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What is the ONE thing you want to be doing?

It’s a common issue. We’re BUSY with our to-do lists. We’ve got to service our clients. One part of our business is sucking up a lot of our time. Distractibility …. Yup. I want you to stop. Take a break from your to-do list for a few minutes. And tell me, if I had a [...]

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Get More Local Business

Your business is on Main Street, not on Wall Street. You see the Fortune 500 companies doing it, getting publicity and visibility, but what about YOU? It’s just as important to build credibility and trust when working locally, I’d say even MORE important if you want to STAY in business. Now, are you wondering how [...]

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Build Your Personal Brand

  Twitter and LinkedIn are two of my favorite places to build your personal brand. I’ve talked about what your personal brand is and why it’s important so in this post I want to focus specifically on what you can do on Twitter to make that brand shine! [Tweet “Here’s how to use Twitter to make [...]

Twitter and Google: 5 Best Reasons to be Tweeting

  You know I’m a Twitter lover! Now I have even more reason to love this platform after the recent announcement of the Twitter and Google partnership has become public. This deal gives Google access to the almost 9,000 tweets per second (yes that is a real stat) streaming through Twitter’s feed and Google is prepared to [...]

Why Your Company Needs YOU to Have a LinkedIn Profile

  Lately a question has popped up in my groups and among people I connect with at the conferences I attend. The question has to do with LinkedIn. I give my spiel about how wonderful LinkedIn is and someone invariably asks: “But won’t my boss think I am job hunting if I’m updating my LinkedIn [...]

Personal Branding and Why it Matters

  According to a study quoted by Forbes: “92 percent of children under the age of two already have a digital footprint.” And guess what?  So do YOU. You think, “Of course I do!” But be aware my friend, it’s not just Facebook that brands you, it’s who you are, and how you are perceived [...]