Social Media Quick Tip: How To Pin a Tweet

  In this video we are looking at how to pin a tweet. Find a Tweet that is going to be the most impactful to your business right now.   Then you pin that Tweet to your profile page. Click on those three little dots (shown in video) and click “pin to my profile page.” [...]

Social Media Quick Tip: Twitter Ratios

  Today we’re looking at Twitter ratio limits. There’s a ratio between the number of people that you’re following and the number of followers that you have. Up until you’re following 2,000 people, the ratios don’t matter. Twitter will allow you to follow up to 2,000 people no matter how many people are following you [...]

  You want to know the secret reason my clients hire me? Sure you can guess the usual suspects: They don’t have enough time They want to grow their business and find new markets They are excited to showcase a launch or product But the secret reason? Because of a little bit of fear. Isn’t [...]

9 Easy Social Media Tricks to Implement Today

  You know what I love? I love when my time online translates to learning the little tricks that social media platforms have but don’t often advertise. And I definitely love when I can share these new features with my clients and other busy business owners like you. These tricks make social media a little [...]

  Today we are in Twitter and I want to show you a fairly new feature in Twitter. We’re going to go to my notifications. When you get a notification, if you want to respond to somebody, you have a couple of options. You can retweet, you can reply, you can just tweet at them, [...]

Weekly Social Media Quick Tip: Twitter Lists

    Today we’re looking at Twitter lists. I have lots and lots of Twitter lists. I have Twitter lists for people that are in New Jersey – which is where I live, social media of experts, B-schoolers (I’m a member of Marie Forleo’s B-school), my clients. I have one called potential clients. And they are all private. [...]

The Great Debate: Does Size Matter? (On Twitter!)

  Last year I talked about how size matters on LinkedIn and now I want to talk about size on Twitter. Your follower size, that is. Number of followers and how much it matters is an interesting question that has been argued since the dawn of the first social media platform (officially that might be CompuServe [...]

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand

  Twitter and LinkedIn are two of my favorite places to build your personal brand. I’ve talked about what your personal brand is and why it’s important so in this post I want to focus specifically on what you can do on Twitter to make that brand shine! [Tweet “Here’s how to use Twitter to make [...]

Twitter and Google: 5 Best Reasons to be Tweeting

  You know I’m a Twitter lover! Now I have even more reason to love this platform after the recent announcement of the Twitter and Google partnership has become public. This deal gives Google access to the almost 9,000 tweets per second (yes that is a real stat) streaming through Twitter’s feed and Google is prepared to [...]

Screw the Glass Ceiling

  A glass ceiling is a political term used to describe “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.” Well that’s the definition according to Wikipedia. My glass ceiling consists of a hell of a lot more [...]