have a featured video, so I have a featured video here, but you can also [...]

  Though the rules seem to be ever-changing on Facebook, this social media platform still is a great way to showcase your business with images as well as text, engage with clients and customers as well as educate them, point people toward your website, gain interest in your events and products over and over again. [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Facebook Notifications

  Let’s say you have clients or people that are influential to you that have Facebook business pages. As you know, Facebook is changing its rules and the organic reach of business pages is getting really low and it’s very likely you’re not going to see what they’re posting, but you want to see it, [...]